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Bike People: Special Needs Riders (#107)

Bike People: Special Needs Riders (#107)

>>Announcer: Today on “Bike People,” we break it up with riders from the Pike team. Forest takes us on a special ride.>>It’s like magic, I tell you what.>>And Suzet gets a little messy. All that and more straight ahead on “Bike People.”>>Announcer: “Bike People” is Brought to you in part by: The Des Moines Bicycle Collective, promoting bicycling As a means of transportation, Wellness, and recreation in Central Iowa.>>The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, working to protect And restore Iowa’s land, water And wildlife.>>Bike Iowa, your source for Iowa bicycle rides, events, And news, connecting cycling with the Iowa community since 2001. .>>My name is Forrest. I got my first bike at age Three. Next bike at age 7. I have ridden in Europe, Australia, and all across our Great nation.>>My name is Suzet. I’m a mom, TV personality, and Bike lover. I have known Forrest for years In interviews, rides and bike Events.>>I’m in the bicycle business And for cycling enthusiasts. I have been collecting, fixing, And selling bikes my whole life.>>We love bikes and all of the People, stories and adventures Around them.>>We’re on a journey to show You the world through two Wheels.>>To help you become “Bike People.”>>Welcome to “Bike People.” We are ready for another awesome episode! This week is about special riders with special needs, and we talk to the founder of Adaptive Sports Iowa, and we get to learn about their mission and see the insight on all of the unique bikes and meet the riders associated with the bikes.>>We take you on a first-rate bike ride and meet a family with a great son and unique bicycle.>>What is the bike ride?>>Let me show you.>>The Fourth Grade Bike Ride is culmination of the year for this kids that have been doing it over 20 years. My daughter is 29 years and did it before she was fourth grade. So we go through an hour-long presentation, talking to kids about bicycle, about bicycle safety, to be careful to use helmets all the time, and that’s a big deal for us. It’s a great time to get out there and do ride support and encourage the moms and dads as well as kids.>>It’s just like magic, I tell you what.>>In a school with four fourth-grade classes, there are some children that have disabilities. They’re not easily able to ride a regular bicycle. Earlier this year, we met a wonderful young man named Matthew, and we’re able to work through special style bicycle that would help him and his mom and dad and meet Matthew’s needs and lets him become a normal fourth grader, having a wonderful experience.>>They were cyclists and understood the value of the bicycle and how much joy it could write to Matthew’s life.>>This way, this way.>>My joke with all of the kids is there are for or five that want to flunk fourth grade and could it again every year because they have so much fun.>>It’s wonderful to see kids get out and be active, get out and really not that I know the trail system, enjoy the bicycle and get out and have a great time.>>wow, Forest, that was fantastic! It looks like so much fun.>>It was a nice day to be out on the trail. Kids had a wonderful time out there. The parents enjoyed it, too, because they didn’t have to work. We will try to make arrangements so you can meet Matthew and the family.>>That’s great. Can’t wait to learn more.>>.>>Oh, yeah, go to the left, guys.>>Thank you.>>It gets me out there.>>That’s right.>>It’s a beautiful day here at gray’s like and I’m here with the adaptive Iowa folks and they’re doing a training ride for RAGBRAI.>>I’m here with Drew, and he is riding with all-ability bicycle for RAGBRAI. Great to see you.>>Great to be here.>>Tell me a little about your bike.>>I have a lightning and lean-steer. To steer, I have to lean. And it’s a little bit different than most cycles that are just set up a little bit different.>>Well, a hand cycle, to me, is one of the most challenging things that anyone could ever do.>>It is a little bit harder than sitting up right, but it’s not bad once you put in miles, just like a bicycle. The first time out on bicycle, you can’t go that far, so it’s just training and getting used to it.>>Yeah. So how far have you been going.>>The furthest I have gone is 53miles this year.>>In one day? In one day.>>That’s more than I have gotten.>>And it was in six hours. So you know .>>What does RAGBRAI look like for you?>>I’m doing the last three days this year so it’s going to be a whole bunch of short fun days. I think the longest we’re doing so 63miles on the very last day. So it should be really fun.>>Have you checked out the route to see if there are lots of hills–>>Yeah. The hilliest part will be the last day, I do believe. Other than that it looks pretty flat.>>Now is that like a huge challenge? What happens if you get going up the hill and– like me I have to hop off the bike and walk with it.>>There’s just — you keep going.>>That’s unbelievable.>>I have only had to stop going up two hills. And take a little break and then back at it.>>Now, how often do you ride?