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Behind The Scenes At The Ironman World Championships 2019 | GTN Kona Vlog!

Behind The Scenes At The Ironman World Championships 2019 | GTN Kona Vlog!

– Cor, mate, what a couple
of weeks we have had. We had the Ironman World
Championships yesterday. But now our job is done, it’s time to pack up and grab our flight home. – Yeah, but before we do that, we definitely thought you’d like to see a little bit behind the scenes of what we have been getting up to. (upbeat electronic music) ♪ Will you be there ♪ ♪ It’s the way to lock it up ♪ ♪ Or the way to being free ♪ ♪ Will you ♪ ♪ Will you ♪ – Well, I had my first experience of Homeland Security today. Went through the Border Patrol and got whisked aside ’cause they didn’t trust me. So I sat for about an hour and
a half in Homeland Security waiting for the big
blue glove to come out. Fortunately, I bypassed that and just had to go through a few questions and swiftly moved on. So fortunately I’m still
here with these guys. I’m on my way to Kona! That was lucky. (upbeat electronic music) – [Camera Man] Hey, you’ve not
been back here for a while. – No, it’s been four years
actually since I’ve been here. So quite excited to see
the sun come up tomorrow. (bright guitar music) – Right, day one here in Kona and we’ve had a pretty
successful day of filming so far. Been with Sarah True this
morning, filmed the show. We were just filming something
with open water swimming and we had to abort because it’s just started
hammering it down outside. But we’re making use of the time. Just packing it up, well,
building our bikes up. Fraser is building his there. But I thought I’d take this opportunity to show you around the GTN crib. So here is our rather
delightful living room. How cool is that? Fraser building up behind me. I’ll show you the outside. How cool is that? Straight onto the water. Here’s Fraser’s very clean room. That’s how Fraser lives. Here’s my not so clean room. Haven’t made my bed. And then here we have Ali’i
Drive through our gate there. So yeah, on race day we should see all the athletes running past here, it’s a very famous part
of the race course. So we’re in prime spot to
be able to dip in and out. So yeah, looking forward to this trip. (upbeat music) – So we’re just waiting for Tim Reed to come round the corner. We’re filming with him this morning. He’s doing a big bike run and his run off the bike
is here in the energy lap, so we are acting as not only filmmakers but water carriers as he comes along here, going to give him his water bottle and make sure he’s
staying nice and hydrated. – Gracias. – You sure? Okay. (bright mellow music) So the last time I was here
in Hawaii was four years ago, 2015, and I raced for the second time and haven’t been back since. So coming here now in the auspices of GTN has been different. I won’t lie, it’s been funny coming back and seeing a lot of the
athletes that I raced last time. A lot of good friends who
are here and that’s super. It’s really nice to bump into them. Just saw David McNamee for example and he and I came here four years ago, that was his first race here, he’s been here every year since. So stuff like that is
quite, it’s nice for me because I get to catch up with friends, but it’s also slightly strange because for many, many
years I’ve been an athlete and, like any pro athlete, you strive to come here ’cause it’s the pinnacle of racing. I only managed to do it a couple of times. You always hoped you
could qualify every year, and coming back here and getting refreshed with all the sort of training routines and places and things that I would’ve done when I came here to race and, yeah. It’s an interesting feeling coming back, and I’m not missing it because it is hotter than the sun. But, yeah, it’s just, you know, a little bit of a
journey down memory lane. (chilled out music) – Right, just turned up to the old airport to do a video of Cam Wurf, but look who’s running round, oh god, losing my sunglasses there. Give us a wave, Lucy! It’s Lucy Charles! So this is a bit of a stomping
ground for the pros pre-race, just a nice, closed circuit. They can get some miles in. So yeah, I can see a lot of the pros. There’s Reece, just come back from being absolutely
annihilated by Cam Wurf, had his legs ripped off. So yeah, I think he’s struggling. Right, so we’ve just
finished up with Cam Wurf this morning at the old airport. We filmed some run shots with him. We then shot straight
up to his house actually to film with his bike, which was a little bit of a struggle. This belongs to Cameron Wurf, who works very closely
with Pinarello and in, do you want me to go from the top top? (bleeped out speech) Olive, Olive! (whistles) Is it still out of shot? Olive, Olive! Hello! Right, let’s give it a go. For now, I’ve just got home. We’re off to get ready because we’ve got a few friends, a few of the pros, actually, popping over for a barbecue
and a bit of a party. (chilled out music) – Day three, time to put the coffee on! – [Camera Man] Hello boys. – Sunscreen ready for the run. – Bit of a last minute
decision to enter the 10k. I was actually going to go for the 5k. Messaged Reece yesterday,
he’s doing the 10k. So I’ve bumped myself up to 10k. My plan of attack is stick with him and then I’m just going to surge from probably like kilometer one and I’m just going to keep surging, surging until I break him mentally. That’s my plan. – And I’m going to have
nothing in this part because I’m not fast enough, but I’m going to watch
from afar and just laugh. – And then probably catch
me at 5k when I’m walking. – I hope not. – [Camera Man] Does Reece
know anything about this? – No, not at all.
