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Bicycle Touring Provence Day 8 – A Rainy Day In The Wine District

Bicycle Touring Provence Day 8 – A Rainy Day In The Wine District

I’ve never been so scared for my life cycling before And we’re off to a rainy start this morning as well Hello there! I’m Bike Touring Mike here in Provence, France on a rainy monday It’s a really stunning landscape around me here Just wish I would be able to enjoy it more I’m hiding out from the rain here under a market stand for a couple of minutes in this square I’m putting this fleece jacket on underneath my jacket Because I’m freezing to death It’s really cold today If you look behind me here, and see the weather there And in front of me like that Guess in which direction I’m going I’m taking shelter here again At a massage parlor or smoething A guy who had just taken his massage came out and started talking to me I told him I didn’t speak any french He asked me where I was going. I understood that I showed him the map. He was like “no, no, no”. Not that direction. That direction If any of you have seen the movie Dumb & Dumber When Lloyd drove in the wrong direction during the night Well, I just made the same mistake After spending half an hour up in that village I took the wrong direction out of the village And ended up in the same place without even knowing it Normally it wouldn’t have been a big issue But in this rain I don’t really want to cycle for 10 more kilometers today The thing is that all the villages around here starts with PO or PU I guess I mixed them up I don’t really want to bring out my phone all the time to get it wet Just a rookie mistake Now I have to back track 5 kilometers back to the other town again Finally I am able to leave this town for the third time While I still have you. Just look at the view behind me now It has finally started to clear up It’s still raining but the sight is a lot better You can see the mountain ridge behind me I’m finally past those three towns starting with P-O-U now The rain has stopped now for a while I’m heading in to a little bigger town called Saint-Maximin Again, taking shelter from the rain for the seventh time today I think I just headed off a big highway It started out being just a nice little country road, and ended up being a major highway The should was maybe this big for a while I had trucks driving past me with maybe 50 centimeters in maybe 100 kilometers an hour speed Plus it was raining like crazy. Still is though This first exit I could, I took off from that road And then I had been cycling on it for maybe 15-20 minutes I can honestly say I’ve never been so scared for my life cycling before I was totally terrified all along There is some wine tasting or wine brewery over here on the other side of the road Nice place, but I really don’t feel like tasting wine today I just want to get the kilometers going and maybe hit a campground or something I know there’s a town maybe 10 kilometers away Let’s see what happens I’m really in the heart of the wine district of Provence right now There are vineyards in each and every direction here Have you notice my nice cycling shoes for the day? I’m cycling in my Crocs and saving my sneakers for better days I’m really loving this part of Provence I’m trying to forget about the rain And keep a happy mood! It’s easy to do so when you have such a fine scenery surrounding you all the time It doesn’t look like it’s raining that much on camera But I’m only bringing the camera out when the rain stops You have to believe me. It’s been pouring down the whole day I guess if you see the puddles of water you believe me This is the super busy highway I talked about earlier This is the road that I’m taking instead This kind of follows the highway I was scared s***less Rining on that road for maybe half an hour earlier It was my only alternative I’m glad I have these kind of roads ahead of me Well, hello there again! Can you guess what I’m doing at this time? I’m taking shelter form the rain For maybe the seventh or eight time today It’s like this all the time You can cycle for half an hour Then it rains for maybe 15 or 20 minutes Then cycle again for half an hour Then wait again for 15 minutes I still have managed to cycle for almost 60 kilometers so far That’s pretty good for a day I had no hopes of reaching maybe 40 kilometers today If this dies down I’m going to try to head for about another 25 kilometers for the day Then call it quits It’s that time again! I would just like to take this time to reflect about the day so far If you don’t count in the rain And the half hour I had to go on that crazy highway This by far would have been the best day of the whole tour here in Provence The road, that I’m unabale to film that much from Because it keeps raining all the time Are really pretty Kind of winding roads Cutting through the landscape here with vineyards in each direction And as I’m standing here I realizy I’ve made the second major navigational error of the day I took a left turn at an intersection, when I should have gone right That added about five kilometers even more to my really long day I’m in such a good mood that it doen’t really matter Riez on that sign there That’s where I spent the third night Now I’m heading towards Le Luc It’s funny how you end up on these fantastic roads When you originally was planning to take another one that was probably a lot more boring than this one Because I really love this road Got to just really love this forest around me here I would have easily liked to wild camp here But the problem is that I don’t have any food I am all out of everything I have to go to the next town That is maybe 6 or 7 kilometers ahead to pick up some food And hopefully I can find something Either a campground or a nice camp spot after that town In this town, Le Luc, they have built the highway over the town Just went in to Lidl to buy some dinner for tonight But unfortunately it doesn’t seem like they have cocnut milk I have searched through all of the store This is the second or third Lidl of the whole trip I just haven’t found any cocnut milk I have to go and see if there’s a nother supermarket in this town before I leave for the campground Finally! Found the cocnut milk at the third store Now I’m heading towards the campground I’m on the scary highway again. But it’s only for maybe a kilometer ahead Change of plans. That campground looked like on of those campgrounds catered for families with a 1000 places or something I’m carrying on for a little while here A couple of kilometers There is a campground 7 kilometers up ahead There are basically no wild camping spots either You got the highway on one side and these vineyards I will gladly stay at a nice small campground tonight I found myself a campground now I have taken a shower and made some dinner Tonight’s dinner is Panang Curry Probably my camping favorite I just buy some red peppers and some minced poulet, I almost said Chicken I mean I’m starting to speak french here I have some seasoning from back home Also the coconut milk, which I had some trouble finding Still managed to cycle 100 kilometers today I never thought I would be able to cycle more than mabye 30 or 40 in the rain But the strategy of cycling for a while Then stopping at a shelter or something when the rain appeared again was successful Like I told you during the ride This was a really pleasant day I had lovely sights and sceneries around me all the time Even though it was raining If you are ever doing some cycling here in Provence I can really recommend this stage that I did today I really hope you were able to see something from today Even though I knew I had some raindrops on the lens If you did and appreciated it I would really like if you’d give this video a thumbs up It would help the Youtube algoritm to figure out that this video is video worth promoting Until next time. Have a good one!

