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BETTER THAN A-LINE!! – ‘Steam Shovel’ HUGE Bike Park Jump Line | Jordan Boostmaster

BETTER THAN A-LINE!! – ‘Steam Shovel’ HUGE Bike Park Jump Line | Jordan Boostmaster

Steam Shovel is the A-line of Sun Peaks I remember long ago when it was quite a bit different like in 2014 the whole
first part of steam shovel existed as a different trail called Repeat Offender
and that first section was rebuilt a couple years ago and then they gave it
the name steam shovel for the whole way down the middle portion was still about
the same as it used to be but for this year they went crazy on the whole
rest of the trail and it’s amazing since this is a bigger jump trail there’s no
way I’m just dropping in right away so let’s quickly get warmed up first sweet good enough let’s hit up Steam Shovel Now that I’m on film I’m gonna like ride all sketchy, because I’m trying to show off they rate steam shovel a single black and I can only
agree with that for this first section because after this with all the fresh
new work a lot of it looks either like a double black or pro-line whoa look at that lip did you hit that big lip? oh yeah that’s a fun one what’s up? I just got scared. About what? now this is the point where steam shovel
gets drastically changed from before and it’s epic! it says inspect the first feature on foot before riding then oh it’s like an actual
gap that’s why they want us to look at it you can’t really roll it you don’t
need that much speed to clear otherwise everything else is gonna be new for us
alright let’s hit a drop Wow that was big okay that was actually
big oh wow okay whoa yeah okay that would be how sick is
this honestly and that was a sweet line going into this step up I gotta say this
is quite something and I really like what I’m seeing so let’s see what else
this trail has to offer holy you guys alright whoa sick burn a little bit of
deep stuff that’s sweet see if I can follow these guys into this
is all blinds for me Oh sick haha that’s it alright let’s go again huh Oh Zach
whoa cool we’re good all right that was interesting whoa natural gap okay sick dude
yeah I was like a bit afraid is gonna case him because there’s such tall lips
I was like I wasn’t going that fast into them but I clear the bank whoa baby wow yeah whoo just made it oh what’s going on oh
I just have the keys to the century to my nuts oh no no I like it back there
it’s a bit goofy cuz you’re cornering the whole way it makes it a bit tricky
let’s see if you can get some Redemption flicked I went on that sketch sun’s out
guns out sit some more blind steam trouble here yeah
yeah wait what sick yeah cool okay I don’t know wanted to send it blind with guru steam shovel we are now
merging back toward the lower part of steam shovel has always been except this
time it’s totally revamped yeah I very much remember this so I think that was a
part of it evening all right whoa Big Sleep
do is where you crash into that kid Oh buddy whoo there yeah so nice oh dude that’s funny cuz like what did
you even notice the step up yeah so I mean yo oh it’s so different
yeah oh yes I recognize this now we’re back into like old stuff whoa baby
send a break dude dude up there these are those harder jumps that we were
session last time last year these new jumps at the end were all totally remade
and Wesley and I had to session them a few times to finally get them Wow Wow as
you can see they’re pretty big and high-speed wow they seem different from
us it feels so good when you can actually
clear all those jumps now I did keys a few there but I know I can do it better
wow those girls scary well now we have seen the whole trail my favorite part of
that was that middle section starting with the big drop that was so much fun before the end of the day after riding a
whole bunch of other fun trails as well we decided to hit steam shovel again and
see if we could do it any better but honestly it wasn’t really going as well
as we had hoped but it’s still good to get more familiar with it because it’s
gonna be a really nice out tomorrow Wow we were still casing some things and
things were still a little wet it’s supposed to be really nice out tomorrow
so the conditions should only get better single black more like proline I thought
it would be if this is not Whistler let’s take a look oh that was better oh that’s a big thing yes Wow okay think I hit my River again I’ll
look at that bird wow what happened dude it turns out those two rocks were too
much for me to handle so now I’m slowly losing air
I am losing a little bit of air yeah let’s just get down by the next day the
Sun was shining conditions were all time and Alex came out for the day yeah huh
as always I don’t want to jump into the deep end right away we got to do a
little warmup oh yes berms are just beautiful sweet good enough time to send steam
shovel this will be Alex’s first time ever seeing this trail but we should be
able to hit this pretty well this time with the practice me and Wes had
yesterday all right no not really
what that’s fine okay let’s take a look at this thing yeah just don’t go too
fast you’ll I’m deep right let’s do that whoo right on whoo yeah buddy I think
oh yeah baby and into the step-up whoo ha ha
Zach also yeah so fun key that drop sneaks up on you real quick yeah it does
huh it does oh that’s a beautiful thing yeah man there’s like some tech in it
yeah didn’t feel boots no gram keep all your steam it’s a hard
turn but wait you don’t have to break this you’re getting over okay Wow yeah did you well can we just pay some attention to some
of these super sick firms this one is the best filling firm in the park I
think you really have to feel it to know what I’m saying just carries your speed
so perfectly or what about this one it’s like a 180 wall it’s pretty short radius
but it’s actually really sweet this fresh work here is so epic that was good man there’s a few more
difficult jumps like they’re just tall a few of them are hard to clear a few of
them are not hard to clear yeah good little bit but super good cuz it blows
great man yeah whoo that was good oh you have whoo that felt great we hit them just as they
were meant to be ridden but that’s a pretty crazy trail huh what do you guys
think of that Trail compared to something like a line personally I think
I do prefer seem shovel over a line actually but I do have to say some of
these jumps here are pretty high speed with some steep lips and they can be
kind of intimidating some peaks has really impressed me with all the work
they’ve done in the past couple years it’s definitely a worthwhile place for
you to go visit if you love tech trails you can definitely see in my previous
video that this is an awesome place for gnarly tech if you love flow trails then
you can see some Peaks have got some great stuff for you as well look yeah otherwise I want to thank all of you
guys for watching I want to give a huge shout out to my patrons they helped out
this channel so much I got stickers for sale on my website I got lots of great
content come in see you guys next time

28 comments on “BETTER THAN A-LINE!! – ‘Steam Shovel’ HUGE Bike Park Jump Line | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. It looks like most, if not all of the major features have ride around options. Can a person that is looking to progress their skills in jumping ride this trail or do you think you have to be a Jordan Boostmaster before thinking of hitting this trail? I live in Central Oregon and my local bike part (Mt Bachelor) just opened a run called Redline that can get real sendy but a guy like me can roll pretty much everything as my skill and confidence level increases.

  2. What bike are you riding? (EDIT – I just saw your Evolve Skypilot = CRAZY)
    I'm 68yrs and ride every day since I was a kid, but the engineering on these bikes are incredible.
    I love biking, but at this time I've had my shoulder/collarbone broken enough, so I will enjoy this level of tec vicariously. LOL 🙂
    Thank you Jordan for these incredible videos.

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