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Batman Parody:  The Dark Knight is Confused.  Key of Awesome #8.

Batman Parody: The Dark Knight is Confused. Key of Awesome #8.

Batman! Why is he running, dad? Because we have to chase him. Why? Because he can take it. Because he’s not a hero. He’s a silent guardian. A watchful protector. The Dark Knight. I don’t get it. Neither do I, son, but it sounds cool. As I ride on my bike at the end of Dark Knight there’s a few plot points that just don’t feel right. Like why the hell did I agree to take the rap? Harvey Dent killed those people, who gives a crap? And the Joker pulls crimes in such an orderly manner. He must write it down in an evil day planner. His henchmen are psycho and expendable, yet somehow completely dependable. And why is Morgan Freeman all pissed at me? He seemed to resign kind of randomly. It’s okay to build me an armored tank-car but oh tapping phones that’s going too far! This movie of my life just doesn’t hold together. At least this beats the crap out of Batman Forever. I enjoy car chases, explosions and suspense. Is it too much to ask that it all makes sense? No no, Master Wayne. You don’t understand. You can’t kill a symbol but you can kill a man. If I wanna quit, well, then that’s my choice. We’re all alone. You don’t have to use that voice. And what about Miss Dawes? It’s like you forgot her. In Batman Begins she was so much hotter. Joker, are you busy? Let’s call a truce. I need you to help explain the plot to… Batman. Call me insane but I consider us friends. I brought the DVD so we can watch it again. I’ll make the popcorn and pour the sherry. Oh, maybe we can watch it with the commentary! How does Harvey Dent do a total 180? Well, they barbecued his face and he lost his lady. When did you have time to rig up both of those boats? Does talking that way ever damage your throat? Well, at least they got rid of Joel Schumacher. You know what movie is really good? The Hurt Locker. Oh, yeah. I’ve been meaning to see that. I’ve never heard of it. Who’s in it? Anthony Mackie. I don’t know who that is. He was in 8 Mile. Oh, he was the guy who hosted the rap battles? No, that was Mekhi Phifer. Joker, you’re getting white makeup all over the popcorn. Sorry. Hey did I ever tell you how I got these scars? Yes! Several versions. Maybe other people here would like to hear the story?

100 comments on “Batman Parody: The Dark Knight is Confused. Key of Awesome #8.

  1. I can't find a video of a bunch of girls in a pajama party figuring out batman's identity and the police making them sign an agreement and finally blowing up the house..

  2. 8 years ago today.
    In 10th grade when i had to go to a new school this made it more bareable, especially on the 50 minute bus rides.
    You guys are a lot older but still great
    Long live KOA

  3. Now now Mr Wayne you don't understand you can't kill a symbol but you can kill a man

  4. Hey, c'mon Batman Forever was meant to be more kid-friendly… I mean it had freaking Jim Carrey in it… Enough said for those who get my point.

  5. Tapping phones is going too far. I dont mind goverment building tanks with the tax money but tapping my phone thats a no

  6. All these years later, people would lynch you for saying anything bad about The Dark Knight, especially pointing out plot holes that actually exist!

  7. I… want to agree with the message in the middle — and the production overall — but at least most of the questions aren't actually hard to answer…

  8. Morgan Freeman believed in freedom. Tapping the phones went against that.

    It Dent was known to be responsible, his arrests(hundreds, he took down the mob) would be overturned. After an investigation, he could be caught. A culprit was needed, Joker didn’t fit. They had to use Batman

  9. the joker is better than than suicide squad, this is the problem, when i was an actor, they always gave the parts to people that are already established with fame or awards, not someone who’d be more fitting for the part or was more talented at it. that’s why Hollywood and current shows failing to pull the crowds in, you can’t even write a good script and just meet the powers to be, it’s all a closed system, even singers got to be an initiated witch to sing these days, they’ve lost nearly trillions so far.

  10. This will forever be ingrained inside my soul ,”at least it beats the crap out of Batman forever.” 🎵

  11. brih i just remembered this and watched it for like the first time in around 5 years, still an amazing video to this day.

  12. Why is it that people don't get the ending of Dark Knight?

    Naming Dent a villain will destroy confidence in the system, hope and people to come forward to fight corruption and crime from within the system.
    A vigilante is not what a society should look for to solve their problems, less so when he also prosecutes/executes.

    Wayne does not want to be Batman forever but help Gotham to help itself.

    Also, making an armored car and spying on millions of people and everything they say (potentially), not the same thing and not the worst reason to threat with resignation.

  13. Oh my fucking god my childhood…well early teens rather, it was already 10 years ago it's crazy now i'm 21 ajahzhha

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