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[Behind the Wheel] Genesis’ first SUV GV80 launched, threatens likes of Benz, BMWㅣENG sub

[Behind the Wheel] Genesis’ first SUV GV80 launched, threatens likes of Benz, BMWㅣENG sub

Hi everyone, I’m Kim Da-sol from The Korea Herald. Today I’m at the launch event for the much anticipated, first-ever SUV from Hyundai Motor’s luxury brand Genesis, the GV80. Like its sedan siblings, under the design concept of “athletic elegance” the GV80 focused on conveying the charisma of the large luxury SUV. The shield-shaped front radiator grille of the GV80 features the brand’s signature design pattern G-Matrix, surrounded by high-tech slim quad lamps. The G-Matrix pattern was also applied to the edges of 22-inch wheels. The quad lamp theme is repeated in the wraparound tail lamps. The GV80’s interior has a minimal layout and intuitive physical buttons, inspired by the Korean traditional concept of the “beauty of white space.” A horizontal infotainment screen newly adopted liquid-crystal display touchpad and upgraded infotainment system, including AR-based navigation, Genesis car-pay and an enhanced voice recognition function. You can find a large center console and a dial gear selector here. Control surfaces are high-mounted to make them easy to access by the driver. I’m sitting inside the third row of the GV80 and it’s very spacious. If you click these two buttons, the second row seats will be completely folded so you can even have a night out inside the GV80. Safety functions of the GV80 include center-side airbags, a level two highway driving assist system and forward collision-avoidance assist-junction turning technology, which prevents collisions at intersections. The price for the GV80 starts from 65.8 million won. Three power train options will be available, although the sales begin with 3-liter diesel engine only. The GV80 will compete against the BMW X5, Mercedes-Benz GLE, Audi Q7, Cadillac XT6 and Lincoln Aviator. If you liked today’s GV80 review, please like our video, subscribe to our channel, and comment below. Until next time, thank you. Bye~

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