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Basic Freestyle BMX Tricks : Tips for Weight Distribution when Riding BMX Bikes

If you watch where my weight is distribute
over my feet you would notice that basically I have a nice neutral riding position over
the bike while I’m riding fakie. This is absolutely essential being able to ride a fakie in control
cause basically what happens if you back off in the bars it slows down your stirring a
lot and you have a lot more control on how your bike stirs. Just watch as I demonstrate
riding fakie hunched over the bars.
Essentially I don’t have room for my legs to come around and on top of that as my hands
start twitching and my body is naturally trying to adjust to leaning one way or the other
basically I just not loose enough in that hunch over the bars position to try to cope
with all those changes that are going on and it is really you know obviously makes it nearly
impossible to ride fakie controllably. So the main thing just keep this is mind is if
you are getting frustrated with your fakies you are probably leaning to far forward. Make
sure to keep nice and up right and to keep your weight so center on the bike that you
can almost take your hands off and that you don’t your hands are really are there only
to control the front end. If you have such good balance riding fakie then you can kind
of do this and hover over your handle bars to make sure that your front wheel is not
going to do anything crazy and that is when you know that you really got it.

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