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Benefits of cycling
Bike People Season 1, Episode 112 – Bike Artists & Culture

Bike People Season 1, Episode 112 – Bike Artists & Culture

today owned by people were getting artsy
about bikes that is and then old vintage basket we learn all
about ghost roads just before you roll over the years and
Suzette me to pass turns up the speed all that and more straight ahead on like
people Mike people is brought to you important the morning
bicycle collected from bicycling has a have active
transportation wellness and recreation it set for life the Iowa at school heritage foundation working to protect and restore I was
planned water 1 by I source for pile by civil rights defense
and news connected cycling with Iowa community
since 2004 my name is Forrest I got my first bike at age three my next
bike at age seven over in europe Australia and all across our great nation my name
is Susan my mom TV personality notes taken by
Kleiner doors for years interviews rides
embankments things up right from the bicycle
business yet the cycling disease I’ve been collecting fixing and
selling bikes mine for life we love my ex in all the peoples stories
and adventures around were in a journey to show you the world through two wheels to help you
become white people wanna make people this weekend all about by culture part we never did go to get
your bike having turkey if my alibi we’ll see it’s
got a bike ride around the bridges of madison county is brian duffy go to the studio and learn a little bit
more about his artwork I absolutely love his artwork I also love these 3 bikes that the entry issue basics
custom bikes for all their customers and i got to
take a ride speak with cameras let’s take a look at
that I would do each right here in the
morning in the East Village coolest bike shop in town maybe even in
the country great to see you great issue you said you’ve been in this
particular building for about three years and somewhere else to over I was already
been up for like five months but that the whole shop was like nine by
forty and sorrows to small for a bike which is kinda a hence
how I got my name YouTube I which means one Japanese seemed so I was
already wondering about you our my shops only big enough for one
bikes on his collar one treat me yeah the tree by to buy I just don’t understand how you look at
a bike and then transform into something unbelievable how does that process
worked I would say you know a lot of of my
inspiration for build really comes right down to the sea
but for some reason mike that’s the the park that I’m once I kinda get that down how
that seats going to be on the bike that I kinda build the whole rest the
bike around that so banana seats are just the coolest see that that’s made gives you that
opportunity to be back over the back wheel in a really
comfortable fun spot it’s makes the ride a little bit squirrely you know and make subtle you know just
it just makes it exciting and immediately makes you feel like
you’re nine years old and you do a lot of those six miles from user you may get a the skateboards where
where in the world that idea well it’s on that kick tail so escape courthouses call a little kick
tail and Tom a banana see has a little spot
about where where comes up my parents being in the antique furniture business everything’s
always made out of work so the only way I know how to translate the concept of upholstering something is with work so skateboards perfect
thanks I can blast stable into all the fabric
and that’s what works now you’ve went one
step further doing custom bikes and they’re starting
to to select yeah I was an accident totally
didn’t mean to do it no just was a %uh doin here one day I’ll and a man came to visit me from
california from world Marin County San Francisco area and he has company call yuba and ever know jim huber cargo bikes the kinda brought one in for me to sample I
cruised his bike and he wrote on one of my bikes
ass he was signing me up to get a couple of bikes he I said oh by the way we have this an
electric assist I thought that sounds interesting yes and you so when you started doing
yourself because one yeah so I got him to that and I and I
started kinda exploring around found company out of the East Coast that
makes our I electric bike kits that you can put
kinda funny any bike and started starting on for mortgage REITs bikes today we do wallet
set up a few and time ok this must be assisted by her yes that’s it in all its glory pretty
much is about as tall as they come they do get a
little higher but that was pretty neat got a great shape
to it I love it is a scene and then they were this girl a banker’s awesome in this bike is from
where I her for when I should say yeah I you
know somebody just drug it in total like a lawn ornament and then I had to rip it
apart and turn it into this I 1953 schwinn 24-inch boys frame with a nineteen sixties Springer from a crate by while %ah interesting fact about this bike is that
the rear tire its from the Gerald sake horse racing carts of so um it’s not really intended
as a use for a bicycle but it’s got that
great flat look like the old stingrays out super awesome for this has to be one of
my favorites in the day definitely government and see the friend
from this is a very very girl like bro kind of it’s just flashy I feel very comfortable on this fun this
pink bike I love it it’s like a it’s a real