>>I try to do at least two times a week, depending on the weather.>>Okay. So what will you not ride in I prefer not to ride in strong head winds and rain.>>And in snowy weather?>>Yes. Before my accident, I used to ride to work every day and it was five miles one way.>>How long ago was your accident?>>It will be would years ago this November.>>Okay.>>I can’t mantle how difficult it would be to, like, you know, go from being mobile in a difficult way to having some limitations.>>Yeah, it was a challenge but life is a garden and you have to dig it.>>I love that.>>You have to make it work for you.>>I love it. Thank you for sharing. I really appreciate you, your candidness and willingness to speak to us.>>Check it out. I’m here with Nick and we are talking about another hand cycle here. I love– this looks like one of the ones that we had on our show.>>Yes, it does.>>Same make, same model, same color.>>So you know the other bike?>>Yes. I have a lot of experience with the bikes, a lot of the bikes. I spend a lot of time with Mike boon, the director, and he has shown me a lot to do and I work at a bike shop over in Jefferson, and I see a lot of makes and models come in.>>All-ability cycles.>>All-ability cycles in Jefferson.>>How long have you been riding the hand cycle?>>I have been riding the hand cycle since late 2011. I got my firsthand cycle in November2011. And I trained through most of the winter, and I did my first ride last year 2012.>>Right on.>>And then after that, that was a 7-speed hand cycle that I got through a different shop. That hand cycle was ready a good hand cycle to use during RAGBRAI because it had the speed and I had the gears to keep going up the hill. There was one point last year I was riding and going up the hill and I stalled out right here.>>And what do you do?>>I have to either roll backwards and get another push or have someone help me get my– but since I had arms aren’t fully extended and see how they’re bent, I can pull up more– I won’t be able to stall out as easily and keep cranking up the hill.>>That’s good information. This is why you’re working at bike shop. What trails do you raid on now.>>The main trail I ride on is the High Trestle Trail.>>Love it.>>From Slater to Madras. That’s the one I ride, Slater to Woodward and back. I haven’t done the full one yet but I plan to before RAGBRAI.>>And that is a long way.>>About 50miles there and back.>>And then that’s how– 50miles is not even– it’s a little more than a day for what RAGBRAI will be this year so I’m pretty excited to get at it this is year.>>Tell me what Adaptive Sports Iowa has done for you.>>Adaptive Sports Iowa has done so much for me. I was in a wheelchair. I wasn’t helpless. I do a lot of things myself. Mean, I get dressed by myself, I transfer into the shower by myself. In high school, I did state track, and there I met a couple of people that helped me go to the uni-sports camp and that’s where I met Mike Boone who introduced me to the basketball program. And ever since then I have been come fully involved with Adaptive Sports in Iowa. I feel healthier and I feel better about myself. A feel 100percent better mentally and physically.>>That’s exactly what bicycling does for you and exercise in general.>>Yes.>>You had an awesome ride today. Thank you for meeting.>>Nice to meet you too.>>Susan and I have here talking about her getting ready for a RAGBRAI. I think we’re going to ride the same day, so you need to give me a big high-five when you see me.>>How many days do you go out on your bike?>>Two, three.>>Your dad goes out with you.>>Yeah.>>We ride together usually.>>So you are practicing today for RAGBRAI?>>Yeah.>>How far do you think you’re going?>>I’m going 20, 25miles and the furthest I have rode is 18.>>How do you think this has changed your life, being able to have the ability to use the bicycle?>>Because, like, every kid rides a bike. So I can right a bike.>>And Susan, thank you for talking with me today. You were kind of an inspiration. 25miles, I may not get that–>>Well, it’s supposed to be 40.>>Well, we won’t know that. Give me had a high-five, sister. Thanks. ♪ ♪>>I’m here with Mike Boone, the Director of Adaptive Sports Iowa. Thanks for coming in today.>>No problem.>>It’s exciting what you do. You I know you work with all different athletes with different needs. Talking about basketball, there was a skiing trip. We love biking of course but you would be with everybody.>>I’m the director of Adaptive Sports Iowa. We provide sports and recreational opportunities for those Iowans with physical disabilities. We do a wide range of programs, from cycling to team sports to endurance and things along those lines. We have been around about two years and we have had lightning success, humbling beyond anything we expected two years ago.>>I saw you on RAGBRAI and you have been on my radar ever since so I wanted to sure that we could speak to you and find out what it is that you do. Now, you created Adaptive Sports Iowa.