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Best Heated Motorcycle Gear

Best Heated Motorcycle Gear

Hello! I’m RyanF9 and this is the best heated gear. No need to start complicated –Thermacell
Pocket Warmer
. You’re probably familiar with the disposable
version of this – my mom used to hand ‘em out like candy during family ski trips. They cost like a toonie. So why, oh why, buy the fancy electronic warmer
for 85 bucks? For one – the lithium ion battery has a
good 500 charges in it. So at 17 cents per use it’s actually cheaper. For two – it’s more effective. The heat only comes out the red side, so you’re
not losing half your energy to Mother Nature. And that, is how we prevent global warming. For three – the heat is adjustable. Hold the button once for around body temperature,
hold it twice for a bit more, and three times for a peak temp of 47 degrees celsius-ish. Obviously the number will fluctuate if you’re
riding Toronto in August or Winnipeg in October – it’s not that well regulated. But still world’s better than the old disposables. With them you would burn for 30 seconds, sweat
like a pig for 20 minutes, and then freeze solid an hour later. Heating like that actually does more harm
than good. Stats! The unit charges with a USB to micro-USB…
also known as that cable you have, like, 3 of in the back of your drawer. It takes 4 hours to fully charge and heats
for 6 hours on low, 5 on medium and 4 on high… again depending on whether or not you live
in Winnipeg. The shell is shock and water-resistant TPU… I’d prefer to hear the word “proof.” Also the heating pad is medical-grade silicone…
just in case you wanted to get this implanted. Now, having a warmer in your pocket is one
thing, but I’d get a vest liner if it’s really cold outside. This is theTourmaster
Synergy 2.0
and it costs 275 bucks. You can get full jacket liners for more money,
or proper heated jackets for even more. But I think this is great because you can
keep whatever motorcycle jacket you already have over top. And since it keeps my core hot, my arms get
plenty of warm blood flow anyway. The thing about the Synergy is that it has
a built-in thermometer. That means it stays at the temperature you
set it. So when you ride out on a chilly morning,
you don’t have to constantly keep turning the heat down as the day gets warmer. Also the thermometer acts as a failsafe – just
in case you connect this thing to a 1000-volt battery and its 15A fuse fails to blow…
the thermometer will shut the vest off at dangerous temperatures so you don’t cook
yourself. Speaking of which, it is actually safe to
use this thing in the rain. Feels wrong for something lined with steel-fibre
elements, but it’s true. In fact if you remove the wiring harness and
temperature controller, the Synergy vest is machine washable. Two things I like, and one I don’t. First bit of good news is the collar, which
is tall enough to cover your neck. Everyone knows there’s lots of blood flow
in the neck, and every motorcyclist knows that area is prone to getting blasted with
cold air. Second benefit is heat delivery. Hook it up to the 12V in your motorcycle and
boom, you’re warm. I was amazed by how instantly I felt the heat. Just make sure you layer above the liner and
not below. There’s only 100 grams of polyfill in here,
so you’ll definitely want some kind of insulating jacket over top, but under the liner you want
something thin and breathable – a quick-wicking athletic shirt will let you best feel the
heat. The one thing I don’t like is the controller. Why is this so big, 2017? Aren’t we past this? Any electronic that comes with a thigh harness
is too large. I do appreciate that it’s a double controller
in case you want to add some Synergy gloves or something… but damn. Speaking of gloves – avoid heated ones. Because of the focus on warmth, they tend
to do a pretty shit job of motorcycle safety. The only decent ones I’ve found come from
Gerbing, and they’re so expensive. The alternative is to buy heated liners to
wear under your regular riding gloves. But then again, it’s a bit uncomfortable
and seriously vague when it comes to the contact feel on your bike’s controls. There has to be a better way. And there is! Oxford makes some killer heated grips that
allow me to keep my gloves and my tactile response. They come from Britain: a place where cold
and wet rides are known simply as … rides. TheHeaterz
dole out the warmth in five levels, which is more than enough. In fact at 100% it’s almost painful to keep
my hands on here. Of course the top of my fingers still get
cold, so I normally wear a decent insulated glove anyway. The grips themselves feel great. Where your hands rest, there’s a dense block
tread for maximum vibration cancellation and durability. Then I get a grippier diamond pattern where
I actively grip the throttle. Best thing about the Oxford Heaterz is the
battery saving mode… if you forget to turn them off, they’ll automatically go into
standby when your motorcycle isn’t running. That way you won’t come back to a dead bike. Speaking of which, these only draw 4 amps,
so they won’t kill your bike via the fuse box either. Installation takes about an hour… simple
wiring from the battery and simple glue-on grips. The most laborious part will be cutting off
the old ones. Also it takes a bit of creativity to find
a place for this. Oxford makes fitments for ADV, sport, cruiser,
touring, commuting, ATV and scooter… the difference is just the inside diameter and
the length. Aside from hands, the other extremity you’ll
need to worry about is your feet. I’ll do the song and dance one more time. Yes you can buy heated boots. Yes they’re overpriced because they’re
heated. And no, they’re usually not as competent
as regular motorcycle boots. Better to use a heated insole with the footwear
you already have. The best of which is theThermacell
. Stats are similar to that other Thermacell
Heat Pad thing. Up to six hours on the lowest setting, four
or less on high. The difference I noticed is that these don’t
feel as hot to the touch. They’re more about maintaining a constant
positive temperature in your boots so your feet neither sweat nor freeze. Whatever. The most useful thing I can say is that they
kept me comfortable. On the bike, that is. The insoles are quite stiff for walking while
the cushion-covered battery is extremely soft. So you can feel it’s outline on your heel
with each step and that’s annoying. But again, on the bike, it’s fine. Thermacell brags about this carrying case,
which is cheap and undoubtedly something I’ll never use, so that’s that. They should have spent more time talking about
the battery case, which doubles as a dual-charging station, connected via this USB-micro-USB
cable to a computer or this wall plug. Four hours to charge two batteries… one
for each foot. You’ll want to wear thin athletic socks
for best results, as was true with the vest we saw. Also sizing is imprecise so get your scissors
ready. If heated insoles are so interesting to you
that you bother to check out the competition, you’ll notice that Thermacell makes a Heavy
Duty version for 20 bucks more and an “original” model for 50 dollars less. The Heavy Duty version can quick-charge in
2 hours, which I suspect isn’t great for the battery. And it’s also controlled via Bluetooth and
a rather-finicky smartphone app. Personally I prefer the simple remote. But if fiddling with your iPhone in -40 appeals
to you, by all means, spend more on the Heavy Duty version. And if you’re tempted to spend less on the
original version, know that it doesn’t have removable batteries, so you’ll have to take
the insoles out every time you want to charge them. And that’s it for my favourite heated gear. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Hi all at FortNine, love your work. Any chance of a video of how to properly prepare a bike for winter riding or storage OR both?