beautiful deep raspberry pink so it’s not just like of love pink but
its it’s awesome it’s got a sweet little a vintage basket on here this is maybe the
first-ever stingray penny farthing it’s like a mix
of the two the ape hangars the Tennessee on a miniature penny
farthing while beautiful is almost looks like a
motorcycle then we got going on here um this is almost but it’s still a bike bomb the cuddles great it’s really clean
and smooth has a little electric assist that it looks a little dangerous yeah it’s a
it’s a lot of fun well RA now you’re ready to go I think
so okay so the first thing to do with any
electric bike i think is to be able to just ride it as a bicycle person for most it should
be a bicycle if it doesn’t arrive good as a bicycle it’s going or not right good as an
electric bike a um the electric bike should just be
something that that that enhances it but doesn’t necessarily
make it om so you can just cuddle this as a bike right here is your on off switch here is
your computer that tells you how fast you going how much juice you have left in your
battery right here is the products a movie stills of did you get that good
stuff okay so now it’s on you could turn it
off i turn it on I said just have it on and
just but before you start with the throttle kinda get going with it just try to get
a ride yeah about 20 miles Goodman then thank you so much for having isn’t
here today getting a raise your awesome buyers had I think you may have changed my mind I
got a road bike to love but the stability and the speed at which I
can travel absolutely awesome two or three bikes
not unheard of for a person to own so for be my pleasure to hook you up
with all kinds for six years problem thank you says that thank you
bite people and rock-and-roll are wholesale red okay sometimes are in and out biking
livestock come together to bring an entirely new way to look at something in
this case its women’s fashion we’ve got a great example of this in my
alibi which is bridging the gap between fashion and function and letting women rise in style and cap but heavy for a lifetime background
includes mountain bike racing and she’s a great coach for some the under
cyclists out there better speak on ya been cycling summer
women’s I got a chance to sit down with her and
learn a little bit more about her by eccentric lifestyle great let’s see the clip there that’s bad thanks for coming and I
Cecil yeah I’m excited to see call here work well I got my stick it out thanks this looks like a this summer yeah we
just finished doing this message table my husband and I little extra bike for their household it is so although that would affect the
bottom about having a verse of salsa right there yeah the by only everybody can see that
that’s beautiful on how it’s just amazing finesse fantastic I’m here with a friend happy Turkey at her home to talk about
arts her life and family and her bike
eccentric lifestyle it’s great to see you thanks and have you know I’m you sent me
some pictures of your artwork and any red with your one account talk
to you I’ll obviously you do so much for the banking world and for
women I’ll at all levels biking and to find
out that you’re also an artist’s absolutely fantastic thrilled to be here
thing yet my heart is definitely really been
inspired by the by I think it keeps me going and with my bike lifestyle yeah
why haven’t you start biking started biking well I was definitely one
of those early kids that the stuff right so a I can’t really say I
remember that for starting my by the first bike was definitely a big
and and that after high school I found biking and that’s where my passion me
popped I was actually in the morning when I discover not my thing because I love
them mountainous areas yeah I just about like getting had a popular and the guys are roadway you know kept
me writing bath and shower after college you know I was able to
leave that Kelly fascinating its in the very same false want to go back and talk about
your first by I everybody seems to remember the first
like I certainly do it seems family as a by hand and even early next year as well what do you remember right your
first pick my first bike was I’m it was read it had little flowers
all over it with the banana do you know the tassels little basket on
the front it was called me flower I just hard not and recently actually tried to find
a picture of it sounds like the other get pictures on my back all the time not
want an excessive I actually his now I have a bunny in the front
basket has we have had many so I right I live one yeah I funny yeah fair I i buy my sons about you know
about Catwoman I’ve got a popular as a kid by girl I your servers I just love I love all the
work are working and looking and seeing right now you also started moving my mouth my
alibi what’s fantastic about that it’s not only is it beautifully designed my own Salam result
of more and I love them almost exclusively where those and your doing that now so that women you know of all levels by King can upon the bank and and enjoy yeah it’s
really important to him to inspire other women to get on bikes
when I was racing you know the field to win we’re pretty
small compared to the hand you know I am was always curious why and
then one day after it I was in my spandex up dirty and find it
all I wanted to do was put on a skirt one sec you know just how Graham right
knee and this woman runs up to me and to think
obviously fan all excited she’s like my only what to do in spandex
