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Behind the Wheel: Mana Threads Gets A Rebrand

Behind the Wheel: Mana Threads Gets A Rebrand

LISA: Behind the Wheel.
JESSICA: Season 3 episode 5.
LISA: Mana Threads. LISA: That was good. LISA: Mana Threads makes super fun clothing for playing outside and feeling awesome and they’re sustainably sourced, based out of Vermont but they echo the Brazilian roots of the founder.
JESSICA: Amelia, the owner and creator of
Mana Threads is incredibly an fun and passionate person. She is focused on her
sustainability, her biodegradable material, sustainably sourced from
communities in Brazil where she’s from and manufactured here in the US and
she’s ridiculously fun to work with. And it shows because her product and her branding is super fun. Vibrant patterns, bright bold colors.
LISA: mm-hmm. JESSICA: super comfortable material.
LISA: I do have my Mana Threads dark navy tank top on
so you can see how cool this stuff is. This is not super indicative of her new
line, the new line is fully biodegradable in landfills. How awesome is that?
JESSICA: Super cool. LISA: Let’s talk about what we did. JESSICA: when Amelia first reached out to Wheelie, she was looking to do a brand clarity session, one of the most fun, actually,
projects that we do for a lot of brands because we get to sit down and really
dive into the details of what the brand stands for, what does it sound like, what
does it look like, and making sure all the elements are cohesive and match.
So we met with Amelia to go and dive into a brand clarity session and…
LISA: we got carried away and did an over delivery rebrand. They thought they just wanted a strategy
session, clarity session, and then they got Wheelied. JESSICA: Yeah, we made her a bunch of really fun patterns that she can- and graphic elements that she could use throughout
all her marketing pieces. LISA: So we redid the logo, yeah, we made it more versatile. We kept
all that the purpliness of it but we made it one color instead of four or
five colors and we tilted it just so, we kind of thickened up the letters
JESSICA: refined her typography
LISA: to look really good when it was printed on a tag
JESSICA: totally.
LISA: and… and then we
made this awesome catalogue. This tag line that was updated, so “stand with purpose, own your passion” That’s a really good tag line.
JESSICA: mmhmm. and that was really fun so that was
something about our designer got to work on, our associate creative director
got to work on, we got to work on. JESSICA: And we continue to work with Amelia
LISA: Yeah, and guess what’s super cool? Amelia got to go to Title Nine and be in Pitchfest and she’s a t9 Pitchfest winner! Woot woot! Of course she is.
Because it’s an amazing brand. JESSICA: Her new line is coming out in spring of 2020, so keep an eye on it. She’s going big. LISA: She’s going real big.
JESSICA: Yeah, we’re excited to see
where she goes. LISA: I just love it when we get to work with brands that give a damn.
And Amelia and Mana Thread falls into that category with vigor. And that’s why
we love her brand so much. AMELIA: Wheelie is amazing, it was wonderful working with the whole team there. They were able to do my whole rebrand of the brand,
they pulled off a lookbook right before the Outdoor Retailer,
really tight deadline, and it was amazing. Wheelie knows how to listen, even
when we’re not saying anything, they’re still listening. And they’re not like just
trying to finish or accomplish that job, they are working as a partner so they really want
to like, see you’re succeding and that’s the And that’s the cool thing about Wheelie. AMANDA: So what some people don’t know about us is that we have this really dope internship program.
LISA: about six years ago
at Wheelie we started an internship program with Flathead Valley Community
College and other colleges throughout the country where we take on an intern
and provide free graphic design to nonprofits in our community.
AMANDA: It’s this really great program that helps them work in the real world and work with
actual design projects. LISA: And we do this for three reasons, it’s threefold. One, we get to give back to the community and we give back thousands and thousands of
dollars in non-profit design every year which is awesome. Two, it gives our internal team practice of being art directors or design directors and three, it fulfills a
college student’s need to get an internship so that they can graduate so
it’s kind of a win-win-win for everybody a trifecta of Awesome. And right now we
have Brittany as our fall intern. Some of the nonprofits that we’ve donated work to in the past…
FOFAC AMANDA: the Humane society LISA: the NICA mountain bike team that’s local AMANDA: Flathead Recon,
the SNOW bus, LISA: CRYJ, AMANDA: The Abbie Shelter,
Flathead lacrosse, LISA: BMCA, AMANDA: Dream adaptive…
and over the years we’ve kind of accumulated quite a list. We love being
able to give back to the community so this program means a lot to us. LISA: all the
cool kids are doing it

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