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Barcelona Motorbike Tour | CRAZY!

Barcelona Motorbike Tour | CRAZY!

Okay guys today I’m in Barcelona. I’ve teamed up with BrightSide Tours We’re gonna be the motorcycle with a sidecar, and we’re gonna be showing you Barcelona in style Alright just got here with this beautiful motorbike We can tailor the tour Now we are here, Plaza Catalonia
(which is the heart of the city) Feels comfortable So does the audio come through the helmet?
Exactly. Nice! Got my helmet on, now I’m going to get in this sidecar… Tucked in ready to go! Vamos! I noticed on the map that there’s old Barcelona And then it suddenly becomes a grid structure? Exactly.
The grid system was designed by a local engineer Wide avenues, good ventilation His idea was to create the perfect city for everyone So far so good this tour is amazing The Sagrada Família! All the information comes in through the earpieces So when we stop I’ll chat to you guys,
but until then…. Continue! So now we’re heading up this hill
to these military bunkers We’ve taken the bike to the very top of the hill with an incredible view of a Barcelona, which I’ll show you in a second All right, so we’ve made it to the tip-top I’m gonna show you the view… Sagrada Família The gherkin looking building The long beach How often do you do the tours?
Almost daily Is the weather always this nice? No, I wish (Just say yes!) …although we can not complain about the weather here in Barcelona I’m Canadian, so it’s probably the best winter! So we just had an incredible view of Barcelona
from 226 meters high! I flew my drone There were some security people that came up to me I was worried they were going to tell me off but they were actually very curious! They were like ‘Oooh a drone!’ When you leave the bike for bit, do you ever get bike enthusiasts checking it out? Russians go crazy!
This motorbike seems to be like the national pride there They’re like ‘Oohh Russia! Russia! They speak to you in Russian… I speak no Russian The tour continues… Where we heading to next?
Now we are heading to Montjuic Hill And now Alondra is going to go in the sidecar… Is it comfy? Very comfortable Got a nice little blanket if you get cold When you’re on the bike nice little handle to grab onto Front seat, you’ve got a nice little cover.
Does your company have like five or six cars? So if there’s a group of you, you can all get one each So the last view point we were at was way over here!
We drove right down in there, all around and now we’ve got another viewpoint So Barcelona was always a harbour town.
The city economically bloomed because of
activity in the harbour. Catalonia controlled the trade That’s why you can see all these beautiful Gothic buildings in the old town. Money in the 14th century was pouring into the city! And which part go Barcelona is your favourite?
Depends for what. Make a silly face… All right now we’re heading east of the city, down towards the waterfront! Are we the best people you’ve given the tour to?
Of course It’s a pleasure! So that brings us the end of an incredible bike tour It’s wheely time! Adios! Hasta Luego! And off he drives into the sunset… …or an alleyway What was your favorite part?
My favourite part was riding on the bike. That was the only part! What was your favorite part of riding on the bike?
(which is what this whole video has been) The lovely tour guide that we had,
made the entire experience really enjoyable. I would definitely do it again! It’s great to do the tour in a bike
because Barcelona (and any city) they have all these different districts Now I really feel like I know what Barcelona feels like The company was called ‘BrightSide Tours’ Got their link in the description, so check that out Until next time…

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