– Negative. – He thinks we’re probably
all just going for a nice run. (suspenseful music) – [Camera Man] You’re taking the car? – We’re going to get out halfway. That’s a fair bit. (dramatic music) – Three, two, one! (sirens wailing) – So just passed the
two and a half k mark. Seem to be pacing it okay. Here they come. Just how tough this thing is. Knew I should’ve done the 5k. Yeah, suffering big time here. – [Camera Man] Hello. – Bit of a situation here. – [Camera Man] Yeah, I’m videoing it. – Well, just threw myself in
the deep end with the 10k, and A) kind of blew up and
then B) my foot is killing me. It really hurts so, fortunately, we’re
staying on the run course, so pretty much around 7k in, I just peeled off. I literally can’t put
much weight on my foot, so lots of ice at the moment and hoping I might be able to walk on it for the rest of the day. Don’t know, fingers crossed. (bright guitar music) So we got quite a lot on today, so we catch up with a few of the pros, we’ve got Heather Jackson’s
bike, which is quite exciting. We’ve got Imogen Simmonds later today and there’s probably more. We got all sorts going on out here. (upbeat music) Imogen Simmonds is somebody that we think is going to be the next rising star and you might go, wait a minute, she’s already come third at World 70.3s, which is fair, but she’s
never raced here in Kona. So we think that she
might do the same thing that she did in World 70.3s and get on the podium here. Even if she doesn’t, I’m fairly certain that at some point in the next couple years she will. So we’re going to make a video with her to show you guys what she’s getting up to on her very first trip to this island, which I think will be interesting ’cause everybody has to come
here for the first time. – I’ve arrived. We’re in a not very bad spot here, right on the sea. Thank you for having me. (bright mellow music) – In terms of bike tech, Kona seems to be the place where they all manage to pull out all the stops with their sponsors and get something a little bit special, so we’re going to, trying to pool together five or six if we can, different bikes, and put that into one sort
of super pro bike video. (upbeat music) – So we got quite an
exciting video at the moment. We’re at the Argon 18 house, we’ve got Heather Jackson’s Kona bike in there waiting for us and it’s a thermochromic paint work, meaning that it changes
color with the heat, so this specific paint work actually goes from a
dark, almost black color to almost a cherry red color, and whilst it does that, it then exposes some
graphics and text on there. It’s pretty cool. (upbeat electronic music) ♪ Suddenly the world I used to know ♪ – It is Monday morning on race week of Ironman Hawaii and oh do a bit of a swim that
doesn’t actually takes, takes? So that was actually as I, oh what did I want to start that with? – Have the jewel, ah (bleep). As athletes turn off of that
cour, ah, turn left off the, this point that athletes
will be, (bleep)ing hell ♪ Now I see, baby, you’re hurting me ♪ – Right on! – Nice. – Good. – And then dropping down
in towards the airport and then into, oh (bleep)ing hell. – The left hand turn down to the port of– (truck rumbling) (bleep)ing hell! – [Mark] Today we’re making a video about the toughest parts
of the Kona course. Fraser was making his way up to Harvey and decided to stop to
feel that famous wind. – Right, so I’m sat here at Scenic Point, which is about 40k, 25
miles, something like that, from the end of the bike course and this is where athletes can really start to struggle because, as hopefully you can see with me sat here right now, it gets really windy out here
on this part of the course. As the day moves on, the winds just pick up and pick up and the heat builds and builds, so it just creates this real mix of tough, tough conditions for athletes to deal with and right now, we’ve got wind
just buffeting me this way, which would actually be a tail wind home if the athletes were riding today. But it could easily be a block headwind for the athletes, too. And it’s just, yeah, it’s pretty windy and it’s a few years since I’ve been out on this. And I’ll be honest, I’d
