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ASK RUMPKE: Expert answers recycling questions in Cincinnati May 2013

ASK RUMPKE: Expert answers recycling questions in Cincinnati May 2013

Hi I’m Brad Dunn, Recycling Operations Manager
for Rumpke Recycling here in Cincinnati. Behind me we’re construction our new state
of the art recycling facility. When completed, this 100 thousand square foot
operation will help service our needs better in the Cincinnati Market and your needs from
your home. Hi my name is Kevin, and I kind of have a
question in regards to recycling. How much waste do you tend to get in recycling
that people think is recyclable but actually can’t be recycled? Kevin that’s a really good question: at
Rumpke Recycling we’re able to recover about 95% of materials we collect. The 5% or so that’s not recyclable can include
items like doll houses, plastic toys, garden hoses, yard waste, so we really for people
to be conscious of what they’re putting in their bins. Hi my name is Karen and I have a question
about recycling. How can I get a big, rolling recycling bin
at my house? Karen, Rumpke is really happy to be rolling
out larger, rollable containers for recycling. In order to get one, just call customer service. Hi my name is Barb and my question is: what
type of plastics can we recycle? Barb that’s always a point of confusion,
so we want to keep it simple: don’t worry about the numbers on the bottom. If it’s a bottle or a jug, we recycle it. If the lid is smaller than the base, you’re
good. Hi my name is Dean, my question is: how do
I find recycling drop off boxes? Dean, if curbside recycling is not available
at your home, we have other options, including drop boxes. Just go to, plug in
your zip code in the zip code locator and we can help you out. Hi my name is Steven, my question is: can
you recycle pizza boxes? Steven, pizza boxes are recyclable but we
have to make sure there’s no food waste in them. So if the bottom is dirty, it’s ok to tear
of the top and recycle that. Hi my name is Leah, and this is my question:
is recycling really cost effective? Leah, yes there is cost to process recyclables,
but by doing so we can avoid landfill fees. Economics isn’t the only benefit, we’re
conscious of the environment. We want to conserve natural resources. We want to conserve landfill space, so it’s
a big part of what we do. At Rumpke, every day is Earth Day.

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