>>My wife and I rode it. We saw a need. When we say adaptive sport our mission is to serve those with physical disabilities only. That’s the big separation between what we do and the miracle league and special Olympics. By no means am I saying their means are wrong. We just serve a different demographic. And we crave this. Like we said we want to create an opportunity these athletes with participate with their peers in an environment that is inviting, but also competative and social and that’s where we found our niche.>>I have seen a lot of different bikes on a lot of different riders on RAGBRAI. Who are some of the people riding with you.>>Our team is roughly rostered about 60people, and within that, it’s about half and half volunteer, and an athlete with disabilities. And our athletes, we have about 10 different states represented on the team and the disabilities range from spinal cord injuries to spina bifida, amputees to vision impairment. You have the paraplegic, you have the blind and vision impaired, you have the amputees.>>How does someone who is blind ride a bike on RAGBRAI?>>What rear able to do, we work with them and find them pilots. So they will be what is referred to as a stoker on a can tell bike. In fact we had one individual who, we have a blind individual who is coming up from Florida and he is riding on the back of the tandem and the pilot is from Maine. The first time they will meet each other is in Iowa. So we have a lot of very unique situations that are, you know, that we never expected something like that to happen but it’s cool that we’re really bringing these people together.>>How do you make those connections? That’s amazing that you have people from Florida calling up and saying I want to ride and go to on rag bring, help me out.>>We have kind of positioned ourselves here. We are the team on RAGBRAI that sevens this demographic. So those athletes are contacting us all the time about being on the team and that is a is great. Our biggest need, of course, are the volume ear and the volunteers that we find we find through building relationships. The individual is going to be coming out to pilot this individual’s bike. We met him the first year we did RAGBRAI because we were staying overnight in the same one he was staying at. We struck up a conversation and he contacted me the next fall, saying, I want to be part of your team and we will make it work out.>>We need volunteers in everything that we do. Unfortunately, right now, we are only two years old. We don’t have the resources to really have a lot of presence from employee. We can’t function without volunteers.>>How do you get people to the beginning of the race? Where do you camp? What would it feel like for someone that wants to be on the seem?>>You just called RAGBRAI a “race.”>>Ahh, I’m sorry. Sometimes I feel like I’m racing.>>It’s a fair point. There are few people I want to beat.>>It’s almost sacrilege what you just said.>>It’s a ride, it’s a ride!>>But the reason that we were– we’re on RAGBRAI, it’s such a big part of Iowa culture, it makes sense for us to be part of that. To get people with the ride, we give transportation from Des Moines. We he will take everyone who use’s wheelchair, we will take all of their equipment, all of their wheelchairs and walkers and everything they need to the midway point and we will have them all lined up on the main route so when they pull in, all they have to do is pull out. We have a number of volunteers riding with our team so if we had riders that want someone to ride with them, we can pair those people up. A lot of our riders are independent. They want the support from the team and don’t want someone out there.>>Do you have any stories that you want to share? I’m sure there are so many things that happened.>>Absolutely. For example the first year we did the ride, we were pulling out of the first down. That’s where we were going and we were all kind of nervous because we never done anything like this before. It was cool to see it. We were pulling out and everyone is saying I’m glad you’re out there. What was cool, as the progression of the week went on to see how people with interaction went with the team. When we were leaving Glenwood we were a disabled team. And that’s probably how people viewed us with I is nothing wrong with that. It’s a societal thing. As the week went on, people kept seeing us. 500miles. And by the end of the week, I felt like the RAGBRAI culture was hooking at us as cyclists and you one thing I found interesting about it is, obviously when you’re using a hand circle, you’re peddling.>>And your upper body muscles are smaller than your upper body, so it’s a lot harder to use a hand cycle. And you make the realization the cyclists have con 500miles physically pushing their bike across the state of Iowa and that’s where you get in the diabetic do I really use the term disability to define this because it’s difficult, in fact, that first year we came up with a phrase that we stopped referring to our team as the disabled team can just refer to everyone as a shoe user or wheelchair user. Because really, I– there’s a lot of riders on RAGBRAI that I would consider able-bodied that would have no chance in pushing a hand cycle across the state of Iowa by a lot of accounts these are people that you would find on RAGBRAI.