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Are Fat Bikes Cool?

Are Fat Bikes Cool?

– I’m at a Mountain Bike Trail Center. Look at all the bikes. We got all sorts. We got hardtails, kid’s
bikes, gravel bikes, ebikes, downhill bikes, gravel bikes. But no one’s got a fat
bike, except for me. Am I mad, or is everyone else missing out? (upbeat music) Right, so I’ve got Blake’s
Canyon Dude that he’s lent me and I’ve got my Nukeproof
Mega in the background. What’s the difference? Well they’re both carbon fiber frames, short stems, wide bars,
dropper seat posts. Really, it comes to width. Look at the size of this fat bike. It’s like a cartoon bike. Those hubs are massive,
the fork’s massive. These are four inch tires. Yeah, not the biggest fat
bike tires by any means. You can go up to about five inches. The rims, these are DT Swiss. They’re 76 mil wide. Look at that, you even got that sort of big drill bits in the middle compared to the 30 mil tire
rims on my Nukeproof Mega. Like I said, just cartoon bikes. Are they cool? I know it is a completely
subjective thing. and you’re talking to a man who’s got a 40 year old motorbike that’s a complete pain in the ass, really unreliable. But, it’s fun and it’s cool. And to me, I like that. Let’s ask a few people here at
a Mountain Bike Trail Center what they think about fat bikes. – Swell to know, I’ve
got a fat bike as well. I’ve ridden a MATE’s fat
bike down at Wind Hill. Even though it was fully rigid, it was a bit rally,
but it still great fun. – I think if I was, you know, doing some cross country, I
might have a go on one. But I wouldn’t use it,
sort of, on the trails. But maybe for a longer run, maybe I would. – No, I wouldn’t give up
that bike for a fat bike Whether I’d buy one though, I’d probably, it depends how much fun they are. I’d ride one a little bit, but not enough to make me buy one, yeah. – They look nice, but they don’t look good enough really, maneuverable. – I was expecting it to be more draggy than it actually was. And it was a bit firmer than
I was expecting, as well. I was expecting the big tires
to give a bit more cushioning. But no, it was surprising. – Fat bikes, are they cool? – Uh. – Um. – Um. – Uh, I wouldn’t say cool. They look fun. I don’t think they’re
cool, but they do look fun. – Yeah, definitely, absolutely. So I rode it down the Blue
at Wind Hill, as well. I was sending it over the tables and having having a right laugh, but yeah. I definitely think they are cool. – Not really. I wouldn’t say it’s cool. Bit of a novelty, maybe. – I think they’re quite unique. – Maybe if you’re a big guy. – Do you think you’d get judged by other mountain bikers
for riding this bike? – Yeah, obviously. – Middle aged, fat. – [Interviewer] Beard or not? – Yeah, beard. – [Man] Picturing yourself
there, aren’t you? – Might see myself on one. – Are they light? – They’re quite light, yeah. Quite light, I’d say. – They look heavy. – Heavy. – [Interviewer] Fast or slow? – Generally slower. – Quite fast, I suppose. It looks like you get a lot
of friction with the wheels. But, it does look quite quick I suppose because you float over everything. – They look slow, they do look slow. – Next, we ask some riders what they rated the bikes out of 10 for desirability. So, if these bikes are
both in the bike vault and you no longer rated them nice or super nice, it was out of 10. What would they give them? The results came in on average, so 6.25 for the fat bike
and an eight for the Mega. I would say probably seven
and a nine, personally. What about some of those other myths that make that fat bike rate so lowly? So, are they fast? Well, yes, we’ve already proved that. I’ve done some times on a fat bike and I’ve shown that
they can be super fast, especially on the right
terrain where it’s rough. Even downhill tracks can be
really fast on a fat bike. They’re loads of fun. Definitely the smile on my face after riding this first time proved that. Blake has also proved that, especially, not that much that you
can’t do on a fat bike. He’s done loads of big tricks, hit some massive jumps. Really, they’re much more
capable than people think. What about dispelling
some of those other myths? Are they heavy? So, the bike weighs 14
kilos or about 30 pounds. So not a shell, but not
as fat as you might think. But, enough about stats. Let’s try and get someone
to ride this bike. Right, this is Anth. I’ve just met him in a car park. – Hi. – You’ve never ridden a fat bike before? – I’ve never ridden a fat bike at all. – What was your normal bike? – I ride a Yeti. I don’t know what that
says about me, but yeah. I wouldn’t necessarily choose a fat bike. It’s not something that’s really crossed my mind when buying a bike. – I think it’s time
you take it for a ride. – Okay. – And, tell us what you think about it. – Alright, I will. Cheers, fellas. (energetic music) – Right, what’s the initial reaction. – Handling wise, I thought
it was pretty good actually. Only, I looked, it was
popping out the pedals as I tried to hook it over something. But, yeah. Yeah, it handled really well. Absorbed all the roots
and things like that. – What about the noise? I really notice that, that
sort of brr, the roll. – Yeah, there’s a rumble, isn’t there? It’s quite distinctive. Yeah, it doesn’t put you off though. I think it’s a bit like a motorbike sound. – [Interviewer] Still a
novelty bike, do you think? – [Anth] After riding one, I’d give it some more consideration
than I would have before. – It’s never gonna replace
your Yeti though, no? – No, I don’t think so. I was surprised at how well it climbed. Yeah, it’s easy to pedal. I though that would be a bit of a, you know, bit of a grind. But no, it’s pretty sprightly up the hill. But yeah, I don’t know. I think I like my full-sus, it’s awesome. Can you get full-sus fat bikes? – You can, you actually can. – Would that be a bit daft? – Probably would be, I think. – I’m daft in my head. – You initially rated it as a seven, has that changed? – I think, you know, going on looks, it looks pretty good for a fat bike. I think, you know, taking it into a ride, it certainly kind of lives up to the looks if that makes sense, so. It wasn’t a disappointment, riding it. Whether I’d give it anymore and that, I guess with just doing
a few minutes on it, I’d probably stick at about a seven, maybe push me to an eight. – So ride wise, it’s as you expected or better than you expected? – It’s better than I
expected, I’ll be honest. It was a little bit surprising on how sprightly it was,
how well it handled, really absorbed all the
roots and ruts and stuff. Be interested to see what it was like, you know, getting a bit. Especially with these large volumes, especially with the landing,
see what that was like. But yeah, maybe next time. – So fat bikes, I think what Anth said, his initial reaction
better than he expected is what, I think, everyone really feels when they ride the fat
bike for the first time. I know I did, I know Blake did. We proved that they can be really capable for being fast, being fun, for doing massive tricks
that Blake’s done on them. But, will we see more of
them at Trail Centers. Well, I don’t think so. There’s just that bit too niche. You’re average trail bike these days, your journey bike, is so good all around that these just aren’t
as good for most things, but they are much more
capable than people realize. If you wanna see the previous videos on fat bikes, are they fast? Click over there. Click over there to Blake
abusing this very bike. Give us a thumbs up if you like fat bikes and don’t forget to hit our Sub button.

