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Axiom Bags – Trunk Bags

Axiom Bags – Trunk Bags

hi this is Aaron from oxygen performance gear and I’m here to introduce you to axioms line of trunk bags so trunk bags work great in addition to a set of pennies when paired with a handlebar bag or even just on their own and there are a few different styles to choose from so hopefully in the next couple of minutes I can help you figure out which trunk bag you’ll need for your next ride all axiom trunk bags mount quickly and easily to just about any rack on the market be a simple but effective velcro strap mounts so first up we’ve got axioms premium trunk bags which are part of the randon a series they come in eight and twelve liter sizes these trunk bags are ideal for bicycle touring and like all bags in the rent in a series they’re completely waterproof and feature ultrasonically welded 600d polyester construction so these are designed to carry as much gear as possible and to be as lightweight as we can make them they’ve got axioms unique streamliner shape to help minimize wind resistance and a padded bottom to help dampen vibrations we also use panel stiffeners to ensure that they keep their shape if ever they get bumped around there are also a rear pockets on these for additional storage and the 12 litre version actually comes with large engineered pockets on both sides for additional storage options and the other two trunk bags that I’ll show you our part of axiom journey series so first up is the paddywagon exp 19 so this is the Big Daddy of trunk bags as the main compartment expands to offer up to 19 litres of storage and the paddy wagon is equipped with a top load Bungie system so you can add additional storage options on top here it’s also got innovative sidesaddle drop down panty pockets which provide additional storage space when you need it and the bag also features axiom streamliner shape it’s got a premium insulated inner pocket also with adjustable divider so it’s perfect for keeping food and drink at the right temperature there’s a padded bottom loads of convenience pockets and also an external mini pump attachment strap system here and it’s also comes with a convenient shoulder strap for off bike use and finally we have the caboose 11 so this is basically the little brother to the paddy wagon it’s got an 11 litre capacity and many of the same features that we just saw on its big brother this is a great trunk bag for the recreational user who needs to keep food and drink cool on the way to the picnic spot and both the caboose and the paddy wagon have these convenience carry handles that are built into them so there you have it axioms line of trunk bags a fantastic solution that can be used for touring day tripping picnicking or even keeping your favorite beverage frosty on the way home from the store axiom trunk bags help you to ride more and live better

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