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Are Potatoes Better Than Energy Gels? | GTN Show Ep. 116

Are Potatoes Better Than Energy Gels? | GTN Show Ep. 116

– This is the GTN show, welcome back. Now we’re going to be discussing potatoes, and asking whether actual
real, proper food could be overtaking processed
nutrition when it comes to fueling for endurance events. And, on the topic of
endurance, there’s also two new world records that have just been broken in the world of running. – While still on the
topic of fast running, we have news, or should I say, speculation of a number of running brands bringing out their own prototype shoes that could rival the Nike
Vaporfly 4% and Next% shoes. – Well back to triathlon, there’s been a huge amount of racing
we’re going to be covering, including the XTERRA World Championships and a dominating debut performance by Javier Gomez as he stepped up
to the full Iron Man distance. And also we’ve got some exciting news from a couple of our channel partners. (intro music) – Now to start things off on
our triathlon news this week, you may remember us
talking about 18 months ago on the channel about
an age group triathlete from South Africa, Mhilengi Guala. Now, he was attacked whilst
he was out on a ride, and it was a really quite a severe attack, so much so he hasn’t actually
made a full recovery, but we kind of have some
exciting and nice news to go with that. – Yeah, well after the attack it actually caught the eye of fellow
South African triathlete Henri Schoeman who, with a bit
of a social media campaign, managed to get some help behind, for Mhilegni and some medical treatment enabled him to make as much
as a recovery as possible. Now, he doesn’t still
have complete use of his right lower leg, but as a result, he’s actually been categorized into the PTS5 para triathlon division, and recently competed at
the Funchal Para-triathlon World Cup, which is great
news to see that he is back racing and still got
the love of triathlon, and he’s now actually set his
hopes firmly on Tokyo 2020. – Well following on from
our chats around the Nike Vaporfly 4% and the Next% shoes, and the idea that other brands may follow in their footsteps with
their own iterations, well we have stumbled across
some potential prototypes, which ‘Running’ magazine
have kindly collated together for us. So first of all, lets
start off with Asics now, many of you out there are
probably well aware already that Jan Frodeno wore a
set of prototype Asics, or Ascics shoes, however
you like to say it, to the Ironman world championship win just earlier this month in Kona. Now he actually wore the
same, or very similar shoes, in Ironman Frankfurt when
he took the win there. But apparently he reported,
or someone reported, that they caused some blisters. So they went away, they did
some modifications to the shoe, and he actually got the
new prototype pair of shoes just before Kona. So you actually saw him racing
in a set of prototype shoes that were hand painted
with the Asics logo on. Now, it is believed that these are quite similar to the Nike shoes, they’ve got a carbon plate in them but, again, this is speculation, and they’ll be coming out
around the Tokyo Olympics. – Oh can’t wait to see those. Well obviously we’ve talked a lot about Eliud Kipchoge’s shoe that he raced that ‘Breaking 2’ or the 159.40
marathon that he recorded. But that shoe isn’t obviously available for purchase at the moment. We know that it’s got that carbon plate, and it’s got that Nike
Zoom foam in the mid sole, but there’s been a few
other things noticed in that there’s a shock-absorbing part which if you used to look
on the inside of the shoe, that actually looks like it’s
just sort of over the toe, or the ball of the foot, it’s supposed to, obviously, help with shock-absorbing. – Yeah and now, Saucony,
on the other hand, have yet to officially release or launch their latest racing shoe,
but Canadian marathoner Krista DuChene was actually seen racing in the shoe earlier this year, or seen training in it maybe. And it is, it was an unbranded shoe, she’s sponsored by Saucony. But it was the mid sole
that was quite interesting, because that seemed to be
split with a black line through it which again, would
suggest it’s a carbon plate. – Well, Brooks also have a prototype that’s been floating
around for, apparently a couple of years. And it is still unnamed,
but it’s been spotted on the likes of Des Linden and
other American elite runners. And, apparently, it is
going to be launched just ahead of the American
