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Benefits of cycling
Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys Kennesaw | WILLIAMS ELLEBY

Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys Kennesaw | WILLIAMS ELLEBY

Bicycles are becoming more and more
popular, especially in larger cities and around college campuses. And whether
you’re riding for exercise such as cycling or heading off to work or school
there are more bicycle sharing the road with cars than before. And with more
bikes on the road we’re starting to see a lot more collisions between bikes and
cars, and for obvious reasons usually these collisions lead to serious and
life-threatening injuries. A common way these types of collisions occur is when
a car hits a cyclist when trying to pass them on a road. Under Georgia law, if a
car is going to pass a cyclist they must do so at a safe distance which is at
least 3 feet between the car and the bicycle. Even in clear liability crashes
the insurance company almost always tries to blame the cyclist for causing
or contributing to the wreck so they can limit the amount of money that they have
to pay you for your injuries. It’s important to call us right away at 404-389-1035 if you or a loved one has been
injured riding a bike. We will fight the insurance company on
your behalf and make sure that you are fairly compensated for all of your

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