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Beautiful XC on Poop Alley || Squamish, BC | Mountain Biking

Beautiful XC on Poop Alley || Squamish, BC | Mountain Biking

Hi everyone and welcome back to Squamish,
BC. A few weeks ago I rode Hood in the Woods and
at the end turned right onto an access road. Had I continued on I would have connected
up with today’s trail named Poop Alley. Thankfully there was no poop on the trail
when I rode it. This mostly mellow blue cross country trail
connects up well to Quest University and the vehicle parking in that area. It also happens to be used by the motorbike
community and as such some of the more technical sections are blown out from their rear wheels spinning. Before you start commenting below though, take a
read into the history of motorbiking biking in Squamish and then form an opinion. Would this be a trail that I specially make
a ride out to….probably not. But it is a much better and more engaging
trail when compared to the smooth and dusty access roads in the area. That’s all for today. Thanks again for joining me and hope to see
you again next week!

3 comments on “Beautiful XC on Poop Alley || Squamish, BC | Mountain Biking

  1. A while ago you gave me some suggestions on trails to try on a CX bike in Rotorua, which turned out excellently! I now happen to be in Squamish… with a CX bike. Anything you reckon would be worth attempting?

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