Olympic Trials for the marathon, which is going to be in February 2020. – Yeah and one more shoe for you. Rachel Hannah wore a New Balance shoe for the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon, which again is unreleased. It’s hard to make out
exactly what the shoe is all about, but the
lines, again, would suggest that it’s got a carbon plate. – American Ultra Runner Camille Herron has just broken her own world record whilst competing at the 24
Hour World Championships in Albi, France. She covered a whopping 270.1 kilometers in those 24 hours, so
eight kilometers further than her previous record of 262.1, which she set at the Desert Solstice back in December last year. – Whew, well, whilst we’re
talking about Camille now, she has been, well, long
been an advocate of potatoes, yes, potatoes. Now, she’s used mashed
potatoes in a lot of her Ultras as a source of energy,
and it would seem like she is actually on to something. Because there’s some new research out which does come with the slight caveat that it has been supported
by the Alliance for Potato Research and Education. Which sounds like a riveting organization. – You love that word, Mark. – Yeah, now they found
that a potato puree, which is essentially mashed potato, is comparable to energy gels in the sense of how much energy it provides
to long-distance cyclists. – But when you’re doing
an endurance event, you want to take on
between 60 and 100 grams of carbohydrate per hour, so how much would that equate to
when it comes to potato? Well, apparently, 100
grams of mashed potato is about half a cup and that gives you around 98 calories, or 20
grams, of carbohydrates. So, if you were wanting
to have the equivalent of, say, two to three
gels, then you’d want about three cups of
potato to get you through. And the researchers have been very keen to point out more of the positives behind this wonderful food. Apparently, the fact that
it’s obviously going to be a wholesome food, it’s
got very nutrient dense. And it’s also very cheap. And then the other plus factor, which some other people might relate to, is the fact that it’s savory as opposed to those really sweet gels that you might struggle to ingest yourselves. – Now there are obviously
a couple of issues with this as well, one of which is, obviously, with transportation. Transporting mashed
potato isn’t quite as easy as transporting energy gels. Now, Camille, I believe
I’ve seen her using Ziploc bags and Tupperware before, so that is obviously one
very good option for you. The other issue, which
was actually reported by the researchers, is
that their test cyclists did have some gastrointestinal issues, some pain, and it was
reported that they had increased amounts of
flatulencey, so, yeah. Those obviously aren’t ideal. But they did report that it had the same energy levels as that with gels. That all said, though, this was only a sample size of just 12 cyclists, and also I would be slightly
weird for us triathletes with these gastrointestinal issues, going on to the run
may not bode very well. – Yeah, don’t think we should
experiment with that one. But there’s also been lots of other obviously natural products
that have been used by athletes over the past. I mean, honey was something that was used I think in the ancient Olympics, and then there’s fruit patches, I think, Mark, you’ve even
used some fruit patches. – I have, yeah. – In the past, so just you
know, obviously fruit is very high in sugar, naturally. – Actually, just to bring
up on the honey, actually, that is a really nice mix
of glucose and fructose, which we’re seeing in a
lot of these new Beta gels and stuff these days. – Yeah. – So actually that was a very good one. And then also we’ve got guava jellies, which have been used by some cyclists. The Colombian cyclists and whatnot, and that’s meant to be
also a very good source. – Yeah, and also, raisins or dried fruit, but I guess you’ve got to be, if you get GI problems from potato, I’d imagine too much dried
fruit like dates or fun things might not be such a good idea either. – Yeah, well, we’d actually
love to hear from you guys, so would you prefer natural
energy source over gels? Very simple, yes or no,
and you can enter that poll by clicking just up there. – Right. We’re heading in to off-season, so it’s time for some new goals, and if you live in the
Northern Hemisphere, it might be time to head indoors. So what better time for
the Zwift Tri Academy? And I have signed up, yes, it is time to get fit, but
I need a bit of incentive, and what better way to do it than with tens of
thousands of other people? So if you want to get on