that I right I and I said but like I don’t feel that
great be in the house I wanna I spirit back I
and I thought I realized at that moment that club mix subtler for women if I noticed that a couple of
your pieces do have a bike your artwork that is you have some bike
and how much do you think how much your barber do you think has
his bike center a bike focused yet not semi I mean I’d
say it’s probably only like twenty percent of my work itself like tell the story about a but so much
and it is stuff that I’ve kinda seen on the by her it’s a story
that kinda came to me on the back there’s a stock access I
think my brain works that way hey when I get home I I
like both of them that thank you for the conversation I would
love to see some more no alright yeah let’s go look around you
wanna check out my office NCAA yes of course is my humble little of it Co hey Bloomberg space days are the jurors that
I love so much hey women around the world is starting
to discover around II yeah it’s a nice pat it’s hard
because under anything she can wear skirts are
for Japan even I church church that’s why I love
them so much they you’re really there just as comfortable
as up larger book here bike sure but don’t under little things yes to look like
you’re just you know going to grocery store have any effect
yeah okay follow thank you also have a little work
a few traditional things like the kit together we’re gonna make shortened
but these are we cuter than most for you
something that was more the spandex for people are used to is that people get
support the brand but then stover dolly feel that X-ray so beautiful on a bike so that
right there there you go my okay me I personally think all of my
alibi is to get more into the fashion conscious stuff you know creating little skirts
like this and these pedal pressure sup that’s more street friendly and really flatters my minutes away of
poison ever there’s a lot of women out there
that are very happy with what you’re doing yeah I every I’m so honored that you but because your home in 20 your work
your testing fake phony there’s one thing I will say though it’s
the one at the back okay let’s take a look this when you’re
talking about yes that’s fantastic yeah I that was
definitely my race inspired find out this I got to a point I was
like oh yeah fastened race did you have a pink bike I we got my single speed yet that is the
fight I read a lot that love it and you know that freedom
of being on the bike just feels like butterflies a caring I and ivory all the guys always said you’re pretty fast for girl I so it’s
como yep post every think you so much for having me
over I loved it yeah it’s nice to have yeah well we’ll
see soon alright into a ride thanks 10 I was best known artisan passion by writers brain duffy been a
great friend for many many years we should get together and CEO he
combines biking in art let’s do it real hard work on your bike how many
people can say yeah yes I’m in the art is actually you
can have them sign or not signed by CNAME 0 sir Brian being an artist I mean you see
things that really tribute rehearsing go home and do some
artwork for out I do I’m in fact that’s one other one other
things if I’m not going out with friends on gravel road and riding with them are where the pace is faster not really
looking on go up by myself and of a camera or also just take my my iPhone along I’ll take pictures out
there in the gravel roads and in fact I had a showing off I love summer my paintings
what I call the call of the ghost roseanne Iowa and these are
images that a majority of the people in this state or anyplace else I’ve never
seen before and even if they lived along the route
that I ride they don’t really pay much attention to them was a ride by so fast
your fifty miles an hour down a gravel road and it’s a boy or your 15 or twelve fifteen
miles an hour on your road bike and you can see things you
know you can hear things you can sense things it’s nice so people like
ride bikes it’s a is the greatest way to see things I see them you know there’s something
about the texture of it may be that may be just the scent in the air will stop me in all our I’ll take a
couple of pictures then go back into water colors in them why well so would like to maybe take a
look at some water colors definitely finished sir got enough ambience every rifle or
anything show it is more by Brian awesome I’m yeah it’s a beautiful ranches such I
lovely setting here use for bring in underprivileged kids
and teach me a lot of life skills through the responsibility of you know
horsemanship I’ve never been here this is neat both changed a lot over the years
they’ve built this role vague at a bar near the equestrian facility they do a great job bringing and bottom
underprivileged children and out and about giving a wonderful
weeks vacation couldn’t get any other way how many kids
come here at at any specific time no I think it’s
over a hundred kids at a time I’m years ago we actually gave about a
dozen about bikes to do about biking through here too there probably were out by now but to
but it’s just a great way for city kids to really see the
world nature and see really what the creation is all
about yours how many but things have you done his artwork Italian with bikes with
bikes yes have anything to do with making bike
trails I’ve done well as don t shirt designs are done
illustrations and now we have pedal art I am so I’ve done
