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Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Ride a Bicycle

Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Ride a Bicycle

Hi, this is Jeff from the Two Wheeler Dealer,
and I’m going to show you how to ride a bicycle. To start with, definitely let’s hit all the
safety aspects. Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads. You might want to try it off the road in a
grass field to begin with. You could also, if you’re not familiar or comfortable, definitely
get some training wheels on your bike. To begin, you’re just going to simply mount the
bike, swing your leg over, sit on the seat, feet on the pedals, hands on the handlebars.
You’re going to want to push off with one foot, get the bike moving, and then you can
pick your foot up, put it on the pedals, and basically just begin pedaling the bike while
trying to maintain proper balance. Typically the faster that you’re moving, the easier
it is to balance the bike. So if you do begin to slow down and get wobbly, best thing to
do is just try and maintain a steady pedaling speed. It should help you maintain your balance
on the bike. If you do all of these things properly, you should be riding a bike in no
time. That’s how to ride a bike.

100 comments on “Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Ride a Bicycle

  1. I havent rode a bike since i was like 10 maybe and that was with training wheels. Im too poor to buy bike, so i never learned.

  2. Don't feel bad. It's more common than you think. I didn't really learn until I was in my teens either because of where we lived. Just ask a friend (who you trust not to laugh at you) to help. I wouldn't go at it alone though. A spotter does help when you're learning.

  3. My dad thought he'd be revolutionary by having me learn flying down a hill on a bike with handle brakes but no pedals… strangely enough it worked better then you would think. Something about either learning to balance and steer, or flying face first into a septic ditch makes you learn really quick.

  4. expertvillage is notorious for producing the absolute worst tutorials for the given video topic. why do they even bother continuing this nonsense

  5. what was the second step? push off? or was that the third? the first was sitting right? no, holding the bike. I can't remember. this is just so complicated. can you make a more detailed video?

  6. when i was showing my son how to ride a bike he was scared to get on so i was like its not scary here i will show you and i got on and i totally biffed it so he was even more scared!!haha

  7. I found that alot of the actually balance is handled by having more speed on the bike, rather than actually trying to balance your butt on the bike. This took me a half hour to realize and soon enough I learned to ride in a day 🙂

  8. Wait, they won't get you a bike because you don't know how to ride a bike? How do they expect you to learn? Through books?

  9. That's not OCD, that is just fear of what may happen. Best thing for you to do is to sit on the bike and push yourself around with your feet, and gradually as you get more confident start to lift your feet off the ground after each push. Eventually you can move on to putting your feet on the pedals after a push from your feet. Hope this helps 😀

  10. I learned then out grew my bike 10 years I just bought another bike and I need to relearn..-sigh-

  11. Im 12 and am starting to learn bit the problem is i dont have my own bike so when i go to a cuzin that has a bike i try to ride but thays quite rare for me to find a bike to rode

  12. "How To Ride A Bike", by someone who doesn't know how to teach someone to ride a bike.
    "How easy is it? Real easy, as easy as riding a bicycle!"

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