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Bike Riding: Exercising Free Will Real Estate Development

Bike Riding: Exercising Free Will Real Estate Development

i’m just riding along here going past the fire station this is what i’m focusing on getting rid of the old voices in my head and letting them go some of the old things that people say is you can’t, you can’t do this if thats the case, what it is, is about them its not about you you can do anything you want to do and the same, I can do anything i want to do good morning good morning we can do anything we want to do if someone tells you that you can’t do something thats their agenda this is what i just say, bull shit just say bull shit you can do whatever you want to do we can and we will yes we will we all have that little thing called free will the little thing in all of us. to give us hope and keep going on sometimes it might be challenging but we all have that little spark in us to keep us going keep us going no matter how many people tell you no, eventually one day something is going to happen. it will, it will it does and it will when i was applying for jobs back in 2003 i had this stack of rejection letters the problem with that was i became the rejection letters and that was my story it becomes that thing of like, nobody wants me i shouldn’t have looked at it like that i had a job at that time i should have been thankful for the job i had even though it was a temp job i still should have been thankful for it because it was something that was paying for the bills at the same time i still expected more i wanted more the thing was was to not give up theres always opportunities in different places we don’t even think about they come before us all the time and sometimes we just miss them for whatever reason, we just miss them i’ve been guilt of it myself but now i know better so i do better the saying from Maya Angelou when you know better you do better i’m gonna go down here, i did this the other day i wanted to show this to you , i hope its still here i think its still here i’m gonna get down here on the ground hopefully theres no creepy crawlies down here i better hold on to my camera oh my battery is going dead, but there is a flag do you see the american flag there theres an upside down american flag and i can’t really tell if its painted on there or what that is but i found that kind of interesting it almost looks like its painted my battery is starting to go dead so i have a little ways to go on my bike so i want to save some of the battery in case i see something

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  1. mmm… I never say the full "good morning" while riding, I like just plain 'mornin or 'owdey… Maybe I'm just a hick though. Reckon that flag in the storm drain is just an old t-shirt or jacket… somethin along those lines.

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