forgotten how windy it is. (mellow music) So we’re right out at the
far turn of the course. In fact, we’re actually
a little bit past it because, sneakily, I wanted
to come and have a look ’cause I’ve never ridden
out of Hawi the other side. So I just thought I’d come and have a look because it’s totally
different scenery up here compared to the dark brutal lava rocks down near the swim start and out on the Queen K highway. You come up here and
everything’s a lot more green, in fact you often get spits of rain. We just had a little quick
rain shower come past. So, actually, if you keep going back past behind where I have a few more miles, apparently, so I’ve been told, lots of Jurassic Park was filmed, so it must be very green
and tropical down there. – [Camera Man] Any dinosaurs? – Yeah, well, just me. I’m the oldest one around here, I think. (upbeat music) – Meanwhile, I was at the Energy Lab and seized an opportunity to show you guys a pro brick session set-up. Right, we’re mid filming and
look who’s just arriving, we got Susie Cheetham and
Nikki Bartlett coming in. They got a brick session planned, so we might see some nakedness. (laughing) This is kind of your typical
brick set up for the pros, they sort of come out here
to somewhere like Queen K. They’ll run out, sorry,
they’ll bike out, come in, have some nutrition on
hand, something to cool down and then run off along
here into the Energy Lab, so it’s a nice set up, it’s out of town, it’s kind of in the same environment they’re going to be racing in. So, yeah, practicing what
they’re going to have come race day on Saturday. ♪ I was calling out your name ♪ ♪ Took my eyes off the wall ♪ ♪ You were running like a ghost from me ♪ ♪ You were running from it all ♪ ♪ You got me waiting ♪ ♪ I’m on fire ♪ – Just observing everything, the nice weather, the nice people. Enjoy, fellas. ♪ Of the ocean ♪ – Day nine, race week, quarter to seven on Wednesday and we’ve got our GTN meetup run, which is just around the corner at the front of Lava Java. And there’s already
quite a group of people waiting to get free t-shirts, we’d said the first 10
people there get a t-shirt. Fifteen minutes before we’re going, a good group of people there, so I hope Mark brought enough t-shirts. We’ll go and help out. (cheerful music) – Ready. (cheerful music) – My name’s Brian. – [Camera Man] And what are you here for? – Here to support my aunt
for qualifying for Kona. – So we’re nearly finished
our halfway point in the run, we’re going to get to
our flag at our house which seems like a
rather appropriate place for us to turn at. Then we’ll head back. (cheerful music) – After a nice run out, the days flew by as it
built up to the big race. We continued to film and catch up with some
of the more notable pros. Right, we are currently at the Felt stand. We’ve got a little event
going on at the top of Daylight Mind in Kona beside the sea, it’s a lovely view and we are waiting to chat to Daniela Ryf, quite a hard person to get a hold of, but here she is and we’re going to have
a little chat with her, catch up, see how she’s getting on. We also managed to enjoy some of the events Kona has to offer. (upbeat electronic music) But there was one event in particular I was very excited for. Day 11, it is Beer Mile Day. I’m not going to give it all away, but here are some of the best bits. Some pretty high stakes
for tonight actually. We’re actually providing
a couple of prizes, so for third place finisher,
we’ve got this lovely number, second place, giving this one, I quite like this color, I really like it, and first place, our Kona edition t-shirt. In a large, so let’s hope they’re not too big or too small. (cheerful music) – [Announcer] Another Beer
Mile, let’s have some fun. Let’s get drunk. (excitable rock music) – They got the burping
techers down to a T there. Had a sprint finish with Gordon Benson. – Guilty. – Welp, the Beer Mile once more did not disappoint. Now time for a long sleep,
tomorrow was race day. Now, legally, we can’t show you any of the footage from race day, but here’s a little sample of what we got up to behind the scenes. It’s race day, the swim is underway, actually, in fact, it’s coming to the end.