  2. I've been commuting in the UK for years with heated Gerbing gloves, they are essential for temps lower than around 8C and rides over 15 minutes. They aren't so expensive, £150 is cheaper than many non-heated gloves including my excellent waterproof Rukka pair I use for milder weather.

  3. You probably will, but, please do a video review asap of the Sena Momentum/INC. I love your input man!

  4. hey i recently discovered a cheap indian helmet brand called steelbird which has some great designs, would it be possible to do a review on those. sba2 .

  5. Just got a new sub. I know the stigma behind scooters but could you do a best scooter accessories? Gear is no different from your best motorcycle gear but accessories are hard to find that can be portable from a scooter to a bike.

  6. In California we have the opposite problem. Do a review on Evaporative cooling vests! For those 110 F track days at Thunderhill!

  7. All heated grips suck. I actually found the the heated glove liners to be much more efficient at keeping my fingers warm.. What use is a palm warmer when its your fingers that engage the switch gears!

  8. I prefer heat trollers to can install on the bike and plug in whatever heated gear you want to wear. That's much easier than portable controllers, remote controllers, battery power, etc.

  9. Maaaan! Im not a rider, but I love hearing people mastering their own topics! I really enjoy your videos, you guys make great quality content

  10. Gerbings used to make good stuff. Their new stuff is crap. Gauntlets are too small to fit over jacket sleeves and they started putting dumb 90 degree connectors on them for no apparent reason besides to piss me off.
    Harley used to make some good ones, but apparently their riders didn't buy them and I can't find them anymore.
    All of them have a tendency to break the microwires within rather quickly just from the normal motions of tugging levers, pressing buttons, and twisting throttles. Shame because they are way better than mere heated grips when it actually gets cold.

  11. Need to buy full summer clothes gear which I can still go to office wearing it semi formal dress code. Please recommend me items which are
    A- excellent for heat
    B- looks good in office
    C- provides good protection

    We are talking about

    1- pants
    2- shirt
    3- shoes

  12. Warm n Safe makes the best electrically heated gear IMHO. they're not Canadian though being located in Portland, Oregon.

