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Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Buy Rain Gear for a Bike

Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Buy Rain Gear for a Bike

Hi, I’m Jeff from Two Wheeler Dealer, and
I’m going to talk with you about how to purchase proper rain gear for bicycle riding. Some
things to consider are whether you’re trying to actually block the water or the wind, or
both. And breathabiliy, which breathability is going to change by how much protection
you’re going to get from the water. Completely waterproof clothing is not going to breathe
as well. It’s not going to allow the perspiration to basically leave the body. It’s going to
trap it inside as well as keeping the outside water on the outside. It’s going to keep the
water from your body against your body. Ideally, you’d like to get some waterproof gear that’s
very breathable. If you don’t need straight waterproof gear, you might be able to settle
for a water resistant with some good wind proofing, which offers much more breathability
than waterproof. And, you know, there’s some other features to look for as well. This particular
jacket has illuminated piping trim all down the side to make you more visible, especially
at night to cars or other riders, as well as an inside mesh liner, which is going to
help keep that moisture away from your body and move it towards the outside. And also
to keep your personal belongings–cell phone, wallet, whatever, dry, you can get a waterproof
saddle bag to mount behind your seat, and keep all of your important electronics and
whatnot dry as well. These are a few things to consider when shopping for rain gear for
a bicycle.

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