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100 comments on “Barbie Car Turbo #3 Tuning and Hitting the Streets

  1. wind the dam boost up or u might hav the wrong size rear housing the dam thing should b good for 30 pound of boost

  2. Should get a leaf blower or squirrel cage fan for your "dyno". I dont think that little box fan is cutting it compared to what kind of air that barbie beast is really experiencing

  3. coloca um kit aumento de cilindradas! e comum no brasil melhor do que a torbina, com isso pode colocar um carbudaror mais monstruoso hehe good barbie car

  4. More draw through a carb will cause it to run rich. You need a bigger carb. It's always cooler with a bigger carb. Very good vids and a great channel.👍

  5. Your intake runners are SUPPOSE TO BE ROUGH. come on guys your just doing stuff without any research. Intake should be rough to keep fuel atomized… Ugh… Research is important.

  6. What a spectacular area to live and visit in your video guys. So envious right now but at the same time really impressed.

  7. Wher are you guys at? I see 7b plates. I'm in sandpoint-upper gold creek. Love to meet and check out your builds

  8. Man you have everything that im dreaming on, that house in the forest, that garage, that patience, and beauty girl, your lucky boy! Congratulations! heheh

  9. Dude, I am so glad I subscribed to this channel. You’re videography skills are insane, I was transported to a whole new world right from my chair. Great job!

  10. The reason why the intake part of the turbo has a broken seal or gasket is because you put the carb after the turbo so the air and fuel mixture will go thru the turbo before it gets into the engine, and gas is known for breaking rubber gaskets. another one possible cause is the over intake pressure due to absence of the blow off valve that makes the turbo seizure during realising of the throttle.

  11. Great video, Barbie Car tuning, and that view at the end is AWESOME! Thank you!
    It's great to see all three of you guys in a video, great job, keep it up!

  12. You should try a pusher set up, I think your losing power with that set up. Most turbos that I see are pushing air into the carb, not coming from the carb and then going into the engine. It’s more plumbing but I think your power gains will be worth it. So manifold, carb, then air from turbo going in. Worth a try. Also see blow through carb turbo.

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