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Bicycle Touring Provence Day 7 – Aqueducts and Mountains

Bicycle Touring Provence Day 7 – Aqueducts and Mountains

Hi there! Bike Touring Mike here. This is the 6th day of my bike tour here in Provence Today is a sunday You all probably know what that means That means I have to find a supermarket pretty quick Most supermarkets… Or those ones who are open close at 12 And it’s 10:30 now Keeping my fingers crossed that I find one pretty soon Have you seen this before? Fries in a can Took a little detour here to eat my breakfast Ended up at an adventure park Or a high ropes-course. Kind of looks like the one we have back home in Skellefteå Anyway, I see a couple of benches here in front of me So I’m gonna enjoy my breakfast now Sunday market Sunday cyclists Going a little off-road here I got tired of this nasty headwind I’m taking a little shortcut here Over a small hill or whatever you call it The quality of the road isn’t that good So I’m walking with the bike. And it’s very much up and down all the time I think this will last for the next two kilometers I’m going over these hills over here I’m guessing you can hear the wind as well I’m now at Roquefavour I think this is the second largest aqueduct after Pont du Gard Quite impressive! I’m so glad I took this road today I’ve been battling the headwind all day While this road is a bit hilly and curvy I’ll take that any day of the week instead of the headwind Can’t complain about the nature surrounding the road either I’m heading into a larger town now called what you can see below in the text So I would like to challenge all you English speaking people to pronounce that town I’m not French speking either, but I think it’s called Aix-en-Provence It’s a Sunday today, but I didn’t think it would be this dead It’s a pretty big town this one I think there lives around 150 000 people I’m almost in the centre of Aix-en-Provence I’m totally alone on the roads It was perfect timing to choose a Sunday to go through here Oops! This street is called Cours Mirabou It’s kind of like the main street here in Aix-en-Provence. Where everything happens I really got to say I love these huge alleyways with trees along them Both covering you from the wind and from some rain Just found this ochre pit I’m guessing we are about 100 kilometers just south of Roussillion That is probably why we have the same type of geology here I’m in for quite a climb now again And it’s just started raining It’s not the best of times right now But, I’m struggling on Just took shelter from the wind for a while There is a stone wall right here I have been climbing for the last half hour According to Google Maps I have four kilometers left until I’m at the top Then I have at least 10 kilometers of downhill after that Even though it’s a downhill I have a really nasty headwind, so I’m barely moving at all I really want to make some distance tonight Even though it’s drizzling now, it looks like it’s going to be pouring tomorrow I don’t want to have a bunch of days where I have to push myself to get to Nice in time I’d rather cycle on a bit now and take it easier in the morning in the rain Look at this view behind me by the way You can understand I’m pretty high up when the clouds are just above the cliffs over here Well it started raining a lot in the end I just found a place and camped out maybe 50 meters off the road. Pretty secluded I didn’t get to film setting up the tent Beacuse it was puring down by then Now it has kind of died down A few things got a bit wet So now I have dedicated… The lesft side here is the wet side And the dry side here is the one that I’m sleeping on It looks like it’s going to continue to rain all night and almost all of day tomorrow as well Anyway, thanks for watching! If you haven’t subscribed to the channel I would really appreciate if you would do that As usual, until next time have a good one!

16 comments on “Bicycle Touring Provence Day 7 – Aqueducts and Mountains

  1. Wind, rain, hills, oh my! At least you didn't have to contend with the heat. The challenges of touring. Thanks for your vidoes.

  2. I pronounce it Aix-en-Provence. Famous for being on the route of the Tour de France! It has been easy to follow your route since you put the towns and places in captions. I have actually tried to copy and paste from the screen to put it in Google Earth, ha ha! I watch your videos first thing in the morning, inspires me for my workout at rehab. But the coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Nice route you picked. I found the ocher pit in street view, so I know I'm on the right track.

  3. Great trip yours. Tomorrow I will be starting a journey of 1,200 km and with rains much of the way … Greetings from Brazil.

  4. Great scenery Mikael, but shame about the weather. You'll just have to go there again in the better weather, although then it would probably be too hot and crowded!

  5. Hej Mike, I think head winds are the worst weather, especially when you have them all day. I can't believe how quiet those French towns are on Sundays. Do you wish you'd gone a few weeks earlier for better weather but more tourists? Hope the family is well, and Skellefteå isn't too slippery.
    Tack Ed

  6. Some lovely towns you passed through on this one Mike , least the heavy rain held off till the end of play . Itching to be back out and do a bike camp again but I will need to wait a few months till weather improves . atb Dave

  7. You can dress for the weather, but not for a head wind. Your Vitus would have loved that gravel road. Hopefully you'll get an early spring and not winter in March/April. Years ago when I worked in London it was so slippery one Saturday the hospital called a major emergency as so many people were falling over and breaking arms and legs, we called it Slippery Saturday.
    Can't wait for your next video. Tack Ed

  8. Hey Mikael, maybe not the most ideal conditions, but the views looked pretty amazing. Thanks Mikael, appreciate the ride.

  9. Nice one Mike , great scenery and commentary. Yes with the combo of head wind and uphill getting off the bike and walking a bit can be the best thing sometimes , gives the legs a break and time to recover.
    You mention google maps forr navigation, l was wondering if you use that all the time? And would you do a vid on navigation?
    Anyways looking forward to following your next excursion, have a good one👍
    Cheers Steve

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