board, it actually starts on the 11th of November,
but you can sign up now. And it’s open until the 15th
of December for signing up. – Yeah, and we are very
much looking forward to seeing Heather go through
the process, and me effectively cracking the whip back here. – Yeah, I bet they will. – Now the academy actually
is going to be running for eight weeks, concluding in January. Now to graduate the academy,
you actually need to get involved in a bit of cycling and a bit of running, so you have
to do six cycling work outs and one cycling race,
which is a time trial, quite fitting for non-drafting triathlon. And you must also complete
four structured run work-outs and one running race, and they’ve got a five, an eight, and a 10 K option. Now when you have signed up
to the Zwift Academy triathlon for 2020, you’ll see in your workouts menu a little folder, says
Zwift Tri Academy 2020, and it’ll have those
structured work outs in there. Those are the ones that you need to do if you want to qualify for that graduation. – Yeah, and you can
obviously do more than that. But I’m going to be, we’re
going to be sharing a lot more about it with you guys
soon, and showing when I’m going to be doing,
some of my work outs, so you can join me, and it’s
not necessarily about trying to get, actually, on the academy, there’s only six athletes
that make it that far, but it’s about getting fit
and having a bit of incentive for winter. So if you are interested, you just need to head to, but you can also find that
in the description below. – And some final, and rather
big, news from us here on GTN, is that we have chosen another bike to add to our very nice roster of bikes. They have literally just arrived. – Whoa, yes, we are going
to be riding Felt bikes. We have each got an IA Disc to ride, which is super exciting. These are the bikes that are ridden by the likes of Daniela
Ryf and Josh Amberger. And they’ve actually reached
six Iron Man World Championship wins in total, five of
those of the rim version, and one, actually, is
a disc brake version. – Yeah, no, I’ve always
been a fan of Felt, but I’ve never actually ridden on the IA, which is their triathlon
bike until recently when I was in Kona, and
I can tell you, Heather, you are in for a treat. – I can’t wait. – So we’re super excited to
get these bikes built up, get them out on the road, get them in some videos so
you guys can enjoy them. Maybe even get a little pro presenter bike out for Christmas? – Why not? – We’ll now bring you
back for the GTN poll, and last week, we asked
you, is Cam Wurf going to qualify for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics? And it was a very close poll. 49% of you said no. – Ooh, oh! – 51% of you said yes.
What do you think, Heather? – Oh, I mean, I just think that
as Iron Man kind of focused and we can slightly
underestimate the speed and the sheer impressive talent
that you get at ITU, and I would be massively impressed, and I want him to, but
I don’t think he will. – Yeah, we did discuss it
a little bit last week. I’m in exactly the same boat. I’d love to see him get there, but those guys can go pretty fast at ITU, so yeah, best of luck. – Who knows? Anyway, it’s time to
announce some give away winners from the Fizik Ventum competition, which we had recently. And we had three saddles
and three pairs of shoes to give away. The lucky winners are Bernard Sant, Gabriela Hechenleitner, and Chad Scallan. So congratulations to
you guys, you all have a pair of shoes and
saddle on the way to you. – Well now for the race news,
and we’re going to start with the big race of the weekend. It was the Xterra World Championships, which always take place
over on the island of Maui, not far from Kona, in fact. Now the race starts with a one mile rough open water sea swim, then into a two lap, 20 mile bike course, then onto a six and a
half mile off-road run, with a total elevation of 4,000 feet over the bike and run course. Now after really nice conditions all week, the athletes were really
tested with a big downpour on the morning of the race, making the riding conditions really slick, and really technically challenging. So in the men’s race,
it was very eventful. We had Sam Osborne leading the swim out, followed very closely by Flora Duffy. Then we had Maxim Chane and Bradley Weiss. Now, it was Sam and Brad that
really pushed to the front, and really took charge on
the bikes to start off with. They were soon joined by Ruben Ruzafa, and it was actually the hills
where Weiss was really kind of showing his strength and
he was pushing ahead. Onto the run it was Brad and