  13. Um… What about heated riding pants or pants liners? Everywhere else for me is fine but, my legs always come out feeling like cheap frozen chicken wings.

  14. man i love motovlogs and motorcycle vids and this guy is definitely the best voice and best character i've seen in youtube so far. (no homo) most motovloggers make me cringe…… keep up the good work man

  15. Just let you I just got my Oxford grips and they suck. The controller didn't work fresh out the box . Now who do I call to take advantage of the guarantee?

  16. I have to ask, what part of Canada? This review sounds like it is for cool weather gear, not cold. Who needs to put heated grips on a BMW GS, how did you find one that didn't have them stock? Grips are nice for cool summer nights, but can't handle actual cold on their own. If you want solid heated gloves with actual armor and key reinforcements, do the Warm & Safe Touring ones. Best addition is handlebar muffs, Tucano Urbano makes functional quality ones for a decent price, but i had to order from the UK where more people use them on 'rides'. Can't help with the controller size for now, but for me wired gear (jacket, gloves, insoles) are the overall most workable, affordable, flexible, simple, and durable setup for dealing with actual cold weather. Don't forget your tire studs…

  17. My Thermacell Heat Pack just arrived. Here in Florida we are not used to seeing the cold weather for more than one/two days a year, so, I had no idea on what warm gear to get. (Winter is normally our best riding season) I took your advice, but, when shopping for Thermacell, I found that they make small "glove warmers", well, Hand Warmers. They come in packs of two, and I have them on my desk charging. I can't wait to try them!
    Thanks for all your Videos. I like how you present things…and yes, I own a few items that you present. I usually try your employers store first, but they are not available in the US, yet.

  18. I found the Galaxy Note 7 to does a good job of putting out heat. You should be able to find them cheap now a days haha.

  19. Ill stay with my Hothands for the 1 week of "cold" weather here in Florida. I need more hot weather gear while still being used with my leathers.
    That being said i do love your vids.

  20. Heated boots are so pointless. I’ve rode in something like -5 Fahrenheit in regular snow boots and my feet weren’t even cold

  21. i recently found out zippo makes some pretty badass handwarmers you might want to check out(if you havent already). they are refillable and last 8 hours.

  22. I have been using electric gear for about 30 years now. This includes various vests, chaps, gloves, electric glove inserts, and heated grips. If you only had one the vest is the one to pick. As far as warmth goes gloves are great, electric inserts are good and hand grips are nice. I have been using electric inserts with motorcycle gloves all during last winter and found that combination to be the best for safety and warmth. I guess if you were racing you might feel some loss of touch but most people will feel comfortable within an hour with the electric liners. For sporty riding in cool riding then sport gloves with electric hand grips is the ticket for me. I trashed the chaps after one ride.

  23. Oooo i know what i want for cold Wisconsin winter riding!!
    looks at the lonely condom in my wallet
    I don't need toes, let the frostbite have them. Lets ride!

  24. I’ve bought a few types of heated gear – by far, Gerbing has proven to be the most reliable. Does FortNine sell Gerbing products? What I was searching for is a FortNine review on the remote control accessory – pros & cons?

  25. Bull Shit on the heated grips. They only heat your palms, not the tips of your fingers (which are the first part to get cold) or the back of your hands (where there's nice big veins to lose the heat). I use Keis heated glove liners with unlined waterproof outer gloves 1 size bigger than my usual and they work perfectly well.

  26. I know this is an old video, but you said "if you connected it to a 1000 amp battery it would be protected". Almost any electronics doesn't care about a battery's maximum current but rather the voltage

  27. What's the best hand guards to deflect wind I find muffs are dangerous are there solid options than dont limit movement and control of my button and allow me to move in and out freely

  28. Just an FYI F9. Bought the Gerbing gloves and variable controller directly from Gerbing USA in the spring of 2018. The gloves were poorly stitched and the sizing wrong (I measured as a XL and bought those. My friends with large hands could not fit in them) the controller was sketchy at best (the locking nut was not corrosion protected and was already rusted)… I will stop there. When trying to talk/email them there was a week to up to a 3 week delay because "we are on summer hours". Their final excuse in July was they "Could not find any XL or XXL gloves. Hell, you make them and you cannot "find" any? In the end (about 3 months later) they took all the stuff back but I bore the $75 of shipping costs. I would never recommend them to anyone. Ever. On a side note to this story, I was in Whitby during all this and went into the motorcycle shop (you know the shop just off the 401) and they said they dropped Gerbing last year because they found their products to be unreliable and the warranties took forever.

