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Best Bike Tech Of 2019: VOTE NOW – GCN Tech Of The Year Awards | GCN Tech Show 103

Best Bike Tech Of 2019: VOTE NOW – GCN Tech Of The Year Awards | GCN Tech Show 103

(upbeat electronic music) – Welcome to the GCN Tech show. In this week, we’ll not
talk about new products. We’ve not got an edgy talking point where fisticuffs could well get involved. Instead, we’re having a vote-off. Think of it as the Oscars or
the Golden Globes of Cycling. – And the great news is it is you who will be deciding the winners of each of our categories. We’ve got two polls for each, one of which is here on YouTube, you’ll see a link at the end
of each category for that, and there’s also one over on the GCN app, and you’ll find links to
that beneath this video. Speaking of the app actually, Jon, those of you who live in Lichtenstein, Austria, Switzerland, or
Germany can now download it, which means it’s worldwide. So thank you very much for
your patience over there. Your feedback will be very much welcome. Right, shall we get on
with the categories? – Let’s do it, mate. (dramatic orchestral music) Let’s start then off
with our first category, New Bike of the Year for 2019. And we have seen plenty of new releases, not quite as many aero
road bikes as last year. But, hey, we’ve narrowed it
down to five of the very finest. And best of all, you get to decide on who
exactly is going to win. It’s very cool and interactive, this. – It is, it’s very interactive. Right, the first of those five
is the Colnago Ottantasette. – [Jon] I’m glad you said that, not me. – That’s my best effort and that means 87, of course, in Italian. The reason for that is
because Colnago produced this very special bike to
celebrate their founder Ernesto Colnago’s 87th birthday. And it is quite a special bike, Jon. It’s got a special price tag of €50,000 and it’s gold-plated, although I think I’d want
it to be gold full-stop for that price though. – [Jon] Yeah, it’s a nice
looking bike though, isn’t it? It’s the sort of thing that Mr. T would ride
himself, B.A Baracus. – [Daniel] I don’t know if
I’d ride that thing at all. That would be somewhere
locked up if I owned it. – Definitely, yeah, and
you’re not 87 either. Right, also let’s move on
then to the next nomination and that was the new range
of Eddy Merckx MyCorsa bikes. We saw this released during
the Champs Elysees stage, the final stage of this
year’s Tour de France, where Oliver Naesen took
to the streets on it. And, well, it was an
absolute beauty, wasn’t it, white and gold, a lovely looking bike. – It’s stunning. It looks really classy. And I combination of retro and modern. I really did like that when I saw it towards the
end of the Tour de France. That’s number two. Number three is the Officina
Battaglin Arena 1981. Another stunning piece of
craftsmanship, this one. Another steel bike, in fact, Jon. Columbus SL seems to be making somewhat of a comeback in 2019. – Yeah, there’s a lot to be said for that. Now, this frameset was
actually produced to celebrate the 38th anniversary of
Giovanni Battaglin’s victory of the 1981 Giro d’Italia, where it finished inside
of the Verona Arena, an ancient gladiatorial
amphitheater I’ve been told. – I thought it was a funny anniversary to celebrate, the 38th. Well, I guess he’ll be
thinking he gets one for every year now. It’s like anniversaries, isn’t it? First 15 years is a different
gift for every single year. – What’re you up to? – I’m up to 13 with Loraine and I think it was lace for the last one, so I got her some Adidas
Gazelles, of course. Next one’s ivory for the 14th, so I think I’m going to skip that one. – Nobody likes a poacher today. – 15th is crystal, which
could prove expensive. I’ll get some Cristal Champagne, which will still be expensive. But anyway, we shall move
on to a track bike actually. – Yeah, so away from those
sort of retro steel-feel of those bicycles, we’ve
got the Hope HB.T Bike. So it’s like nothing
we’ve ever seen before, is it, let’s face it. We’ve got super-wide forks,
super-wide seatstays, 3D titanium-printed parts from engineering company Renishaw. And also Lotus, well, they’ve
been involved with it too. It’s absolutely beautiful, that. – Yeah, it’s a nice bike, but what I like most about this bike is that it shows that
innovation can still be made in cycling within the
UCI rules and confines, which is great stuff. Very cutting edge, I think you’ll agree. And in fact, the fifth and final bike for the New Bike of the Year category is also from the track. It’s the new one from Pinarello. I think you say MAAT. – [Jon] I’m not going to disagree. – [Daniel] Anyway, this is
one, again, looks very fast and I’m sure it will be very fast, Jon, ’cause it’ll be ridden by
the likes of Filippo Ganna and Elia Viviani at the
Tokyo Olympics next year. – Yeah, mean, aggressive, that is more what I thought we’d see. Well, I thought we’d see
more bike looking like this, being released, aero road bikes this year. We’ve not seen as many
as a couple of years ago, where that was all we were
having released for us. – Well, maybe we’ll see a flurry of them that take after the Lotus one. We’ll see in 2020, won’t we? Right, those are your
