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Bicycle Ride from Jeori to Sangla via Spiti : Episode 3

Bicycle Ride from Jeori to Sangla via Spiti : Episode 3

Good Morning , Welcome to Day 3 to Honey Bee Adventures. I am Akshay here Today is the 3rd Day of cycling Going Towards spiti Right Now I am at Jeori And this is a temple , This is a Shiv Temple Behind me is an Hotspring People are taking bath there so , I dont want to shoot actually. Lets see If I am able to shoot there , I’ll Show you how hot the water is in this cold temperature, Lovely. See you on the Road , Bye – Bye ! Hi guys , Just finished Completing Shimla District , entering Kinnaur District , Yes and the view is awesome as always Look at the View Isn’t it Beautiful The valley is awesome ! Right weather to Cycle It’s Just that I have to gouphill , Otherwise everything is fun , Till now Just Haulted Here Wow , What a lovely Temple Wow Going Inside is not allowed Ohkay we wont go then ! Hail the Goddess ! Over Here they Tie the Bangles Here ! Lovely Calm Temple , No one around Kali mata ! Hi Guys , Welcome Back The reason I have stopped here , is because I have seen the first glimpse of the Mountain Snow peak Mountains Can you see it ? I hope, I am able to show you that I hope you are able to see that Beautiful , Isn’t it ? Here Far Behind the Snow peak Mountains and its Thrilling and I am Enjoying it ! What is your name sir ? My name is Lakshman Singh Mayan and your’s ? Ramnath Ramnath ohkay , So you live here only ? Yes , I am from Tranda Village Okay I am born in this village But brought up in Mumbai , Maharashtra ! Bandra Terminus In Bandra Terminus ? Yes I was 9 years old when I came to Bandra Terminus at the age of 18, I have stayed in Gujarat Sabarmati Central Jail . Okay After that , I came back here in 2005 Okay When I was young, from then I stayed here only I have my farms , House and property everything here ! Okay But I am an Independent man , So I work when I feel Like Okay I do work and everything This is a place which is very beautiful and you won’t find such a Beautiful place in whole Asia When You will see it and feel it , you will say “Really Beautiful” from you Heart ! You can see it here ! This is Tranda Dang a very famous place What is it’s name Tranda Dang ? Yes , Tranda Dang Zero point ! Zero point Ohkay Yes In this Dang while breaking these Big Stones , whichever places you saw ahead in the Jeori Market . Yes That small city Yes That city has a very Big Memorial Okay So , There’s a very Big Memorial That Memorial has some people’s name carved on it . That Memorial has people’s name carved on it ? Okay That names are of those people who died while breaking these stones. Okay Who Died on this spot , have their names in that Memorial Okay , How many people Died ? There’s no count & no place to right in that Memorial , so many people have died Okay , so these many people died while making these Roads Yes , they Expired ! Ohkay This is the Realty This is made after 1984 Okay Yes, it was made a little late Because , I was born in 1985 After that it was made after 5-7 Years their was a Road , a Normal Road Where a Cycle would pass or Few army men could walk The main Road is above this , the Tibet Road Tibet Road , Okay ! Yes , Tibet Road It’s above here Yes Yes, here Earlier Prince used to travel from this road ! This road goes till China ? Yes Okay They used to go to China from here ! Here Prince Veer Bhadra & his Family used to Live ! Okay They used to Travel from up here , this road was made specially to go to China So that is why this Road was Made ! So , this is their Kingdom and our village Maheshwar Ji Sunga Maheshwar ji Sunga ? Yes , Sunga Maheshwar ji okay , Sunga So , this place is exactly called Shanakpur Kingdom Shanakpur Kingdom? , Okay ! Shanakpur , you must have heard and read it in History ! Yes So , This is the small village in This Kingdom Here , The name of the Goddess is Chitrarekha She was Shanakpur King’s , Servant’s Daughter ! King’s Servants Daughter? Yes So Raja’s Daughter used to stay here , You can see the small village their ? Yes So , that’s King’s Kingdom ! Okay Here is his Temple or Palace , You can say ! You can see that Temple There ! Okay its there ? Besides this is Baba Nagar Market Ohkay , that I will Surely see , Sir ! It was nice Meeting you Thank you , Sir Only one Request , Stop Smoking ! New age has arrived , Bad age has Arrived No one Listen’s to Devotional Songs nowadays , every house has DJ in it ! No one Listen’s to Devotional Songs nowadays , every house has DJ in it ! New age has arrived , Bad age has arrived Listen Brother’s and Sister’s , No one wears traditional dresses nowadays. And every house has DJ in It People wear Loose top & Tight jeans in this new era. Bad era has arrived , new era has arrived ! Look at This ! The name of My Channel is Honey Bee Adventures & This is Honey Bee What is the name of the Honey Bee Sir ? These are Bhutani Bee’s Ohkay , Bhutani Bee’s ! What is the Speciality ? This is their Comb Ohh , Look at the Comb Okay You can see all the Honey Bee’s are , making Honey ! Boys wear Shirt & Trousers and Girls wear Jeans nowadays and mobile constantly on their ears No fear from Mom & Dad , making plans to escape their Home every now & Then. New era has arrived , Bad era has arrived No one listens to Devotional Songs , Every house has DJ in it ! New age has arrived , Bad age has arrived ! When guests arrive in House , ladies used to serve meals to men . Nowadays no one ask men for meals , ladies rule the world ! New age has arrived , Bad age has arrived ! That is the View from my Hotel Yep ! That is the View ! Kinnaur Kailash ! I am Haulting in Sangla Reached Finally ! Today I rode around 80+ Kms Let me check the Strava ! It was really Fun ! Quite Uphill Climb , Had Fun ! I hope you also Enjoyed it ! Thank you for watching , Bye-Bye! Do Subscribe !

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