I’ve done posters for their for the last three years last one was on on the high trestle
bridge but about that one did you yeah you come
through the river valley the new climb up and seeing that bridge lit up at night was what gave me the the idea for that
piece because it is just its stunning it’s in the middle love
love really know where its there’s just it’s just pitch black
all around you and then all the sudden there’s this this is eliminated bridge that’s that’s
right from the dude that when you’re at a lower level it
looks like you know a spaceship I’m sure there’s a couple of UFO sightings that
way but it’s a it’s it’s another one of the
features that Iowa has here especially in cycling thats is pretty unique you know I think we
should do let’s come back to the ranch here and let’s explore the ranch we have a little
more time this year that a any dairy I will definitely settle up
its I like I lol can come patients here with Spurs on
the bike shoes that’s when it’s released sets of hoping
that I would be a do solo since I 10 a.m. right ACL in
poverty I white yes alright guys was a great day
let’s go up let’s go back and watch and fights always fun we never will whenever we do
have a fun adventure the next day Ryan here during hurts here day the option of all the little
story is idiosyncrasies in that yeah it’s just
what’s up that’s a lot of money gets a great cartoons on my I walls rains history here right thanks for inviting is your
knees during our three cited to see it as really beautiful weather greats adding
and I know we’re writing here nice who owns pilots luxuries the watercolor so we can I came to look
at some watercolor unit by this think this is truly a this one is one of
my favorites it was only up was late fall day maybe I can almost tell you that it was
about 30 degrees out very strong winds yeah remnants so the problem that year which
is were tasseled home along the barbed wire
there that’s the first thing that I her is at her the whistling flapping Ulf the house and also love believes dried out leaves on the on the
barbed wire after I pick up the sound stop looked
across saw the images I wanted in the sky was
just perfect that’s how the sky was at the time you
that’s right of other Raccoon River Trail in between turnoff for Dallas center
going down and a Dell there’s a row down and looked off to the
left and so these pieces a farm equipment that I’ve never seen before I really like the texture love rust yes the other thing that was that caught my
eye was what when I was looking at this there was an holes Stoneham silo the background where
it had some breaks in in wooden top so wanted to put that in there is kind
of a balance of the distance there this one is right on
the edge of gravel road that forest you would know this pretty
well this is Ashworth Road this is just before you go over the
interstate towards a small little white Methodist Church and
I came down this gravel road one-time and nobody pays any attention
some farm sitting and its its their houses all
over the place in the little town now is in Middletown the one thing that that I’ve noticed throughout all this was as
I was riding along these these railroads how much has changed over the
last say four years its almost like mom retire cultures GOM because the
buildings and I’ll see out there ones are falling down ones that nobody lives and I’ve come up with a series these
pain is a common I called goes from because it’s just it’s like a ghost town for miles your my PC might see somebody’s new house in
place but a majority of what you see out there
years are all-weather buildings in the stand but no people and this is an old grain
elevator believe it’s either solo or slater 0 an again it was later in the day what
caught me was the the rushed to the roof lines on it
but also the shadow love the shadows and here down here just just jumped out thank you so much
for showing your paintings I just couldn’t be happier thank you very much appreciated that
right appreciated awesome thing in the studio thank you appreciate its particulars maybe we can find for some rebar my sons
our time and our get something this week the season great examples of
how people come by their level bikes and art from cool bikes to call just
goes to show how cycling permeates our entire
lifestyle how it’s so much fun and why so many people were out cycling
next week is our holiday fun episode what we have planned for that well we
dress up the Tweed ride which is up honor veterans and then we take part
Thanksgiving which is a fundraiser around Thanksgiving and to get sneak
peek at jolly holiday lights were your
favorites on the tour the lights right I love that ride don’t yeah check us out
on Facebook and /or web page and get on out there and become bike
people colleges and fine Allah and it kinda stuck with me
for a while but asset was riding my bike at five has
maybe hours 5 minutes late I just I nobody cared for a family my bike became out by am so that’s where that kinda make you
realize how many people at home they’re watching this are saying I have to get a bike just so
that I have a reason to at like people is brought to you in part the morning bicycle collected from ok
bicycling as a the fact that transportation wellness
and Recreation in set for life by I’ll your source for high bicycle rides defense and news connecting side with my work community
since 2004 thanks for watching by people for more
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