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Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Cut a Bike’s Cable Housing

Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Cut a Bike’s Cable Housing

Hi, this is Jeff at the Two-Wheeler Dealer.
Today, I’m going to show you how to cut your cable housing to the proper length. And I’m
going to demonstrate this with the rear derailer housing. Shift housing and brake housing both
use different kinds of housing. For this demonstration, I’m going to be using the shift housing. So,
I’m going to be using a cable cutter. The difference between shift and brake housing
is shift housing has longitudinal strands of cable that require a cable cutter. Brake
housing is coil wound so you’d use just a pair of diagonal cutters or dikes to cut that
type of housing. To determine the proper length, you just take a piece of housing and you’re
going to run it without the cable installed into both of the cable stops. And looking
for a good bend, a nice smooth curve and that you have full range of motion in the handle
bars, without anything binding. So, right there seems about good. Then just take some
cutters and I’m going to snip a little off here and then. These housings have an inner
liner, it’s like a piece of straw, you have to open that up with just something sharp
and pointy, this being a dental pick or a scribe, and just make sure that inner liner
is opened up. And then you’re going to put on proper end caps. Once that’s cut to the
right length, you can feed your cable in. On this particular one, it just goes straight
through the side here and out over here. It has to be shifted all the way into the smallest
gear to do this. Once you get the cable run through, you just feed it through your housing, under the bottom bracket guide. And then for
this rear derailer piece, same type of thing, you’re just looking for a nice smooth curve,
no real sharp bends. Something right about like that. And then just feed your cable in and with the derailer shifted all the way
down into the cog, same as the shifter, I’m just going to reattach that cable. And you
just want to pull it tight without giving it excess tension. And that’s how you’d replace
your derailer cable and housing.

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  1. i have a hundreds of them because the place that does sell only sell them in bags. so i think u can ask the bike shop to sell u some.

  2. Always better to have the proper tools for the job, but if you don't want to spend the money on a tool that is used very infrequently then you could do what I do use a small Dremel with a fine cutting blade… First cut a shallow groove in a small piece of wood to hold the cable and then very lightly cut the cable…. the finished job looks professional just a little oil to lubricate the cable at the ends.

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