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Beginner Triathlon Mistakes | 10 Things Triathletes Shouldn’t Do!

Beginner Triathlon Mistakes | 10 Things Triathletes Shouldn’t Do!

(zippy electronic noises) – [Mark] So here it is, the top triathlon beginner mistakes. You wear your underwear
under your running shorts so you’d be forgiven for thinking
the same goes for cycling. It’s not so. Cycling shorts and tri suits
are designed to fit directly against the skin for maximum comfort and minimum chaffing. Yes, that does mean you might
need a spare pair of shorts if you plan to cycle two days in a row. If you do end up wearing
underwear out cycling, you may find yourself needing
to take an unwanted stop. (goofy music) – [Heather] The bike is
an intricate machine. So it’s understandable if
you don’t know everything about it when you first start cycling. Fellow riders will be more
than happy to help you out but relying on them to fix your punches a few years down the
line is less acceptable. And if they’re not there to help you, well, it’s a long walk home. – [Mark] A tri suit is
a good idea for a race, and it’s wise to test out
once or twice before the day. But you don’t need to wear
it to every single session. You want to keep that tri
suit in good condition. You might think you look cool, but take it from us. You just look like an absolute wally. There’s a lot of kit
and rules to think about during the triathlon. So it’s hardly surprising to see a few helmet faux
pas from time to time. Firstly, we have the backwards helmet. Whoops! Then, we have the “I completely
forgot I had my helmet on, as they run out of T2. They’re particularly
embarrassing, so you’ll hopefully never do one of these again. – [Heather] I certainly did this one. Some like to call it “grinding your gears” others like to call it “mashing” and it refers to our cadence. A trap many beginners fall into is cycling in too hard a gear and
therefore, too low a cadence. But research suggests
that a higher cadence, anything from 80 to 100
RPM is more efficient. I certainly found that myself
when I made the change. – [Mark] I get it, we’re triathletes. We’re used to swimming
close to each other. That doesn’t mean you need to
tap the toes of every person you follow in the pool. Especially if you’re following
someone you don’t know. If you do need to pass someone, though, I’m fairly sure they get the
picture after just one tap. – [Heather] When you’re
training with a group, you still need to be self reliant and come prepared as you would if you were going out on your own. And make sure you’ve got
enough fuel and water to get you through. Carry spares in the pump, and know how to use them. It’s also a good idea to
have a fully charged phone and some money in case of an emergency. – [Mark] We’ve all been there, panicking that you haven’t eaten
enough before a run session and stuffing your face
full at the last minute. Spoiler alert: It does not end well. Your stomach needs time
to digest your food so be kind to yourself
and eat well in advance, or at least, don’t eat quite so much. Otherwise, your body will
stop digesting your food when you begin running hard, and things get messy. You could be forgiven for
not knowing certain sections of the triathlon course, but knowing any of it is less forgivable. Most of us have tried
it, turning up, hoping we could just follow the
course markers on the day. But once the adrenaline is pumping and you’re travelling at faster pace it’s easy to find yourself, ever so slightly, off course. Then we have the hill sprinter. Man, they’re annoying. Whether it’s running or
cycling, there’s always one that wants to smash it up every hill and show you how good they are. Unfortunately, all they end up doing, is annoying their training partners. And likely fuel them to try and drop them later in the run or ride. If hill sprints aren’t
planned, don’t do them. We were all beginners
once, so we can be excused for making a few of these mistakes before, but let’s try not to make
any of these mistakes again. And to make sure you don’t
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49 comments on “Beginner Triathlon Mistakes | 10 Things Triathletes Shouldn’t Do!

  1. Great video, the truth is often said in jest. Getting feet tapped repeatedly and riding with someone who doesn't have a spare are particularly annoying to me. And yes, at Buffalo Springs 70.3 one year I passed this guy who had his helmet on backwards. Mark is first rate in all these demos, he should have been at actor!

  2. Who wears underwear under their running shorts!?! The shorter the better! I am guilty of almost forgetting to take off my swimskin in T1, luckily, I took it off before the mount and stuffed it in my trisuit for 40 km.

  3. I have done the running with my helmet on thing a couple of times. One time I just put my helmet on a bush right of of transition and hoped the officials wouldnt see it

  4. For me the best runs I ever have off the bike is with my lowest cadence 66 cadence. And I had the best run off the bike 1:26hours for 21.1km

  5. Smashing every 'easy 50' as hard as I can in an 'easy 50, hard 50' group swim set. It annoys both those in front and behind!

  6. It’s official, comedic acting is Mark’s wheelhouse. I have a sneaking suspicion he’s absolutely hilarious on casual.

  7. I tried touching shore with my feet before my hands could reach. It was a steep bank and I just floundered for a while before I got moving again to get out of the water.

  8. Hey there GTN. Good splendid editing in this video! I reckon the next time you could come a little closer to Benny Hill style of speed-ups and fast action. He was the master! Would love to see your guys do that more than anything!

  9. I did the running with the helmet on last year not as a beginner but as being totally and utterly focused on reducing my T2. Quickly realised and when doing the first lap I was able to throw it to my partner…
    First tri I tried to put running tights after swim. Now that might have been the longest T1 in history!

  10. fuck off!! are u joking me.. is this aimed at melons??? fruit. are u really hoping to get views on this slop? fuk off

  11. Hey I have a silly question :p Can you take your phone with you when you run and bike? And talk to your friends via text or bluetooth mic? haha just curious !

  12. I have a friend who forgot to leave his number belt for the run in the transition area. The transition area was already closed when he realized this, so he threw the belt over the fence into the transition area and retrieved it during T1.

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