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Bike Riding for Advanced Cyclists : Bike Lane Occupation

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Randy Victory,
and I’m here to talk about road cycling techniques. Okay, here, because this is a non-sharable
lane, is where I maintain a consistent position in the right most third of the lane. And you’ll
see up here, we’re about to pass what looks like a bike lane, but the truth is, it’s not
very long, and if you move into it, what you’ll do is trap yourself if a motorist were to
start to pass you. So I don’t move into these sections. It’s better to maintain a consistent
lane position in the right most third of the lane. It’s also a lot more predictable. Remember,
if you squeeze to the right, motorists will try to squeeze past you unsafely, and violate
ARS28735 in Arizona, which mandates a three foot passing distance. Many states have similar
As I approach the intersection, I’ll move more to the center of the lane, to preempt
any motorist trying to pass me at the intersection. Make sure when you come to intersections,
obey all signs and signal markings.

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