five bikes to choose from. As I mentioned, you can find
a poll on-screen right now or you can find it in the first
link just below this video. (high pitched buzzing)
– [Man] Cha-ching! – Next up, we have Screw Riding Up Grades, Buy Upgrades of the year. And we’ve had so many
brilliant ones sent into us over the course of 2019, it has been quite hard to
narrow it down to just five, but we’ve done that. I’m sure there’re a few people out there that would’ve liked to have bribed us to get theirs into the top five, but we’re not easily bribed, Jon, are we? – I don’t know about that, well, I am. Anyway, right, let’s go on
then to the first contender. And actually, it should
just be pointed out that there is an actual
prize to be awarded and it’s a very fine trophy. – Yes, Jon has just shown it to me. It looks amazing. We’re currently in negotiations with the eBay seller, aren’t we? – (chuckling) Yeah, we are, yeah. – Down from £7.50 to £6.50. – That’s right and if we can
get it delivered by Christmas. Right, okay, well the first nomination is actually Fred from New Jersey and I remember this one very fondly ’cause I like tinkering
with electronics myself. Now, Fred wanted a smart trainer but didn’t want to waste a
perfectly fine existing product, so he did some wizardry, added Bluetooth, added an ANT+ resistance control unit, and made it compatible with
Zwift and his own iPhone app. It works so well, Fred also
did the same to his rollers. – [Daniel] My goodness. Some people are just too clever for their own good, Jon, aren’t they? – [Jon] No one likes a smart ass, do they? – No, which is why not
many people like me. Not that I can do that, I can just be a bit arrogant sometimes. Anyway, moving on, this one from Thomas in Bensimon, Australia, who
was able to construct this, well, pretty sweet cyclocross rig, which was originally a Shogun Metro bike. This is roughly what it
would’ve looked like originally, a kind of hybrid. He hasn’t got a picture
of the original bike but that’s as close as he could get to it. And this is the finished item. Quite the transformation, really. – [Jon] Yeah, lots of seatpost! – [Daniel] There is a
lot of seatpost, yeah. There’s almost as much
seatpost as seat pin. Ah, that’s the same thing. There’s almost as much
seatpost as seattube. (bell dinging)
– Yeah, that’s the one. Oh, it’s nice though, isn’t it? – [Daniel] Yeah, well
it’s certainly an upgrade from the original one, that’s for sure. – [Jon] You also quite
liked the exercise bike– – [Daniel] I did, take a look at that! – [Jon] I think that’s
what you were looking at. – One of the most retro indoor trainers I have seen in a long time. That’s got to be from
circa 1962, I reckon. (hysterically laughing) – Pretty precise there– – I mean, if you want to
take that into consideration when you’re voting later on,
please by all means do so. – And of course, we
couldn’t leave out Cameron from Victoria Park in Bath. – [Daniel] Blimey, that’s local. – Yeah, that is literally a stone’s throw. I reckon we could probably reach it. We should have a go after this, see if we can reach the park. Now, he turned a £230 eBay bargain, the Trek Speed Concept, into
a modern-looking aero bike for a fraction of the cost. – [Daniel] Oh wow.
– [Jon] Yeah. That impressed us. – That’s an impressive-looking
machine there, isn’t it? He hasn’t cut the fork
steerer just yet though, but, still, quite the upgrade
from what that was originally. We’re now going to go to the
southern hemisphere though and to Cape Town to be precise with Theo. This was his Giant TCR that started to look a little bit tired so he gave it a spruce-up
and a pretty bling paint job, a flip-style paint job. And the cheeky part
though is he even put it by the pool side to show it off even more, and perhaps just to show off
his pool in his backyard. – Hmm, all right for some, isn’t it? – Mm hmm. – I do like a bit of flip paint. And then the final contender is Jeff from Duluth in Minnesota, USA. Apologies as well that Dan
and I haven’t done any accents for this section, but neither
of us are any good, are we? – Well, neither is Ollie,
but he still does them but will never refrain. – (laughing) All right then. This year, we had loads of flat
bar-to-drop bar conversions. So many, in fact, I decided to do a series on turning an old garbage mountain bike into something more suitable
for us slobbering on on GCN Tech with some drop bars. And anyway, this one here,
like I say, it’s Jeff’s and a Specialized Hardrock
that he got from Craigslist. It was repainted and, quite frankly, the transformation was amazing. – [Daniel] Wow, that’s a
nice-looking upgrade, isn’t it, except, perhaps, for the rear fender. – [Jon] Yeah, not really a
fan of fenders, not like that. But, hey, keeps his bottom dry. – But the rest of it, I think looks really, really nice indeed. It’s quite amazing, really, how in contrast the
bigger modern stuff is, like the STIs versus
the smaller steel tubing of the original frame there, isn’t it? – [Jon] Yeah, they are big, ol’ levers. – Yeah, they are. Anyway, those are your
five for this category. As ever, you can vote in the
