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Are We Moving Triathlon Taren Headquarters?

Are We Moving Triathlon Taren Headquarters?

– Morning Trainiacs. Going for the first long
run in Santa Barbara. Look at this, this is so nice. They got trees, they got hills, they got dogs that just
come up and say what’s up. It’s gonna be good. Are we moving? To be determined, we’ll
see, we’ll talk about that. (upbeat instrumental music) Whoa, okay. 16 kilometer run. 10 mile, just under 10 mile run. One hour to go straight up,
half an hour to go back down. That was wild. I got a trick with lacing
shoes that I’ll show ya. Not now, not these shoes. But I’ll show ya back home. All right, hey, hey, hey, not you guys. All right, Trainiacs, here is the trick that I wanna show you that
was like total game changer for me, that is gonna be
some help for your shoes. How to get a better fit so
you don’t get sore feet. Sore injured feet. You wanna avoid injuries. An injured triathlete is
not a very fast triathlete. All right, so here’s how
most people tie their shoes. We’ve been taught that you lace it up, and then you do ears, and loop, and then run around tree,
and boom, okay, done. But, here’s the problem with this. What happens is because
that’s not a really tight lock up here, you end up having to
get a tighter shoe up here, and that tightness up here
ends up resulting in, say, numb toes, it ends up
getting in those stub toes, the toes that get really banged up by banging into the front of the shoe, especially towards the end of longer runs. If you’re an Ironman
athlete and your foot swells towards the end of a marathon, this is gonna be a game changer. This is what I learned
at Road Runner Sports and it allowed me to
actually get half a size to a full size larger shoe. I’ve got more room up here
while still fitting really well, and that’s gonna allow my foot to swell in longer runs and in Ironman. So here is how you do it. So you basically get to the point that you normally would with
your shoes, laces hanging out. But you see these extra eye loops here? Right at the top,
there’s a point to those. So, you take the shoelaces,
turn them back on themselves, go in, and just leave a
tiny little loop here, and a tiny loop on the other side. Get those laces out, put your foot in. Then, this is the runner’s
knot that you tie. Take one end, shove it through that loop that you
created on the other side. Take the other end, shove it through the loop that you created on that side. Pull up, back, out, and then tie the same bunny ears, run around the tree, as you normally would. And what this is going to
do is it’s gonna lock in that heel up here, it’s going to give you a nice amount of room underneath so that your foot can breathe, and you can get a larger shoe
while still being locked in. Whoa. Pretty slick trick, am I right? That’s called a runner’s knot. That’s what I learned
at Road Runner Sports as we went and tried on a bunch of shoes, went through their 3D
fit, and got the whole like understanding of
how shoes should fit. Now this whole beautiful area here, let’s talk about it if we’re moving. Okay, okay. So, as NTK and I have been,
that’s kind of awkward. As NTK and I have been
traveling around to Tucson, and frankly, for anyone that’s
been around for a long time, you know that Winnipeg
with the minus 42 weather, not my favorite thing. Zwift is great and all, but
when Zwift is like a have to do, because if you go outside, you might die, it loses its sizzle. So, here we are traveling around to several different places,
seeing where we like, and people are obviously
asking, are you moving? Now, as far as what we’re doing here, as we are traveling around,
we are trying out Tucson, we’re trying out Santa Barbara, next year we’re talking about maybe Texas, maybe spending an extended two,
three, four months in Kona, seeing if we like that for
an extended period of time. What we’re thinking that
we’re doing right now is trying out different
cities, what the vibe is, what the training is like,
what the housing is like, what the restaurants are like,
what the amenities are like, and figuring out like where is a place that feels like home to us. So essentially, what we’re
looking at doing here is seeing where we would like to spend probably three to four months every winter to get out of the cold. So are we moving? No, probably not, probably never. It’s a woman right over there that will answer, “No, never.” But, that doesn’t mean
that there aren’t big plans for what’s going on in Winnipeg. What we like to set up
in Winnipeg is this. Where we’re at right now, very,
very nice area of the city. But, there’s really only one ride. I go West and I can go
50K, or I can go 90K, or I can go 120K, but I’m
just going on the same road, it’s an out and back, every single time, I know every single pothole. The run, more or less the same. The swim, actually, really convenient, and very nice swimming facility. But it’s getting fairly boring and we have lots of
people that are saying, “Hey, can I come to Winnipeg? “I’d love to train with ya.” What we’d like to do is move
just a little bit out of town, have somewhere more than 10 acres, and what we would create is a big, like an actual facility of a gym, like a three, 4,000 square foot gym with a two lane swimming pool, and a master spa swim spot with a mirror so that we can analyze people. Outside, create a 200
meter dirt running track. Also, build a cyclocross crit course so that people from the
area have a place to train. And the area that we’re thinking of, I’ll show you a picture of the area, it’s actually just about a 10-minute drive from where most of the local
triathlons and duathlons and open water swimming
training is all held. So we wanna create this like mecca. Like, I think about if
anyone follows Aubrey Marcus, and Onnit, O-N-N-I-T, they
have the Onnit Academy where people can come and train, and learn how to train in the Onnit way, and that’s what I’ve got in mind, how to train in the Trainiac way. Maybe six to eight times a year
when it’s nice in Winnipeg, we can bring people in,
have a training camp, four, five days every single month. Essentially, spending a lot
of money to buy friends. Which I’m not better than. I’ll buy friendship. Now, something that I do
have to say with all this is a lot of people will surely be saying, “Oh my goodness, that must be so amazing “that you have the money
to be able to do that.” Well, A, yes, we are very
lucky that in the past year and
the books has all grown to the point that we are
able to consider doing this. We don’t have the money to do it yet, but we’re saving up and
starting to plan for it. Something to keep in mind, however, is when my dad was
growing his custom kitchen manufacturing company, and
he had 15,000 square feet and 21 employees, and
every couple of years he spent anywhere from 20
to $270,000 on machinery, nobody said to him, like,
“Oh wow, must be nice.” Because it was his business. In this case, triathlon is my business, and I have to do this in such a way, and this in such a way that I can live and not get burnt out by the training, I need to be able to enjoy it, I need to be able to
have friends around me. And just the same way that
my dad spent a lot of money to have the business function really well, I need to spend money to have my business function really well, and that means having training facilities
and living in a place that is really, really
conducive to training. So that’s what’s up. We aren’t necessarily moving, permanently. But moves will hopefully
and probably come. So that’s that, Trainiacs. Santa Barbara for another
couple of weeks here. This place is, it’s
definitely in the running. I am liking it, I am liking it a lot. Thank you all for being
along for the ride, hopefully you’re there as it continues. Later, Trainiacs.

