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Benefits of cycling


Oh everybody welcome back to another
edition of as the wheel turns today we’re heading out into nowhere land just
to see what we can see and then I’m gonna come back and load this afternoon
because I’ve got to go to Pittsburgh where I will not be able to ride this
bike well win it something my pocket
interfering with my leg action not a go maybe that’ll help
yeah um let’s go out curb a because we’re rebels on a rebel yeah clear clear let’s roll let’s roll on it
bitches it’s a beautiful day it’s a got 59
degrees here and when feel tasteless I never did find anything interesting out
about Winfield Texas but it’s a pretty good place to to run around I was
thinking about going to Wichita this afternoon and then I was like you know
I’ve got a load at 4:30 and it’s 3 o’clock so let’s just ride back here and
see if we can find the river the river and right along it just because it’s
something to do other than sitting over there in big booty Judy nothing wrong
with sitting in big booty Judy everybody can use a little big booty in their life
all right but how well you don’t know yes now what I was thinking about was
guys I have I have found the most I have found the best place in the world for
motorcycle gear and actually I didn’t find it it was a shade tree sergeant
that too did a video on it and I’m there in Columbus all the time and I was
thinking hey let’s talk about iron Tony Motorsports or I’m Pony power
sports whatever it is right but they are a motorcycle superstore that’s
family-owned and they’re right there in Columbus Ohio just just north on 270
you’re just off 270 easy access Oh guys they are the best store motorcycle store
I’ve ever seen they have just about every make and model of motorcycle
except for Harley and they probably got some used ones of those but they got
everything I was so impressed with them they’re so personable
everyone is just friendly as heck I mean everyone they go out of their way to
help you and they’re not just oh I’ve got to be nice for my job they actually
hire nice people I was so impressed with them
and they have they have everything all right
well I I’ll give you a for instance right I’ll be looking online for Kevlar
pants they’ve got great Kevlar pants they’re for like one hundred and
nineteen dollars they also have Cordoba which is like a knockoff brand of Kevlar
that doesn’t catch fire but hey my slide ain’t gonna last for 40 seconds and I’m
gonna catch fire I didn’t even know Kevlar catch fire that’s what they told
me hey how about that all right helmets they have that you know how you
could have measure your head and then buy a helmet and and then you’re still
unhappy with it or whatever well you don’t got to do it they’re they’ve got
every make and model of Hamlet in the world and it’s all in in stock welcome
to the club brother yeah every helmet I mean motorcycle I mean they’re all
more cycle helmets right but I mean everything like you know brain buckets and and you know
3/4 helmets and half helmets they just got everything they’ve got extra got
face shields of every time they’ve got the the pin locks they’ve got things
that are like pin locks but they’re cheaper but they still keep your helmet
from fogging up oh wow helmet locks like a helmet locks you well you don’t got to
go order stuff off of off of the computer right they had they’ve got Ram
mounts Ram mounts for GoPros Ram mounts for telephones every RAM mount in the
world they’ve got it I was just so impressed and then if you want to work
on your motorcycle they’ve got lifts and they’ve got wheel
lifts chains they got they got tires I’m gonna get me a set of 7030 tires for
this baby in there at some point in the future because you know I want me some
some 7030 tires so I can get off-road and be a hooligan I got a little whoo
looking at me and you might have a little look at you boy that was bouncy
or if you don’t if you need a little hook and then you give me a call and I
can you know certainly hook you up with some hooliganism right what else did
they got they got they got motorcycle wear everything from Kevlar pants to
cheap things they got d3o armor they got boots and all kinds of footwear and
apparel hell if they’re if there’s if there’s a I know I’ve seen Harley riders
out there and in flip-flops they probably even got motorcycle flip-flops
I don’t think that’s a real thing but if it is they got it there too all right
they had they had things like the little things that you put around around your
stirrups to hold your pants down so the wind don’t blow up your pants so bad
they had those mirrors they got bags they got
windshields they got fairings oh my god and and just a whole plethora of stuff
if you don’t if you if you’re needing a stuff and you live in the Ohio area take
a trip just take a little trip over there and you will be so amazed and when
you’re there tell them to make sure that they make us their in-house moto blogger
because I’m working on that and tell them they need to let me park my truck
there too you know so I can just I can just come there and hang out and not
have to to keep moving over to Ramstein where I I park yet yes that’s where I
park it guys when I’m in Columbus I they let truck they let us park there because
we haul there all the time but anyway let’s consider this to be a pre review
of the iron Pony Motorsports and before we go and do an actual review because I
I haven’t been there a lot of times but I haven’t done a review yet on the place
and I’m going to just as soon as I get the opportunity well I don’t guess I
want to be back on this road so let’s go this way and make a left hand turn and
see where it takes us uh-oh look it’s a sell old cyclist how
about that I thought I was the only one left in the world people are funny
here I will talk to you guys on the next edition of as the wheel turns keep on
riding bitches


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