poll that’s on the screen or over on the app. We’ll link to that in
the description below. (dramatic whooshing)
(crackling) – The final category, and probably the most
prestigious of all, Dan, because there’s another trophy to be won and, well, actually
trying to narrow it down is not an easy job. And, in fact, I didn’t want
to be responsible for this, so instead, I actually compiled all of the super nices this year, I did quite a lot of
work behind the scenes, and then the ones with the
most amount of votes on them, well, they got through and
here is the shortlist indeed. – Oh, so they are all worthy
contenders for this final five? Good to get the titanium wrap away then. Don’t blame us. – Blame yourselves. (dramatic music) Right, the first one then
is Paul from Hong Kong with this bespoke titanium frame from TITANcycles in China. – [Daniel] Which has
that classical horizontal flat toptube and the stem. He’s got an ENVE fork,
mechanical Dura-Ace, Hunt carbon wheels, 3T
finishing kit, and an AX saddle. And to top the whole thing off, Jon, on his toptube, he’s got
his children’s names etched. – Yeah, now Paul didn’t
send us any photos of that– – Oh, right no proof. – No, don’t have any proof. Just trying to pull the
old heart strings, eh? – If you wanted to be the
ultimate cycling geek, you can just call one of your
kids Dura-Ace, couldn’t you? Then you’ve got the name
already there for you. – Moving on then, Dan, (chuckling) let’s go onto the next contender. And it was Shawn from California
and that Colnago Arabesque. I mean, this one didn’t
necessarily match everything with what we look for, such as must have all
of the wheels included and nice clean backdrop,
but just goes to show it’s not always about those fine details. – Yeah, again, don’t blame us. It was you lot that voted
the most for this bike or these top five. Next up, we have this one
from Dean in Brisbane, which is the Wilier Cento 10
Pro with the Ramato finish. A fine looking bike when it
came out a couple of years ago and a fine looking bike still
in 2019, I think you’ll agree. Although, and not one to
knock something, again, a few filters going on with
that photo, aren’t there? – Yeah, I do like a bit of vignette, but that’s like looking
through the keyhole, isn’t it, something I’m not very familiar with. – [Daniel] Still, a lovely looking bike. – Yeah (chuckling) and we’ve
got Holger from Odenvald, which is near Hirschhorn
and Heidelberg in Germany. And this is Holger’s De Rosa
SK Pininfarina Luxury Edition. And, to tell you what, that
looks luxury, doesn’t it? – [Daniel] It does. That is an amazing looking bike and I for one am very glad to see De Rosa back in the World Tour
next year with Cofidis. – Yeah, same here. Give me one of those, Dan.
(thwacking) – Nice one, we love De Rosa. – We’re not too old to do that, are we? – We are, Jon, as we are
too old to do most things but we carry on regardless. The final one to vote on in
this, the final category, is from TomHome11 and
this is that Trek Madone that got knocked over. Let’s relive the moment. – [TomHome] Ah, you knocked my bike over. – Still love that. Basically it was a super
nice bike, wasn’t it? We’re not sure if it was still
super nice after that fall. Might’ve broken a derailleur. I love the horse runs away like
a naughty little schoolboy. Not going to catch me after that. – Wasn’t me, sir. – No, exactly. So those are your five choices (loud scraping)
for that category. Are you going to ring the bell? – Do you know what, I think I might just give it a quick ring. (loud clanging) Just for old time’s sake. – Yeah, I would hear
that on the other sets. Anyway, cast your vote on-screen right now or, just a reminder,
they’re over on the app. In fact, they’re all in one handy place. If you scroll across the
top of the app to Shows and click on the GCN Tech Show, you’ll find all the polls
right there in the same place. – Nice and simple. Even we can do it. – Yes, exactly. – Right, I hope you’ve
enjoyed the tech nominations for this year. There’ve been some
absolute crackers in there and, well, someone, in
fact, two lucky viewers are even going to win a prize. – When are the results
going to be read out? – They are going to be
out in two weeks’ time. – Two weeks’ time. I’m sure the people nominated cannot wait for the results of that. – Boxing Day, in fact, Dan. – Is it?
– It’s Boxing Day, yeah. – Well, what a great day to do it. Right, if you’ve enjoyed this video, then please give it the thumbs up and if you would like to support GCN Tech, please subscribe to us, if
you haven’t done so already. And next to the subscribe button, you’ll find a little bell icon. If you click on that, it
means you’ll be notified every time we upload a new video. Speaking of videos, we’re going
to add to another one now. We talked about a few retro
bikes at the start of this show, these retro modern bikes, but if you want a true retro
one from exactly 20 years ago, Ollie went to the Colnago
headquarters in Italy and took a look at Andrea Tafi’s Paris-Roubaix-winning bike from 1999. – What beauty.
– Just down here.

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