Ruben Ruzafa that pushed ahead. They ran neck and neck, and it
was up until about mile four, or sorry, kilometer four, where
Weiss actually pushed ahead, made his move, he went on to take the win. It was Arthur Serrieres that came through, he took second place, and then Ruben Ruzafa held on for third. – Well on the women’s side, it
was a dominating performance by four-time world champion Flora Duffy. She’s come back from injury,
she missed it last year, and she certainly wanted to make a point. She came out of the
swim with a minute lead on the chasing group, and
then she cycled six minutes quicker, and had the fastest
run of the day, as well, by three minutes. So she won in a time of 2:49.23, just dominated that performance entirely. But there was an impressive
second place performance by Lesley Paterson, she was well clear of
the rest of the field, with a really strong bike and run to finish in a time of 3:03, but then the battle really
was on for the bronze. Helena Erbenová managed to hold off towards the latter stages
of the run and stay strong, as she finished on the podium of her final performance as a pro, so really nice way to go out for her. But it was a serious battle
for that bronze medal position. – Also this weekend we
had Iron Man Malaysia. Now this was just a male-only pro race, but we had a very notable athlete
taking part, Javier Gómez. He actually went on to take
the win, and not just win it, he also set a new run course record, which has stood since around 2006, and he posted a time of
eight hours and 18 minutes, and the run course, two hours and 54. Second place went to Philipp Koutney, and third place went to Thiago Vinhal. – Well there was also
racing over in New Zealand, Iron Man 70.3 Waco. And the men’s field, was won
by Sam Appleton from Australia. Second place went to Andrew Starykowicz, and third was Joe Gambles. – And in the women’s
race it was Jackie Hering that took the win, second
went to Jeanni Seymour, and third went to Alissa Doehla. – And then we had Iron Man
70.3 Marrakech over in Morocco, and that was won by
Kevin Maurel from France on the men’s side,
Alberto Molins was second, and Arthur Horseau was third. – Over on the women’s side, it
was Lisa Hütthaler that took the win, second went to Judith
Corachan and third went to Malgorzata Otworowska. I got that, I think. – You did, awesome. We also had some World Cup
racing over in Miyazaki, and the elite men’s race
was won by Matthew McElroy from the USA, his teammate,
Eli Hemming, was second, and third was Jelle Geens. – Well over on the women’s
side, it was Ai Ueda that took the win in the women’s, and second went to Claire Mitchell, and third vent to Valerie Barthelemy. – And we also had some racing
at the Military World Games. There were some quite impressive athletes we noticed on the podium here. So in the, that was
actually held over in China, the men’s race, it was Pierre
Corre, Pierre Le Corre, sorry, of France who won it, with Martin Van Riel in second
and Dorian Coninx in third. – Yeah and notably
actually in fifth and sixth we had the Polyanskiy brothers, and also people may
remember the name and it’s Andrey Bryukhankov, who
has got on the podium at the IT World Champs,
I think back in 2009, he was back down in 13th place. So it just shows the level of
competition at these games. – Yeah, it’s amazing how many, you know ITU athletes are actually supported by the military as well. – Oh, definitely. And over on the women’s
side we had Jolanda Annen taking the win, second
went to Elena Danilova, and third to Vittoria Lopes. (upbeat music) – It’s time to have a look at your photos, and now we are heading for our first one, over to Thailand, and this
one’s been sent in from Michael who’s in Krabi, southern Thailand. Says, training alone
on my regular 50k loop, taking in the beautiful
sights that my province has to offer. – And he’s on his NeilPryde TT setup. Now NeilPryde is actually, well I remember it as
it’s a windsurfing brand, and they seemed to get into cycling, do bikes, bike bags, I don’t
know if they still exist but, yeah, really cool looking bike. – It’s nice to see something
a bit different, isn’t it? Well our next one comes in from Pablo, we’re going indoors now, I think it’s going to
be quite a common theme going forwards as we hit winter, and he says, hey guys,
here’s where I’m pushing all the Watts, I like this bit though, never been so tidy and sweat free. So, thought it’d be a
perfect opportunity to share it with the GTN community. – I’d do exactly the same
Pablo, so I don’t blame you. – Yeah I like it. – That does look very neat. – And I, it also looks
