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Axiom Journey bike pannier and city cycling bags

Axiom Journey bike pannier and city cycling bags

hi I’m Erin from axion performance gear and this is part 2 of the journey series video as I mentioned in part 1 the journey series is so extensive that we needed two videos to cover it all and just a recap journey is our utility series which means the bags are designed to carry just about anything you might need to take with you on a touring excursion on the trip between home and work or between work and your local shops in part one we looked at the premium journey series Pena’s so now let’s focus on the remaining pennies in the series along with the laptop specific bag the trunk bags handlebar bags and the super functional shopping bag so first up is the Seymour which features a simple pared down design that is perfect for commuting at 30 liters these pennies hit that commuter sweet spot offering just enough space for your daily essentials and the Seymour has the same sleek look and superior Rickson and call retention system but without the extras like compression straps and top load bungee system so these are a great option for someone who wants durability and high performance but likes to keep things relatively simple next up we have the Appalachians so this is a simple one-piece bag system that fits right over your rack and mounts quickly and easily via elastic velcro straps now these bags have a combined capacity of 20 liters and 3m reflex reflective strips for extra visibility the Appalachian offers a super affordable cargo solution for your bike and the last panier in the journey series is the one sided Kingston so unlike the other Pena’s that we’ve seen in the journey series which are all sold in pairs the Kingston is sold as a single bag so this is a great option for the commuter who doesn’t bring their whole wardrobe with them to work every day now at 18 litres you can still fit a whole lot in here and there’s also a security pocket inside the canopy for your wallet phone or other valuables and the one-sided Kingston is the perfect companion to the rack Book Pro which as the name suggests is a bike bag designed specifically for carrying your laptop and as you’d expect there’s a padded laptop pocket and multiple internal padded pockets for your gadgets your power cord and really anything else you like to keep with your laptop the rack Book Pro also has a padded rubberized bottom for added protection and durability and it comes with a shoulder strap for when you’re carrying the bag off your bike and what sets this bag apart from other laptop bags is the hidden away Rickson and call retention system which is essentially the same one featured on all axiom Pena’s the journey series also includes a selection of trunk bags and handlebar bags in a number of different sizes and configurations these are great for day-trippers and weekenders but also perfect for complementing a set of pennies when you’re touring and need to carry a lot of gear to learn more about the trunk and handlebar bags that are a series please visit those pages and check out the videos there and the last but by no means the least bag in the journey series is the hunter d LX shopping bag so with its 21 litre capacity the hunter is the ideal shopping companion perfect for running errands around the city it offers an open top design that mounts quickly and easily to any bike rack via the same Rickson and col adjustable mounting system and the hunter folds away easily and conveniently when not in use so there you have it axioms extensive journey series whether you’re headed into the great unknown on a bicycle touring adventure hauling your laptop to the office for that big presentation or headed to the farmers market to stock up and on fruits and veggies for the week axiom journeys series has a cargo solution for you one thing’s for sure you no longer have an excuse not to take your bike axiom ride more and live better

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  1. I think you should be doing a review on each one so people/me have a better idea if it will work for what we are thinking at which one.

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