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Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs : How to Fix a Poorly Shifting Bicycle

Hi I’m Evan from Gregg’s Cycles and today
we are going to cover how to remedy a mis-shifting derailer or poorly shifting bicycle. The first
thing you want to do is give a general check of your gears, just kind of run through them
and see where it’s skipping if it’s skipping at all. It looks like it is not really going
around quite all the way there. One of the main reasons that your derailer will mis-shift
is due to lack of cable tension. If you can pull your cable down that far the easiest
thing to do is just add a little cable tension. The first thing that you can do is use your
barrel adjuster which is here on your shifter or many times will be here on your derailer
and turning the barrel adjuster clockwise will add cable tension so you can continue
to add cable tension until the bicycle shifts appropriately or however you would like it
so I’ll give that a shot and it looks like that is a little bit too high now. So you
can turn the barrel counterclockwise to release some cable tension and that looks good right
there. Many times what can also cause a derailer to shift improperly is a bent derailer hanger
which we will cover later. Again another thing which would cause your derailer to shift improperly
would be too short length of cable housing or also too long. If it is way out and curvy
and a lot of cable has to pull through there it can get hung up inside there and not shift
properly and also if it is too short then the cable will be kind of trying to pull itself
out of the derailer because it is so short. Another quick fix that you can do is also
if your bike is little bit older it may or may not have barrel adjusters so if you can’t
seem to find one of those either on the handle bar or at the derailer, just take your 5 mm
Allen and you would loosen your derailer cable anchor screw there and then just pull the
cable through taut with your hand and then lock that screw down again and then do the
same task, give it a little more or a little less based on how well the bike is shifting.
It looks like a little bit too much so give it just a little bit less. Great that looks good and that is how you
adjust an improperly shifting derail.

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