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Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike

Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike

Hey, this is Jeff at the Two Wheeler Dealer.
Today I’m going to show you how to wrap the handle bars on a road bike. First thing to
do, peel back the hood cover. Which I’ve all ready done here. About half way to expose
the clamp. And then you are going to take a piece of adhesive bar tape, and you are
going to wrap it over that clamp. Stick it down. And then grab your bar tape. And you
are going to start from the inside at the bottom. And you’re going to about half overlap
it. And you’re going pull towards yourself. Or towards the outside. And up at about a
forty-five degree angle, about half overlapping the tape as your go. And you want to apply
slight pressure to stretch it. And you want to wrap over the end, so that it fully covers
the end. Leaving a little flap. And then just continue wrapping as you go. Once you reach your shift lever, you’re going
to come around the bottom, and just leave a little overlap. Come back underneath, and
then over the top. Back down. And then continue just wrapping on top. If you don’t get it tight enough, you’ll end
up with little wrinkles and bulges in the tape. So you definitely want to apply some
pressure and stretch it good. If you pull it too hard and stretch it too much, it will
break though. So theres a fine line between too much and not enough pressure when you
stretch it. Once you reach the top, basically get some scissors. And it’s going to be coming
off at that forty-five degree angle. If you line the scissors up from this outside edge
and cut in a straight line to where you want the end point to be. It should give you a
nice tapered triangle piece, like so, that you can finish wrapping right up to the edge.
Leave a nice smooth line. And just take some black electrical tape and overlap slightly
onto the bar, off of the tape. So that it adheres to the bar and doesn’t slip. And then
just give it a few wraps to secure it. Cut the end off. And finish it just like that.
You then take your bar plug and come back and fold this little flap that you left at
the end. Tuck that tape in. Insert your plug. Fold back down your hood cover. And that’s
how you wrap your handle bar.

53 comments on “Bicycle Maintenance Tips : How to Tape Handlebars on a Road Bike

  1. Hei ! veeery thanks !
    i change two, three tape per year, i have not a lot of experience… sometime i have cramp into my hand… now i try to follow your video !

  2. Just bought my Specialized Tarmac Pro and had to put smaller handlebars on it. This helped me tons on taping it. Thanks.

  3. are the hoods conected to the shifters or can u replace them becasue on mine they feel stuck in it. im new to the modern bikes

  4. a tip is always wrap the tape in the direction you will be twisting it when holding the bars tight as in a sprint or on a climb, start insed the bars and wrap outwards and on the top wrap downwards ….

  5. I have a book on bike care, and I still need to watch this video to tape my handlebars for the first time. Thanks Jeff @ 2-wheeler dealer!

  6. Very simple, but if you have never wrapped a set this video is very handy in assisting you in getting it done, and have it look good. Thanks Guys !

  7. @MutR This is not necessarily true. I have new Ultegra levers on my bars. The hoods each have molded nubs that, when the hood is in place, fit inside shaped slots in the ABS bodies of the levers. If I followed your method, the tape would cover these holes, and the hoods would not sit right. If your way were the "right" way, would Shimano really design one of their top-end components this way? Doubt it.

  8. Hint: ignore every comment about how this method is wrong. This guy is a master doing the cleanest job in the shortest time I've ever seen. Perfect!

  9. Holy shit…an Expert village video that is actually made by an EXPERT!!!!!!! Dude that was excellent and if I were you I'd re-brand away from expert village as I almost didn't watch this video because they are usually utter dog shit!!!!!!!!! Thanks

  10. He does it right up until he hits the shifter. You should come up from inside the shiter, not the outside, so you wrap the other way along the top. This stops it from unravelling over time.

  11. Very cool, thank you!! quick question. I'm going to change my tape, but my handle bar hurts my hands inside. may I tape new one over existing one ? This way I think holding the bar may be a bit smoother )

  12. Not bad, but I like starting at the top of the handlebars, by wrapping the bar tape over itself once, and then finishing at the plug end so you don't have to use finicky electrical tape to hold it in place.

  13. @arbanaskocudo lmao what do you want to use? duct tape? lol. the bar tape did work on the bar, electrical tape is like the cherry on top (not really) but still, its worked for 50+ years

  14. Thanks a million!! I am a total newbie at bikes (didn't properly learn to ride till I was 22), and I just taped my handlebars myself using this video. Great job, and nice work making the video under 5 minutes. 🙂

  15. There must be dozens of how-to vids on bar wrapping, and most of them fail from just really poor camera work (why do an instructional when you can't see?). This one is not bad, but since it is your bike/bars probably, watch a few -you'll want to take pride on how yours looks, and some subtle tips from here and there will, overall, provide you w enough info to do a grand job worthy of any artisan. In comparison you'll find these mechanics actually contradict one another in what is best often.

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