– Nearly finished, five minutes or so. – So what are we doing right now? We’re heading to the top of Palani Road. – Top of Palani, where we’ll see them
start their bike ride, drop down Palani, wait a few minutes, see them come back up Palani, and then they’ll be gone. – Currently trying to keep up with the most excited kid on the Hawaiian island of Kona right now. Fraser Cartmell. Sprinting our way up
Palani Drive, there he is. I’ve just got up. Oh my goodness. – But we’re going to see them! – It’s like Christmas Day! – Oh my god, did you see that? He had the swim of his life! – Two of the most excited kids on the Hawaiian island of Kona. – He keeps making fun of me. – Three minutes twenty. To that group, at the turn it was only fifty. – [Mark] What’s going on? – That is Alistair off the front already, he’s not hanging about. I think he’s just a bit mental, I mean, that’s only like 10k in the race. – Susie! Get them, Susie, go on! Good job, Heather! Catch them, come on Laura! Come on Marine! Come on girls! Come on, come on Kim! – [Camera Man] What we doing? – Thought we’d get comfortable outside. Watch the athletes come past. – Well, Mark’s going to get the cooler that he’s filled with I think cokes, but maybe some beers in there too. But we are looking forward
to see the athletes come by because we’re about the
5k marker on course, we’re very lucky with where we’re been living this week so actually quite excited
to be able to sit there and cheer everybody on as they come right past the front door. – Don’t film this. Wahey! Jan’s going to come through in the next, I don’t know, five, ten minutes, so I was going to try and blast him, no, I’m just here to cool
them off if they want it. Some tunes pumping up here, obviously I’ve switched them
off ’cause we’re filming. Got a nice little sofa,
just so we can chill out. We got a little, don’t
know what you’d call that, you made that. So you can take the blame for this. Some gaffer tape and a towel
hanging on some light stands. We got our GTN flyer flag. Sofa, so we can chill out. A cool box with some essentials in it. And we got some nice
friendly neighbors as well to cheer on with us. Wahey! – Wave, guys! – [Camera Man] You having fun Fraser? – I am, it’s great being at a race. No, it is quite exciting, we’re literally at the front
line of the World Championship, like, this road is the
race and that is our house, so we’re rather lucky. – Go on, good work. – Cheers to that. – Well, what an incredible
day we’ve had here at the Ironman World Championships. We saw some early breakaways
during the swimming, both the men’s and the women’s races. Some aggressive riding from the off, some of the pre-race
favorites either dropping out or having simply some off days and a rather big record fall. (upbeat music) – Go away! – But yeah, I’ve never seen so many happy half-naked people in my life. (cheerful music) – Right, that is another fantastic trip to this absolutely beautiful
island of Kona in the books. It is always a privilege to be here and to watch the racing unfold
for the World Championships, and hopefully you guys
have enjoyed our video of everything that is behind the scenes that we’ve been getting up to, so please hit that thumb up
like button if that’s the case. – Yeah, and I don’t know about you, but I am going to miss
this view a heck of a lot. If you’d like to see
more videos like this, you can click on the globe, subscribe to the channel, be notified when those come out. If you’d like to see a bit more from Kona, you can see our race day recap video on the Ironman World Championships by clicking just down here. – And if you fancy understanding how you can win this Ironman, well, we’ve done a video about that here.

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