like you’ve been to Nice, I like that poster from
the Iron Man center point world champs. – Oh yeah, very nice, it is a nice poster. – Yeah it is. – Next one in from Simon, this is from Walnut Creek in California. He said, I just had my first Iron Man DNF, so revamping the pain cave
to have a more successful trip in Iron Man Wales in 2020. That is quite a trip, but I
guess the 10th anniversary of Iron Man Wales. Pretty tough course just
in case you weren’t aware. He said he has his Peloton treadmill alongside his Roux there
on a Cycleops Hammer, with Zwift GTN for
entertainment and photos for a more successful
trip to Tenby in 2020, as inspiration for next year. – Yeah, well um, I mean I personally would be
going from Wales to California to do a full Iron Man,
not the other way around, so I’m impressed with that, and I’m also impressed that
you’ve kind of got that motivation, plus the fact
that you’ve been and avid fan of the show since episode three. That’s dedication, we like it. – Brilliant. Now our final one is actually
a bit of a ‘tri’ DIY, we don’t get too many of these sent in. So if you have done any ‘tri’ DIY, anything fancy to your
bikes, shoes, anything, send it into use using our photo uploader. This one’s sent in my Amori,
I think that’s how I say it, this is his Nashbar bike,
it has an aluminium frame, size 48, and actually sent it
in from Islamabad, Pakistan. And he’s made a few modifications. – Yeah, so it’s basically,
he’s adapted his road bike to a more of a aerodynamic
time trial bike, in the most cost-efficient way. As he’s reiterated to us
several times throughout this message of basically saying, he still gets to stay married
after these alterations. So if you have a closer look, you can probably see that
there’s quite an obvious change in the position, so he’s
got a new seat post, with an ISM saddle on top of that. He’s also, you can see, removed his two original bottle cages, and he’s put on instead the
Elite Aerobottle bottle cage and bottle. And then, there’s the most
significant change at the front end, he’s got the Profile
Design TT Aero Bars mounted onto his handlebars. – Yeah, very nice. As with before, do send in all your photos using our photo uploader,
link is, just below. (upbeat music) Well to finish things off this week it is the GTN caption competition. Last week’s photo was
of, a rather bright chap blowing the horn! – Yeah and we had a lot of
really mixed suggestions, which is brilliant. And we’ve narrowed it
down to our favorite four. So to start us off we’ve got
one from Matthias Dewulf, who says Triathlon 101,
how to blow the competition away on the bike leg. – Very good. Joeri Nysen said, most
people blow up after the bike rather than at the start of it. – That was a close runner up, and then our final runner
up comes from Rohan Mehta who says, trying to prove
that he has a better lung capacity and VO2 max than the athletes. – Nice, the winner this year, this year? Wow, no this week, goes
to Matthew Roberts said, when you finally fall asleep and the alarm goes off at 3:30am on race day. – Know that feeling. – Yeah, that’s not nice. But now for this week’s
caption competition, this comes from Miyazaki IGU World Cup where, well, it looks like
someone’s going the wrong way! – Yeah, it’s like doing
some running drills, maybe she wants to use her glutes and she’s doing some reverse
running or something. Who knows, but it’s good
running form anyway. – Maybe her coach said
there’s no wrong way to swim. (cricket sounds) Anyway. Leave your caption comp suggestions in the comment section below. (laughing) – Well that might be it
for this week’s show, but we still have plenty
more coming on the channel as the week goes on. And we have certainly not forgotten that it’s Halloween
just around the corner. Yeah so keep an eye out for
something special there. We’ve also got a behind the
scenes ‘Perks for the Pros’ video coming up and plenty more. – And also head on over the GTN shop. We’ve got loads of stuff there now, including our lovely GTN Kona t-shirts. You can find the link for
that somewhere on screen right now. And also, do not forget to check out the GTN versus GCN challenge. Heather and Maya from GCN Espanyol, big showdown, very exciting. You can see that by
clicking just down here. – And if you want to
see Mark drinking beer and apparently doing a
little bit of running. – It was tough Heather. – You can check out the
‘Beer Mile’ vlog down here, and don’t forget to click
on the globe to subscribe, and give us a thumbs up
if you’ve enjoyed this.

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