>>Thank you for meeting with us today. I love what you’re doing. We appreciate it.>>Thank you. ♪ ♪>>For his promise that I would get to meet Matthew’s folks and see his bike and that all happened, miss mom and grandmom were there, I get to meet Matthew, check out the bike and it was a great day.>>That’s through’s parents really appreciate that bike. Because a lot of times they go out and enjoy the trails and be a family and have fun. They appreciate all of the options that exist out there.>>Well let’s take a look.>>Where is the coolest place you have taken your bike so far, at the park? Yeah. Do you ride a lot? Matthew, I want to thank you for taking time out to show me your new bike. Pretty awesome. Give me a high-five man. Whew!>>Have things changed for you getting outside of the families since you have a new bike?>>As family, then everyone can be on a bike and he can do to his activity level. As a parent you just want them to have that chance to be able to ride a bike and the independence it gives him. Changing husband own gears, braking. So we did end up– we did override the brakes. Because we were having a tendency– he would always say, hit the brakes and that we would do, and I fetal that– so we wanted that opportunity for him to bike. And it connects to our bike. This bike can be adopted in so many ways, from foot pedals to the gears.>>Have you ever thought of doing a little RAGBRAI, it’s coming through DesMoines.>>My husband would love it.>>I saw that smile coming and I knew it would be somewhere.>>We would love to start participating in the local road. It’s an awesome family opportunity to get everybody together.>>Every night, we would go out and we would bike seven days a week! Really?>>Did you ever say to yourself what have I gotten myself into, now I have to go bike every day?>>Yeah. And we’re so lucky to have so many wonderful trails so chose to home.>>How has Matthew changed since he has been on the bike?>>He loves to go. He asks to go. He is so excited to get on his bike. And sometimes that give us him independence and the joy to go out and be outside. He loves to see all of the island life. It’s amazing what we see own the trail. So it’s so beneficial in many ways, mentally and physically.>>Well, Forest, who has been telling me about this bike since the first day, I have been able to see it and the fourth grade ride. Tell me about the ride.>>The ride was awesome. As family we were able to prepare so that Matthew could join his peers and go on a bike ride. I’m going to start crying.>>That’s great. All right. And I might cry.>>But it started back, very interesting the dream of going on fourth grade bike ride and how we were going to accomplish that. So I made a call to Forest and they said that we could work something out and they have been absolutely wonderful to work with for the opportunity for Matthew to go through the tunnel and have classes cheer him on.>>We’re looking forward to the fourth grade bike ride this year with some of his classmates. We can have them join us as well.>>That is wonderful.>>It’s wonderful to see kids get out and be active and really enjoy the trail system, enjoy the bicycle and get out and have a great time.>>Yes, I did, too.>>Such an unbelievable story. I miss stuff every time that I see it. And the whole episode was fantastic. We met Mike Boone from Adaptive Sports Iowa and met the riders that he is riding with on RAGBRAI.>>”Bike People” wishes mats through and this family many miles of run sake cycling out there. I have it under reliable authority that they have been on the trail practicing and getting in shape for RAGBRAI this year.>>Do you think he likes rhubarb pie?>>I’m sure he does. The bag on the back was like a four-pie bag.>>That’s how we measure around here.>>That’s right.>>Next week, we’re going to vista bunch of attractions, learn about Survival Iowa, and we bike.>>I know he you have you a lot of fun doing that. Well check us out on Facebook and also check us out on our Web site.>>And it begun out there.>>And become “Bike People.”>>If you see us on RAGBRAI stop and say hello.>>Actually I have been watching “Bike People” and I was like, we have to– I have to see them on RAGBRAI.>>Well, now, yeah, you’re a celebrity.>>That’s what I said, if I go on camera I want to become a celebrity.>>You should! Well, thank you. Have an awesome ride today. Great to meet you.>>Great to meet you!>>Announcer: “Bike People” is Brought in part by the Des Moines Bicycle Collective, Promoting bicycling as a means Of transportation, wellness and Recreation in central Iowa.>>The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, working to protect And restore Iowa’s land, water And wildlife.>>Bike Iowa, your choice for Iowa bicycle rides, events and News, connecting cycling with Iowa communities since 2001.>>Thank you for watching “Bike People.” For more about us “like” our Facebook page.>>And check out our Web site At www.BikePeople.TV.>>And subscribe to our YouTube Channel, bikepeopleTV, all one Word, for a behind-the-scenes

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