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Bernard Kerr’s Pivot Shuttle | EMBN Pro Bike Check

Bernard Kerr’s Pivot Shuttle | EMBN Pro Bike Check

– Fresh from his win at
the Hardline in Dollgellau, hi, Bernard Kerr in the Surrey
hills with his Pivot Shuttle. Let’s have a look at the details. (electric whirring) Bernard, congratulations
on winning the Hardline. – [Bernard] Thank you very much. – [Interviewer] D’you know
what I’ve always thought can you actually ride
an e-bike up that track? – [Bernard] No, not a chance you’d get up that track with
an e-bike (Bernard laughs) – So here we are, Surrey hills it’s the off-season, e-bike, I mean how often do you use this bike? – Loads, honestly in the off-season two or three times a week maybe four if it’s really wet like this. So yeah
– [Interviewer] Wow – [Bernard] I love them and
ride them so much I think. – Crikey, well it does
look like this gets ridden. Let’s have a look at some
of the details on this bike. Now it’s a size large,
you’re five foot 11, right? – [Bernard] Yeah – The reach numbers on this bike are 459 for a size large,
it’s got a 438mm chainstay and a 65.2 head angle. There
is actually one more size, isn’t there, there’s an extra
large in this bike as well? – Yeah, there is an XL as well, yeah. – So wheels, Bernard, you’ve
got a carbon wheelset on there. – [Bernard] Yeah. – [Interviewer] What’s the
internal width of those wheels? – They are a 29 inch wheel with a 28mm internal diameter
on the Reynolds carbon wheels. – Maxxis Shorties, obviously, for the wet weather in the Surrey hills. – [Bernard] Best tires, yeah. – Some of the details on this bike, WTB seat on there, a
Fox Transfer seatpost, what length is that? – Seatwise, it’s a 150 on this one. – Okay, right. Renthal
handlebars, short stem, that’s a 35mm stem, I think,
that Bernard’s got on there. – [Bernard] Yeah, 33 even. – Do you know what’s really surprising, looking at this bike, you
seem to have got 180mm rotors but you can still do those
stoppies pretty well. Is that, you know, did you
choose them deliberately? – No, it’s honestly not even on purpose, it would have been, Shimano
built this up for me at a World Cup, actually,
which was real nice of them, and it was probably what
they had in the truck and they put on, and they
work fine for me, so yeah. – So talking about Shimano, now you’ve got 165mm Shimano cranks on there, you’ve got a Shimano Steps e8000 motor with a 500 Watt hour
battery, that’s internal. Is it a Di2 system you’ve got on there? – [Bernard] It is a Di2 on this one, yeah. – Now the cool thing about Di2
is when you’re changing gear it actually backs off the power so it doesn’t crunch through the gears. Now looking at some of
the detail on this bike, there’s no charge left in the tank because we’ve been hammering it round
the Surrey hills all day. – Tiny bit. – (laughs) Actually there’s
two bars left in there. Some particularly nasty
looking grips there from a good friend of
yours. (Bernard laughs) – Yeah, I hate to admit
it, but DMR Deathgrips I really, unfortunately,
do like them. (laughs) – Yes, there you go, yes,
and what color’s that? It looks like a… – It’s like the camo,
but I’ve used them a lot so they’re wearing down a bit. – Looks like a particularly
murky looking color to me. – I keep asking him for new
ones but he won’t give me any. – Yeah right, okay,
he’s behind the camera, right there look, there
he is, there he is. (all three laughing) – Shimano XTR brakes on this bike and Fox suspension front and rear. Now it’s 140mm travel bike, but up front Bernard’s got 160mm Fox 36 fork on there. So Bernard, Surrey hills, in November, what have you got planned? I know you like going to
New Zealand in the New Year to get some sun, what you got
planned in the off-season? – Yeah, just ride here as
much as possible in the wet and then actually, December
1st I’m going to California and ride some motorbikes, so yeah, use the e-bike now for fun and it’s such a good
training tool, so yeah. – And then obviously
it’s off to New Zealand you’ve got Crankworx, no doubt? – Yeah, go off to, maybe
come home for a week if not, just go straight to New Zealand, get some good training in Queenstown, and then yeah, we’ve got Crankworx
at the beginning of March and then straight back
for the first World Cup. – Loser, that’s a hell of a track, right? – Yeah, I haven’t been in
years, to be honest with you, the last time I went was
probably like, 10 years ago now. But it’s such a cool place, good venue, and I think they’ve got
some good tracks now. – Talking about good tracks, we’re here, literally 20 minutes, half
an hour from Central London, I’m actually blown away by
the trails here in Surrey. – [Bernard] I don’t know
why you’re blown away, it’s unreal here. – [Interviewer] It’s
like, but there’s nobody, it’s a Thursday afternoon and
there’s actually nobody here, but like on an e-bike, as you can see, it’s been a wet day, we can
charge round the woods, right? – [Bernard] Yeah, it
rained all night last night but yeah, Surrey hills
take it pretty well, we’ve got some pretty good loam out here and it’s been an awesome day. – Would you do the kind
of riding we’ve done today on a normal bike, considering
the amount of water and mud, and bogs, I mean. – No, honestly not, we’d have got nowhere. We’d have been going one mile
an hour through all the bogs and it honestly would have been hard work for not a lot of reward, so. – So is it goodbye to the Pivot Shuttle? I didn’t actually mention
this bike was a Pivot Shuttle, earlier on, but there you go. Is it a good bike, the Pivot
Shuttle, for the winter once you’ve gone to California? Or do you plan to get one out there? – I’m going to try and get
one out there from Pivot, they’re in Arizona, so
they’re really close, they’re like, 4 or 5 hours
from where I’m going to be, so, – Surely Arizona on an e-bike… – Yeah, unreal. – Yeah. One more detail
which we didn’t talk about is there’s a Mudhugger mudguard on there, which obviously is critical. – [Bernard] Great guys. – [Interviewer] Also some
Crankbrothers magnesium pedals? – Yeah, they hooked me
up with some pretty nice black and gold light pedals,
so really like those, yeah. – And finally, a bit of silver
birch to prop the bike up. – Lovely bit of tree. – Bernard, have a great
time in California. – Thank you very much. – And best of luck to the Supercross. – Thank you, I’ll need it (they laugh)

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  1. So, this is the old Shuttle and an old video but I do wish you did more of this rather than dressing like a fool telling people how not to treat your EMTB.

  2. Steve don't give in to the haters and internet trolls, keep doing your light hearted videos, they should remind us all not to take life so seriously

  3. I've heard a few times that the di2 system backs off the power to the e8000, bit I see no evidence of this happening on my Lapierre overvault. Is there anyway to check this is activated? If I don't back off pedaling a lot, the gears will properly crunch big time! The software is up to date and I cannot see anything in the app about this?

  4. Today in Arizona looks like a typical wet foggy crappy day in the UK. But the rain will be gone and sunshine returns for the 10 day forecast. Pivot is in Tempe, a suburb of Phoenix.

  5. Going full on ignorant..could someone tells the reason behind "not a chance to ride an ebike down hardline"? So I can stop wasting time on trying things that can be done 🙂

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