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Bicycle Gear System Explained

Hi this is shinto – welcome to fun cycling in
this video we’re going to discuss about the gear systems in the bycicle
do we really need a gear system in a bycicle, how does it work , we also going to see
the top five things you should avoid while using a gear bicycle yes maintenance cost pretty much
higher on the side because of this components improper usage of these
components will lead to damage so every time you need to spend more money on
this spare as well on labour I explain how to overcome this situation do
we really need a gear system in the bicycle if you are in a
flat surface and you got to travel lesser distance you definitely don’t
need a gear by cycle when your surface is a uphill downhill situation and you’re
gonna travel a longer distance you definitely need a gear by cycle how does
it pull I’m not gonna get into any Numbers or ratios I’m gonna explain this in
a simpler manner there are five components interrelated in this process
we will start with the shifters there are various kind of shifters on the
cycle all does the same job there are two buttons available on the shifters
both buttons are used for shifting the gears when we press the shifters like
this the derailleur derailes the chain from one teeth to another so every time
you press the shifters the process goes on and on you will find two kinds of
derailleur in the most of the gear bikes one of the front and one at the back
the front derailleur controls a crank set and the rear derailleur controls the
cassette gear ratios are confusing let’s make simple if the chain is on the
bigger ring then it’s hard to pedal and meanwhile you can go faster if the chain
is on the small ring then it’s very smooth to pedal it meanwhile you can
go only slower so bigger rings faster small rings slower
moving to the rear part it is the opposite of what we just saw if the
chain is on bigger ring it will be easier to pedal but you can go only slower if the
chain is on the smaller ring it will be harder to pedal but you can go faster
smaller rings faster highest ring slower try to avoid these combinations while
shifting the keys you can try all these combinations by yourself so that you can
understand this process pretty much easy I’ve seen many people are
shifting just for fun never do that it will damage your derailleur as well as
the shifters like I said there are two shooters in the end one is on the left
and another one is on the right pressing both shifter up at the same time will
cause you damage for a derailleur as well at the shifter one click give a gap
for another avoid reverse peddling when shifting the gears
number four if you hear any crunching sound from a derailleur it should be
adjusted don’t ride with the crunching sound please go to the nearest shop
and get it repaired numer 5 always get rid of the dirt and mud in your gear
components I’ve seen people pouring more oil and
the freewheel as well as the chain never do that
it will damage your cassette there are some proper lubricants available in the
market you can be use of it or you can just spray the water we have come to the
end of this video if you found this videos was useful please like share and
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signing off Shinto

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