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Bike Riding for Advanced Cyclists : Bike Turns at Stop Lights

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Randy Victory,
and I’m here to talk about road cycling techniques. When you pull up to a light, what you want
to do is first execute your turn early. Then, you’re going to queue up behind traffic. Don’t
filter forward if there’s any way to avoid it. When the light changes you want to be
ready to jump on the pedals. Remember, it’s really easy to keep up with cars. If you’re
in a group of riders, everyone follows the light separately. Don’t go through the light
because it’s turning yellow or red, and everyone ahead of you has already gone through it.
You need to stop for the light just like any other car would. As you go through the turn,
the lane position you want to make as you go through the turn is the right most third
of the lane. As you go through the turn, it’s okay to move a little more to the right to
let cars pass when it’s safe to do so if you’re in a sharable lane. A lot of riders are afraid
of being hit from behind by a car, but actually, most accidents occur at intersections, and
the right hook is one of the most common. So you want to preempt that from happening
by occupying the lane space as fully as reasonable.

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