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Best Motorcycle Communication System 2019 | Cardo vs Sena vs Freedconn Tmax

Best Motorcycle Communication System 2019 | Cardo vs Sena vs Freedconn Tmax

Here is real world test of Best Motorcycle Communication System in 2019 – The Freedconn T-Max Intercom Headsets with 6 Riders connected in sync. In this Vlog I demonstrate 4 of us talking while we are on the usual Sunday Morning Rides and let me be honest and say that this rivals the Cardo Talk and Sena Bluetooth as well while coming in much cheaper! 500 meters ah yeah yeah watch out watch
out watch out watch out a good morning phantom fam how is everyone doing it is
Sunday and it’s about 5:00 just 5 past 5 a.m. in the morning and I’m heading for
a ride to a place called necklace point from Pune and today’s agenda is also to
test out the group the pack talk system on my bluetooth headset that’s the freedconn
t max now they’re supposed to be five of us today but unfortunately one
guy can’t make it so let’s get this right started and see how this intercom
works the good thing about summer mornings is
that it’s still nice and cool cool breeze Wow
Google absolutely will just not shut up okay so how’s everyone doing I thought I
would do this review in a blog style because anyways blogs don’t work so
might as well have fair both of these and see how it goes now I will catch you
at the next stop let’s go yeah what’s up so we have reached this destination
where you can see the row with the horns bullet there is a hurry and we are
waiting for others to catch up it’s about 5:30 6:00 a.m. and once I think
everyone is here then we’re gonna receive the pair pairing works of our
Bluetooth headsets intercom headsets and we’re going to start it so nice and
lovely morning you’re in Pune we are somewhere in kumoi or out of a corn wad
and we’re going to be digging a very interesting route as well so you can see
the mountains ahead of us so can’t wait to show it to you guys catch you when
the ride starts this is Bob Dale
bob-tailed heart yeah now started recording so this will
be in the vlog mmm careful careful that’s a sharp dude this is like those
old guard street before they became big okay so hey guys we have connected on
intercom but instead of us all being in one group we
have created it’s it’s become two groups so such an was out of me right in front
of me this is connected with Rishi so they too
are talking and I’m connected with Hari you can hear them how do you see
something yeah so da rosary and that is the sunrise Oh that buses like not the bus is also
spoiling the view beautiful in my visor is talking up again
eventually flowers are the only problem is so fucking far dude like just yeah especially while coming back it
like the traffic and there’s always like that market or something
okay stopping it stop a cigarette now hey they have some aeroplanes old
aeroplane Kawara my clay roads later okay guys so we have just reconnected
all our intercoms and now we are finally talking so searching hurry say something
don’t say in a second okay sweet so all connected that’s right let’s go
boys let’s roll yeah I’m in the information who I was okay I’m okay Lucy but how do you give it out how do you
give me too many all right but yeah disconnect okay let’s write write don’t be slow
chalo chalo chalo so it’s funny now when I’m blogging
these guys can hear me hey guys so the distance between they ask for the manual
on freed corn the distance from the first rider that’s such in and me we
should be able to talk for 1.5 kilometers I don’t know if we will get
to tested maybe once we are on the highway but that’s how because the
signal is gonna hop between 1 2 3 4 and if hurry who’s in front of me he’s
number 3 in the group if he gets a call then he will get disconnected from the
intercom so I cannot talk to him but rider 1 in 2 that’s such in and receive
will be able to talk and once hurry finishes his call
so rider number 3 then all of us get connected again so that’s how it works
and I think it’s a must-have for all the group rides so let me know if you guys
have any questions down in the comments and these guys are eavesdropping on the
blog now okay so I’ll just in hey banker I’m a
blogger too so I’ll just introduce everyone
now I’m an was just taking a video this is crazy boy this is our Ian right
Fatimid Paulo let’s rock that’s a Sachin Richie intercom voice
and what is this system and that him coming this is my heart which is so guys this behind me is the necklace
point and we did our intercom testing it has worked like band The Voice starts
breaking after we cross maybe around 100 100 km/h so up to 60 to 80 km/h it was
working quite good that’s certain doing his usual shit and let me know what do
you think about this video I have not got my drone we gonna come back here
when it starts raining and then we’re gonna do
don’t sure so as everyone getting back out oh yeah we you to consider like comment
share subscribe yeah hurry after someone yeah but what
we all do the selfie things like this it’s recording Amy is it video so I can
take screen

24 comments on “Best Motorcycle Communication System 2019 | Cardo vs Sena vs Freedconn Tmax

  1. Nice video buddy and the ride was very awesome guys thanks for being the best motorcycle communication system we all did on the ride๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. ride was awsm bro n the intercom worked properly n it was an amazing experience #phantomfam ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’ฏ

  3. I actually bought the Freedconn T-Max by watching your review last year and it's a solid piece of equipment which we use everyday! Thanks for your reviews Phantom… #PhantomFam

  4. It was awesome ride bro, Always having fun with you while riding, and bcoz of intercom we had a lot of fun and chitchat.. Seriously intercom working so nicely.. It was an amazing experience to chat in conference..

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