96 comments on “Are We Moving Triathlon Taren Headquarters?

  1. Go for it taren thats a fantastic idea. Try to set up some camps out there in the winter. That would be great. I’m in

  2. Strange thought, first part of the video you mention trying to get away from the cold and climate in Winipegg but on the other hand you would invest a huge amount of money in training facilities in said climate. Why not build up this gym/terrain in your sunny' location and keep Winipegg as home base for summertime?

  3. On tying shoes:
    Combining your new-found hack with actually tying the «bunny ears» correctly will make it even better!

    Check this out:

    Not saying this to banter you it truely is a total gamechanger! 😉

  4. Hey, if you're looking for any other winter destinations – Clermont, FL is pretty awesome! Lots of biking and running, ACTUAL hills, and the NTC swimming pool. I'm incredibly biased as it's the place I call home, but we do bill our self as the premier winter triathlon training destination!

  5. You're tying a Granny knot. You can tell because the finished knot aligns itself along the line connecting your ankle to your toes. That knot will come undone by itself. Easiest way to fix this is to switch up the order in which you tie the initial part of the knot. If you are currently doing right over left, make it left over right instead. Tie the rest of the knot (with the bunny ear loops) as you've always done. The resulting knot will align itself perpendicularly to the line connecting your ankle to your toes. It won't work itself undone.

  6. Interesting and exciting. I think you will find Tucson in the winter to be the best training conditions at the best price. Just don't come here in the summer!

  7. That's the Taren that inspires me! Everything you said about entrepreneurship is so true. Except what you're doing is completely unique. The way you fo about living your dream and sharing with others is just inspiring. And the fact you always push the boundaries to bring others into the sport is truly inspiring. Good luck and keep being so uncompromized!

  8. You are using a granny knot to tie your laces you should use a Reef Knot, it will be harder for your laces to come undone when running

  9. One of your better videos. I like when you get personal. I'm super glad I found your channel a couple years ago. Team Trainiac has really helped up my training and I've seen considerable improvement. I'm happy for your growth. Although I'm secretly jealous of everything your doing because your living your dreams lol I'm super happy for you. Everything you mentioned sounds exciting.

  10. While looking at Texas keep this in mind… Austin can be expensive, but has a great triathlon and cycling culture (plus Nick Bare and BPN is down there, along with Roka…). I live in Keller, TX (suburb of Fort Worth) and it’s awesome, but, proper training rides you have to head out of the suburban area as this metroplex is exploding with growth. 2nd fastest city growth in the USA. The rest of Texas I don’t recommend. San Antonio, Houston, etc… not much out there, and Houston has some of the worst drivers I’ve ever seen.

  11. I really love how some people think you are getting things "handed" to you.. But when it comes to building their own dreams they back of because it sounds like a high risk and a lot of hard work.
    The inability for some people to acknowledge other people's hard and deliberate work, always amazes me.