100 comments on “Are Fat Bikes Cool?

  1. Fat bikes are like fat chicks. Some guys like. Most guys don't like riding the fat. You need a bit of volume for cushioning, but this is taking it too far. When your contact points are this wide, then there is no grip in the wet or in the mud.

  2. I think that Britan is least fatbiked area on wester countries. So you did ask people who don’t fatbike are fatbikes cool. It is like asking BMW drivers are Ford F150 a cool truck☝🏻🤔😁😉 if don’t ride it and don’t need it. Why






  4. I would love to Replace my bike with a fat bike especially one the likes of that Canyon, However I think they are really cool and have a place especially those in the snow zone.

  5. The only reason I got into fatbikes is thanks to my friend, he let me ride his and I rode it up and down hill and I fell in love with it so then I sold my normal mtb and bought a fatbike

  6. Are fat bikes cool? Does it really matter?! If you enjoy riding the bike you purchased than who cares? My wife has been hating on my Fat Ripper since I purchased it. Do I care? Hell no! If you ride a certain bike to look or be cool, you're an idiot! Out of all my bikes, I love my Fat Ripper the most! I can care less if it's cool or not.

  7. Everyone seems to be boiling fat bikes down to "they're great in snow".

    So if we take snow out of the equation, then they're no good?

  8. 3:33 can some one please tell me the name of that bike and yes I know it a fat tire like but who is it made by please tell me.

  9. This is not at all a “premium bike”but I have a 2016 Mongoose Malus fat bike and I’ve installed a new shifter tuned the brakes and I’m about to get suspension, new crank, brake pads, chain, and more😁

  10. Originally, I thought of these as either "old people" bikes or something for a nice Mormon family to rent at the beach for a day ride. I gotta say, they are becoming more appealing to me.

  11. I've suddenly gotten really involved in mountain biking, especially in really muddy trails and sandy trails too. I know that the fat bike could ride it all, but I don't know if it would be better to but the Cube Nutrail Race 2019 Fat bike or the Norco fluid 2019 full suspension. Any ideas?

  12. I was at college back in 82 and there was this ONE guy there who was riding this really weird bike. Everybody looked at it like he was some sort of freak. Later , started seeing them everywhere. I went by a bicycle shop and asked what they were (late 83 or 84, Wichita KS). and the guy said, "They call it a mountain bike. They're for riding on dirt trails and stuff." He then said it was probably a novelty, but they were getting more popular. I recently got a Radrover. The thing is even more fun that I expected. I wanted something for running off-road and on gravel roads. Adding power to a bike like this makes it a real experience. It feels like the monster truck version of a mountain bike. I think I'll keep it. Cool or not. When you've been around as long as I have, you figure out that worrying about whether something like this is cool or not is actually the opposite of cool. So just like dating a fat girl, people seeing you happy will spend more time wondering what they are missing out on than wondering if you're cool.

