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BBB Cycling | Brakes

BBB Cycling | Brakes

so you’re training to get even faster
looking for ways to shorten your commute or take that elusive king of the
mountains Strava segment it’s why we ride right but there are some moments
that require you to seriously slow down keeping you safe from harm or even
serious accident when unparalleled braking performance and safety is key
you need to be able to rely on your brake pads to do the job always no
matter the weather conditions or braking system of your choice be it disc brakes
or rim brakes now disc brakes are getting more and more popular these days
and understandably so they’re designed for optimal performance in wet weather
and downhill performance with extended durability to boot a disc brake consists
of two important pieces the disc or rotor and the pads we improved our
altars for disc brakes with round edges for extra safety and easy installation
fully compliant with UCI regulations you can even check the durability of a rotor
with these wear out indicators now conventional rim brakes which are
available for urban commuters up til competitive cyclists and a bikers make
you stop on every speed level but they left plenty of room for innovation as
well this is why BBB introduced a brand new brake pad it’s improved profile is
based on car tires and able to drain water quickly and effectively and of
course these two will have wear out indicators to know exactly when you need
to replace them now if you ever need any other braking parts just know that we
are here for you keeping you safe every ride

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