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Armless Cyclist Dreams Of Paralympic Gold

Armless Cyclist Dreams Of Paralympic Gold

COMM: 24-year-old Jagwinder Singh is a competitive cyclist and an art teacher. Despite having
been born without full arms or hands. 00:37
COMM: The cycling enthusiast started pedalling at his
native Patran village, near Patiala, when he was inspired to buy his own bike after
watching the 2012 Olympics on television. 00:49
COMM: Much to his family’s surprise he started cycling down to Patiala, a distance on 25km,
three times a week. Slowly with the support of his family and friends, he began competing,
and is glad to be a source of inspiration in his community. 01:38
COMM: Having no arms, he uses his feet to eat, paint, and work on the computer. 01:45
COMM: One of his biggest loves is cooking. 02:03
COMM: An accomplished painted, Jagwinder has sold several of his pictures and is inspiring
a new generation. 02:29
COMM: But earlier in his life his parents worried about him. 02:54
COMM: But with the success of his cycling, and his teaching, now they only worry about
him finding love. 03:12
COMM: Jagwinder, however, wants to stay focused on his cycling and painting careers, he trains
hard both at the gym, and by cycling 25km every day. In the future he and his coaches
hope he’ll make it to the paralympics.

34 comments on “Armless Cyclist Dreams Of Paralympic Gold

  1. What a remarkable man! He is truly inspiring, he exudes confidence and happiness. I hope we can hear about him at the Olympics 🙂

  2. I saw his paining and paused the video. He is a great artist. I see no disability just a man that knows more than he can but knows that he will do what he can. Good luck to him.

    AN Indian cyclist born without full arms or hands was inspired to buy his own bike after watching the 2012 Olympics on television and started peddling in his native town of Patran in Punjab. And much to his family's surprise, he started cycling to nearby Patiala – a distance of 25 km – three times a week.

  4. i use to do study with this guy in same school..before 9 years ago .And that time he got award from .president of india {abdul kalam}for painting  today i saw him on youtube  by BARCROFT TV..thnx.guys…

  5. abled body people can't do what disabled people can because everything a disabled person is a challenge. Whereas for abled body person, most of their things done are routine. So they don't pursue them like what the disabled did.

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