    It sounds like a huge project. I wish you the best of luck. Let people be bitter about their own lack of courage to chase their dreams. Keep working on yours

  12. I’m out here in Ventura and the PCH bike ride up the coast and then up towards Lake Casitas is an incredible 30 miler. Can’t go wrong in Ventura/Santa Barbara/Ojai

  13. You heard the boss, but the US needs a little more Taren, hope you'll find yourself making some partial roots here 🙂

  14. Ok, I feel like finally like I actually got to say I’ve been tying my shoe like that for years: thank you Gazelle Sports in Michigan for that lace tip years ago! Support your local running shoe stores! And, hell yeah, if anyone is serious about going to follow triathlon as a career, obviously warmer areas to live would be the way to go. Especially if you’re making a living from the sport!

  15. Big toe boxes for running shoes….one word Altra! As far as living in the US. It's OK if you're willing to except gun violence, racism and an oligarch/authoritarian for your leader. It's pretty messed up here! How about BC?

  16. You gotta ask yourself, who is gonna want to go to Winnipeg to do that? A lot of travel cost to a place that isn't that attractive to visit. If it was like Vegas or Tucson or any number of nice places that have other stuff and are cheaper to travel to you would have a greater chance of success. Something to think about. Glad for your success. I want you to continue to have great success brother.

  17. The tie method is horrible for anyone who hates tight laces around those nerves/tendons. Shoes should tie at the bottom of the shoe, but really the best is flat elastic laces. Velcro is a close 2nd just no companies making them.

  18. Sounds like an awesome training facility—sort of like TB12. It would be so amazing if you did this in Ottawa. I would absolutely hire you as a coach. No doubt you’ll have more clients than you have time for. The two lane pool sounds incredible. Get a 200m track in there too and an endless climbing wall.

  19. I agree with your thinking. Canadian winters are hard, but most aspects of Canada (like health care) are worth the while to spend 8 months in the country. Wherever you choose (Kona/AZ/TX), make sure the air travel hub is near and expect a few of us during that long cold January. Good luck on your search, I’m super interested to see if/where you choose.

  20. Santa Barbara would be awesome as long as you can afford it. Kona will get claustrophobic. Tucson and Texas would be very uncomfortably warm in the summer. I live in Austin, TX and have lived in Kona and southern Ca.

  21. YES! we would love a cyclocross course near Winnipeg that is set up more than once per year! Have you considered buying Adrenaline Adventures?

  22. Albuquerque NM is not a bad place. Very pleasant temperatures in the winter and you can train at altitude, The Rio Grande has great trails and a great running/biking path. Many other great areas to run too.

  23. You should move Taren. Having grown upstate New York, and now living in a warmer climate, I say: forget about that cold depressing weather that you can't really train in that easily. I'm glad to see you have been able to get some warm weather training in in AZ and wherever else you are traveling. If I were you, I would try an area that is warm and had some significant (mile plus) elevation to it.

  24. Thanks for the lacing tip but you're about 10 years and 250000 videos late on this one ! Pretty much the whole universe already knows it

  25. Yea yea we all know it's gonna be Kona in the End 😏
    Jokes aside: these are some fantastic plans Taren! Can't want wait for the videos about this journey to come

  26. @triathlon_taren Come on down to Texas! The southern hospitality will treat you well! DFW hasn't dipped below 30 degrees Fahrenheit all "winter". Lots of great Triathlon communities too!

  27. Wow. Wonder if you remember an email I sent you regarding a physical training camp I wanted. You did answer me back and like the idea. Yes it expensive but I like that you are thinking it.

  28. Hey question? What do you do when you get a cold during training? Like what to take? Best remedies? Etc.

  29. You fit in to Santa Barbara like a glove. Have you ever seen Sideways? You're like a fitter and better looking version of Paul Giamatti. it's destiny.

  30. Thank you so much for the runners knot tip! I was about to give up on my new running shoes – ordered the latest version of my old shoe online (I know, not that smart an idea) to find that the fit was really different, tight across the laces and my toe kept hitting the end! Felt like my circulation had been cut off by the end of just a short run 😢 Same size and style (allegedly) as my old pair. I just did a run in them with the runners knot and wow, they fit like my old pair – I’m so happy and so are my feet! Thank you Triathlon Taren – excellent tip 👍

  31. I think you can go one better on the shoe tying. Combine that (which… Mind blown) with this: and you would really have something.

  32. AUSTIN TEXAS FAM!!!! Cheap housing, zero income tax, great food, great people, great cycling routes, great running both road and trail routes, great swimming facilities, Doesn't get stupid cold in the winter. I was in shorts and t-shirt two weeks ago.

  33. Runners Knot, never fails! If I dont have Lace Locks on my running shoes, this is my go to on regular laces. Thanks for the info Taren!

  34. You never need to justify or explain your success! Keep going man! I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.

  35. It's called a heel lock lacing. It's really helpful for heel pain that can come on from your heel slipping in your shoes.

  36. Winnipeg sounds a lot like where I live in rural Ontario. One quiet road with semi-decent chip seal to ride on, about 20km out and another 20km back. It gets boring really quick. Either that or take your life in your hands and ride along the highway where you get heavy trucks and cars flying by you at 100km/h.

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