  13. Yeah, that fat bike looks cool, better looking than many bikes built after 2005, the year that probably was the last year, nice looking bikes were released. Now, most bike frames are a bunch of bent, crooked, twisted, curved pile of garbage thrown in a big mess, 1920's bikes look better than most of the shit released today, there might be exceptions, but they're few.
    There's a Specialized shown in the video, for an example of a horrible looking bike, and the dude was cheeky enough to talk shit about the fat bike lol

    I have a Trek 4300, a Trek Fuel 80 and a Trek Top Fuel 110 oclv VW team issue, I don't think I need to mention how much I like Trek bikes, but even Trek is releasing some horrendous bikes, and I feel lucky I got the last awesome looking ones, before things started going to shit lol

  14. I just got a Surly Instagator 2.0. 26×2.75 with 50mm rims. I live it. Steel and a fox 32 up front. It's 💰!

    Thank for the fat tire love @gmbn

  15. "They're not that heavy."

    YES, 30 POUNDS WITH A HARD-TAIL CARBON FIBER FRAME IS THAT HEAVY. I don't usually worry about weight, my bikes also weigh in around 30 pounds, but they are full-suspension aluminum frames with heavy components.

  16. Essential bit of kit for sandy routes. They don’t call the deep soft sand in Botswana the ‘Kalahari Uphill’ for nothing!

  17. Well of course it’s not going win in a race against the normal bikes, but it has its applications, and they are fun as hell. Plus you can smash the hell out of them in the snow

  18. If you want to dress like an 90s raver ride your enduro bikes at trail centers if you want o look cool ride a fat bike they are cool

  19. What forks are being run on the fat bike, I’ve got a fat bike and I’ve never found any nice forks like those …. please help

  20. Fat bikes would be slower then the normal bikes cause On a mtb on road with normal tires are faster an the fat bike on road would be slower cause of the tires

  21. Yes Fat Bikes are COOOOL and HOOOOT come to the desert Fat Bike

  22. I love mine but I don’t have any downhill trails or parks near me, I mostly climb and ride quad trails because that’s all there is in my area. Very good for hills and climbing.

  23. We have fulk susp electric fatbikes because we have a 50 miles of beach and sandune trails right outside our front door.
    No standard bike can power across sand like a fattie and tbh they are 90% as good in the hard trails

  24. You picked an excellent dude to review the bike, the fact he was as honest as he was, and willing to change his opinion (slightly) shows his character. Good stuff.

  25. Even though I love fat bikes my self …, i too would say they don’t look cool if you showed me THIS ONE lol 😎.

  26. I’d like one here in Pennsylvania, it doesn’t matter if it’s July most trails have muddy wet rooted steep hill climbs, even my 29 3.0 doesn’t cut it for me traction wise.

  27. About a week ago I was riding one of my local cross country single track trails and I was taking a breather on one of the climbs and noticed a rider coming in to the lower section of the climb flying maybe 20 mph, but what really got my curiosity up is he never slowed down blowing by me so fast all I could make out about his bike is being black, hardtail, and fat tires, probably 4". Now this is tight, twisty, some small loose rocks over super fast hardpack singletrack and this guy was going race speed on the climbs on a 30-40 lb bike like it was flat ground. I was admiring the guy for holding the speed on such a heavy bike and thinking at that speed when the tires finally break traction in a turn he's going to be breaking bones. Apparently when he got the tank up to speed he had the conditioning to keep a steady pace, you know when you get a train up to speed It's hard to stop it. This video is the opposite from what I saw, presenting the fat tire bike as a freeride downhill bike where pedaling should be keep to a minimum. Personally I'd rather have a specific purpose bike built for the type of trails ridden. For me I have a 17 1/2 lb hardtail for cross country and a 19 1/2 lb full suspension for cross country that I can ride faster than the local guy on his fat tire bike when I want to. My hardtail rolls so fast it feels It's going to run out from under me and flicks the turns like rails while knowing I can push to my max potential but I'll never push the limit on the bikes is a very gratifying feeling for owning such high caliber bikes, essentially the same with my full suspension, just a little more weight.

  28. honestly I don't give a crap if people do not like my Salsa full suspension fat tire bike…it RIPS which is why I call it the Trophy Truck of MTBs

  29. I'd be tempted by a fatbike if I lived somewhere subject to adverse weather or terrain, otherwise I know that they are capable at riding all the trails and terrain I ride, but I'm not convinced one would actually be better than my trail bike, (and deffinitely not my dirt jump bike or road bike!) does look cool for a fatty though!

  30. Fat bikes tyres are excelent on either very loose surfaces where you would sink in or on hard gravel surfaces for a lot of grip!

  31. Even a budget fat bike… On beach sand and snow better than any other high bike configuration running standard sizes…But that's where it ends…A fat bike is a capable all rounder but doesn't particularly excel at anything other than soft mush..So keep it in your quiver and use it specifically!

  32. Having tried one in north Wales and used one in Norway in the winter i now have 2 (surly moonraker & cube nutrail ) would recommend everyone tries one for a dirty weekend. Your missing out if you don't..

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