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Bar Mitts and Glacier Glove Review

Bar Mitts and Glacier Glove Review

Hey Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong so I want to
talk about a couple things I used in this race that I did this last weekend that really helped a
ton now I’ve never used a company called Bar
Mitts before never had tried their product anything
like that but a couple buddies of mine use their product out of Canada so where I was
building the Fat Bike as everybody knows I’m sure you saw all the Instagram pictures. If you haven’t go to Instagram and check those out or look at the build that we’re doing on
the YouTube channel but as we building the bike I thought man I
want to have the best race experience I possibly can have so I got the Bar Mitt product and can I
just tell you I’m gonna put that one down right there fo right now
these things are worth every freaking penny my hands or were so warm, I got a pair of gloves from glacier gloves on which I’ll show you here in just a second
and he’s right here and you’ll see in the video that I did
before I’m sure that they’ll be a link to it at the very end my face was so cold you can hear me talk
It sounds like I came out of the dentist’s office but my hands were sweating like they were
soo warm, Felt great so anyway I wanted to show you this product
because it’s really easy to put on and off so has couple velcro things here and it has a
zipper on this end I put ’em on this way cause I think it just
looks better just the way I like it so what you do is
unzip everything take it, put it over everything like that
and then right here it has a little zipper, I just take this little there’s a little piece of neoprene right there slide that into
that spot just like that and then as soon as you got that there get it in there pull that in get that up in there so that
zipper is hit up inside there and then I took one of these on each side of this and I don’t think it really matters how
you do it but take it there and I took this one down like
that so that will sit in right there like that so
get your hand in here and it feels good then what I did was I pealed this kinda
back and you’ll see that there’s another Velcro piece right here that comes
up around the grip velcro that right there
inside of there put that back on there and then that
thing is on there Solid. So that it really keeps you arms warm, hands warm I
should say clear up in to here with the glove inside of
there you got plenty a room you can see clear off the handle bars where ever you want
right here is my brake lever where you see my finger coming off but I’v got
all this space for my glove and bulkyness in here now I will tell you a funny
story is with Bar Mitts on so I was coming around I was flying down this
first hill. It was steep, cranking on the brakes got down at the very end it was really really slick and so I kinda started going like off my
bike and I thought I was gonna pull my hand
out and these Bar Mitts kept my hand right inside there as I crashed and the bike right with me, it was awesome but anyway an amazing
product they do a great job super warm not super bulky easy to get on, easy
to get off I just wanted to give them a big shout
out saying, thank you very much a great product you’ve done a very good
job in the way you’ve designed them and they worked really really well for me
on this wonderful Fat bike Built and it worked terrific, so I’m gonna grab the glove that I used inside of
here so you can kinda see the size of that glove really quick
I have it set right over here off cameras so I’ll just pop it right back in here so this was the actual glacier glove
that I used and I was a little worried because I don’t know I just didn’t think they’d keep me as warm as I
wanted to be boy was I wrong put these things on and you get your hands inside these and they come up nice where the are supposed to
come up when I got ’em inside of here you cansee that it fit perfect and even the glove comes right to the end I mean these two were matched like it’s just
awesome it works so well and I’m sure you can even just ride this glove also by itself to, it’s just a great glove works extremely well I can’t tell you
how awesome glacier gloves are I mean they’re just amazing gloves. If you’ve never tried
their gloves give them a try Bar Mitts,if you’ve tried them give them a go you’ll be extremely extremely happy with
both you can see inside of here too, I wanted
to turn them inside out because what kind you like I don’t know if you used to see in the old farmers we had gloves and get ’em like this and blow ’em up and and it pop all the figures up but I don’t think
I’ve got enough air to to do that but I just kinda wanted to show
you how nice the cloth is inside these gloves I mean just they
feel so comfortable and they’re such an amazing glove to wear
so anyway Bart Miller Cycling strong don’t wanna
make this a really long tutorial totally into Fat bikes right now lovin the fun experiences taht I’m having with them as I drop the glove but anyway hope
you’re enjoying if you have any questions make sure you ask us below and I hope you enjoyed this
segment and go get yourself a pair of Bar Mitts and some Glacier gloves. Have a great winter. See ya

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