    Ended up buying FirstGear's jacket and gloves with a dual controller from F9 actually. Love them.
    Just my $75 worth of opinion.

  29. medical grade silicone has nothing to do with implanting per se, it means the material is in fact safe for prolonged contact with skin, causing little to no irritation. pretty handy if you wanna warm your fingers for 4 hours.

  30. I made all of my heated gear for less than half the cost of a pair of proper heated glove liners. Heated vest in particular is great. If you understand ohms law it is incredibly simple to make. The heated gloves I made aren’t amazing but combined with bar muffs I certainly don’t get numb hands anymore.

  31. Only issue I have left in cold weather is keeping my dang fingers warm. I've tried pocket warmers in my gloves, which are already winter gloves with an added liner, but I still have to pull over every 20 minutes and stick them in my engine when it gets near freezing. Anyone have any recommendations on how to keep my fingers from falling off?

  32. I like how this dude never said subscribe or comment or some annoying stuff like that.
    I subbed, just like that.
    And thanks for not being a basic youtube creator.

  33. What is wrong with this country. What is wrong with these designers. What is wrong with these companies. Why can't these people do a better job at designing products!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Heated grips do a poor job. Any time you use the break or you have to shift your fingers will be seconds after it frozen. I tested that.

  35. Heated grips, by far the most valuable upgrade I have ever made to my bike. I would now not ride without them as an option – I live in the UK 😀

  36. Pro tip: Don't cut off your old grips if they are in good shape, just use an old plastic spatula handle or something similar and a little spray cleaner polish on it to gently work off the old grip. Save and reuse later when you want to reverse the change.

  37. The best motorcycle upgrade I have done in recent years is to purchase KEIS heated jacket and trousers. I read reviews that you will only ever need a tee shirt on under the jacket and I was sceptical but when I tried it, it was amazing. No more layering up (like someone mentioned further down the comments here) so you don't have the bulk under you leathers or textiles.
    In colder UK riding weather, I still wear thin, lightweight skin tight garments with the jacket and trousers on top and all this fits comfortably under my BMW leather jacket and biker jeans combo. In fact, they recommend you do that as if not, you will end up with scorch marks on your legs for hours and I'm speaking from experience here. Always wear something between your heated clothing of choice and you skin.
    I've only had to use mine a few times but the difference it makes to all year riding is significant.
    The only trouble is, is when getting back to the garage at the end of a ride and facing the elements again as you disrobe.

  38. I have heated grips on my bike and still use heated gloves. No matter how warm your grips get, the clutch and brake levers are made of metal and will freeze the tip of your fingers. Especially in cold morning commuting where there's a lot of traffic and you need to use them a lot.
    Also I actually like having the controller on my leg. Easy access to the controls without having to look.
    My First Gear Carbon heated gloves offer decent protection and are not bulky.

  39. cant really claim the best without a review… this is more like an unboxing and reading over the manual on how to use…. what about a real review on real time riding … cant really claim it the "best" with nothing to back up on.

  40. I mean, no offence but the heated grips are made obsolete with any kinda heated glove or liner, I’d tried them for a single season and they’re honestly not worth it, your knuckles freeze from the wind and your palms are sweaty and burning from the grips, just an all around not pleasant experience

  41. I try to find other reviewers, I really do. It's not my fault FortNine just makes the only decent motoreviews on the internet (that I can find). hmph

  42. I find the chemical version of that heater is enough and 3 of them take as much space as a single electric one. There's a chance whomever you're going to visit will have a microwave so you can blast it for few seconds and it's ready for another activation, no need for USB cable.

  43. Ryan hi. I live in India. And counterfeit products here are plenty. Is there some way that I can order it from you guys and you can ship it to India?

  44. I have a Synergy vest and a coat I want a battery for it do you know what battery would work for it and would last a long time I bought a NOCO jump box and it doesn't put out power at all except for for a phone with a USB which it won't work on my coat. Also I'm trying to figure out if it's 5volt or 7 volts cuz do this I've heard both

  45. Yeah I bought heated liners and they suck ass. They don't get very hot the fingers are way too f**** long.. apparently they think people have extra long fingers. The f**** things cheap and they ripped and taking him out of the plug is a real b** you have to yank the s*** out of them. They suck! You can't fit them under any gloves let's eat by giant ass f**** snow gloves or something. the next size down was way too small they suck. I like to take him to cycle gear and shove them up their asses with all the other crap I bought from there that was junk

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