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Bar Ends Install – Honda CBR 250R Motorcycle

Bar Ends Install – Honda CBR 250R Motorcycle

Hi so I just wanted to show you something
here Today I’m gonna show you something that I Discovered while I was installing my Tank protector So this is a standard tank protector That I purchased on eBay It’s easy to install It’s supposed to protect your tank from scratches But I noticed that On my left handle bar the left hand grip It was missing the handle bar end As you can see you could actually See the threads from here And I’ll show you the other side Here’s what the other side looks like Okay So I’m gonna replace that with an After market part that I purchased And here they are I bought them from the Two Wheels So as you can see it’s labelled 125 125 universal I guess what UNI means First I need to remove this part here So let’s do that So the tool we’re gonna need is a Phillips head screw driver Wow It doesn’t like that So let’s try something different I have a hammer drill Finally get to use this for the first time Bought it from Canadian Tire but never Got to use it Come on get in there Alright Let’s try it out Oh look at that That was easy Hammer drill Is the way to go So let’s see what comes with the two wheels Handle bar end whatever this thing is called So It contains two packages These are the bar ends And I guess These are the universal Screws and washers There’s a lot of them Let’s take a look at what came off This was what came off the bike It’s just a screw and the bar end I’m gonna go with the middle one Let’s take this And maybe a washer No wait Maybe this one here Let’s go with that The screw goes in Washer And second washer Wait I need an allen key Here’s the allen key Screw it in I think it’s too tight There we go I think we’re good to go And now the other side Okay that was easy enough That’s it thats the installation I guess I hope I did that right If you guys have any other tips and tricks Put them in the comments below Thanks for watching

31 comments on “Bar Ends Install – Honda CBR 250R Motorcycle

  1. Can you tell me what size bar ends you got? I got the same bike and there are three options, 7/8'' , 1'' , and 7/8'' to 1''?

  2. I got to work today and noticed my left side bar end was missing. Did you ever find out what made yours fall off?

  3. Thank you for this video. I have the same bike and the same problem as well. Yesterday I tryed to unscrew a bar end screw by an impact wrench (torsion torque is about 80N), however, this has not helped.

    Could you please tell me what type of the hammer drill has been used by you and what are the characteristics of your hammer drill?

  4. Does anyone else's bar ends turn freely if you twist them? the internal weight and my bar end spin together even with the screw tightened.

  5. Hi man, great video, I tried to get my bar ends off yesterday and tried everything! tried hammer drill, screwdrivers, held with strong grips, even some lubricating (wd40) and wont even budge, if anything I'm messing up the screw…. Any ideas?Thanks man!

  6. The screws usually have lock tied applied on them, that's why it's hard to drill them out. You should heat the screw with a hair dryer prior to screwing them out, this way it is possible to use a mechanical screwdriver only. Also you should consider applying lock tied on your screws when drilling them back in.

  7. I assume that you like Honda . You needed a Honda lawn mower in the garage as well. If only Honda made video cameras too.
    Thanks for the video. Well edited.

  8. is it possible to remove the inner side? I have bar ends which squeeze themselves when you tight the screw. But they won't fit with the inner screw mount. Can I remove this?

  9. I watched this just to figure out how to get my bar end off, I was happy to see I'm not just a weakling.

  10. Thanks for the video, I love the humour and swearing and like the cheesy but chilled out music too, reminds me of Jak & Daxter. I bought the R&G bar ends for the 500R and after doing them both up to that half circle sort of notch, they still spin a little bit so how do you get them tight? Or are they suppose to spin a little? They don't seem that solid right now.

  11. For ppl complaining about the bar ends (and screw) spinning together, hold the outer bar end stationary while turning the screw. Handy Trick: use a really long #2 phillips (like 24"); the shaft twists (while the screw does not move), and it builds up a LOT of force in the shaft.

  12. Even with a hammer drill i can't fucking get them off. Im slowly rounding out the Phillips screw head. This is un real. What that fuck

  13. 3:05 How's about a little lovin' for that tyre on your car too. Great video though I'd recommend viewers use a JIS screwdriver for all Japanese bikes. JIS screws are identified by the dimple on the head and if you use a standard Philips driver in high torque applications you're likely to chew out the heads.

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