21 comments on “Bicycle Touring Provence Day 8 – A Rainy Day In The Wine District

  1. Mike, get some like the Garmin etrex 30 or something and then install the open Streetmaps from europe on it. thats better then to pull the smartphone out all the time. just contact me if u want to know some more. I use it for 10 Years now and the map brings most of all bicycle paths with it.

  2. Haha, Mike touring Bike. 100k is a good day in the rain, you may have done much less in the dry with the tripod out all day. You need to be careful hanging around outside massage parlours!! The trucks and cars on that highway did look scary especially when viability is low. Did you get wet through? Or did your jacket hold out. Our Lidl has coconut milk, not sure about squeezy cheese though. And a belated God Jul to you too. Tack Ed

  3. Ahhh…I see what you mean….still able to enjoy the surroundings, in spite of the weather. And probably what I found most remarkable was your attitude …no doom and gloom… beleive me, from a viewer's perspective, that's really appreciated. Oh and the last stretch to the camp ground…pretty dramatic music. Shows you're turning into quite the artist. Seriously, great job Mikael…thank you!

  4. Very adventurous day and the most important thing is that you were enjoying it keep up the good work Buddy 👍👍
    and God bless you

  5. Enjoyed this very much Mikael! You're turning into a 5STAR youtuber. I have to tell you Mike; I held my breath when I saw you each time on that highway. I was nervous for you! The food you prepared looked awesome too. Congrats on another successful video! Your friend, Ken.

  6. One of the most interesting videos to watch. The bad weather days are not the most comfortable, but they tend to be eventful. It reminds me one rainy day of cycling in Croatia, smiling and enjoying the uncomprehending looks of car drivers 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Mike! You are a positive guy, it's nice to look at you! I always want to tell you something good! Good luck. Health to you … 💥💪

  8. Hi! I’m a 19 year old swede looking to start bicycletouring around europe this summer. First of all I would like to say that your videos are quite inspiring! Secondly I would love to know where you bought your Kona Sutra. It’s pretty hard to find retailers here in Sweden. Hope you don’t mind answering!

  9. It certainly was a wet one Mike and a bit scary on some of those busier roads at times !! lt looked like the rain eased by the end of the day for you to set up camp and enjoy that nice feed you had . atb Dave

  10. Well you can put that down to experience, not all days work out well if the weather is not on your side.
    I made a similar mistake last year when l travelled the camino via de la plata, one day it just rained and rained and at the start l didnt bother checking my route on my phone for fear of getting it wet, when l did eventually take shelter and check it l realised my big mistake l had been travelling in the wrong direction mostly uphill for the past 3.5 hours. Its all part of the joys of cycle touring

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