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Best Motorcycle Jack for the Money | Techn’ Moto

Best Motorcycle Jack for the Money | Techn’ Moto

Hey guys just wanted to do a review on the
pittsburg which you already know atv motorcycle lift. I bought this a few months back and I got
to tell ya I like it I like it a lot. Its sold by Harbor Freight they have them,
they usually go for about 150 on sale. I think I paid 140 something with a coupon.
and I am very pleased with it. It’s got a feature or two that I really like. Comes with these adapters that go on top,
they actually ad two inches of height if you need the bike to be a little bit higher. So this is a nice feature. It just falls right in place, got the dowels
that hold it, the bike sits on there give it two more inches of height. The jack itself is all aluminum construction
that I can see. Even the handle, the handle is really nice
turn it to the right it actually locks it so you can pump the piston up. Then you turn it to the left, it releases
it. Now the more you turn it the faster it will
go. It’s not a fast action pump but its rated
for 1500 lbs. I put my Harley Ultra Classic on here which
weighs about 800 and change. It picks it up, it’s not fast takes quite
a few pumps but you’ll get it up there.Now let’s say you got the bike on there and this
is in the way? It’s got a nice little feature, you just turn
this little screw and the handle comes right out. Set it aside, put it on the bench and it’s
not in your way when working on the bike. When your ready to drop the bike down put
it back in make sure it fall into place and you just tighten that screw back up and that’s
it, it is in. There is a nice little safety feature on this
that I like. Comes with this pin, when your working on
the bike you slide it through the holes right here and then you would lower the lift onto
that pin. You don’t have to worry about the cylinder
holding all the weight while your working on the bike. The only thing I don’t like about the lift
is when the bike is sitting on here and your working on the bike, the bike will have a
tendency to move back and forth a few inches or a little bit. Reason being is the lift got some play in
it. You might think at first when you start using
it, it is not safe, but the stance is pretty wide on this so it does hold the bike on there
pretty good. I mean I’ve torqued bolts down, I put pressure
on the bike, changed tires and its never you know its never given me any concern to where
or an inclination to where its going to fall off the stand. This jack is really great, I am really impressed
with it. The money I’ve spent on this jack verses some
of the other brands that are out there- worth every penny. The front wheels are some type of a hardened
plastic and the back wheels are aluminum. So overall Its a thumbs up on the motorcycle
lift by Pittsburgh. And then when your ready to drop the bike
just pick it back up, pull the pin. Now the pin has two clips on each side so
it doesn’t fall out and it keeps it in place. And then like I said you turn the handle to
the left and the bike will slowly come down. Now if you turn the handle more it will come
down faster and it will keep going. It’s just like any other jack, the more you
turn the release screw the faster it is going to drain. So thank you for watching the review of the
Pittsburgh ATV motorcycle lift 1500 lb capacity. This is not a paid review, I am just a customer
who bought the lift and I actually like it. I think it’s money well spent, especially
when you working on the bikes and your older like me, you got a bad back, you can’t be
working on them on the ground anymore. You know you got to jack them up, use a little
stool, garage stool and you can work on the bikes without having to hurt your back further. All right guys have a great day, like the
review leave a comment or like it or even subscribe to the channel, thanks.

6 comments on “Best Motorcycle Jack for the Money | Techn’ Moto

  1. Drill a 3/8 hole through the handle. To lower the lift, put a large philips screwdriver through the hole for leverage. This make it much easier to control the rate of descent. I've had this lift for a while and use it for my Harley, Miata, and Corvette.

  2. Pumped up my bike too far, and now the cylinder will not release??? not talking about the safety feature! it wont release at all????? has this happened to anyone? cant find the manual? how can i get it to release???

  3. I cant decide between this one and their older style. The older one has a wider lifting pad separation and also tie-down points. The newer one is aluminum, lighter, and seems built better in general, I'm just worried about stability.

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