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Bike Riding for Advanced Cyclists : Clip On Bike Shoes

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Patrick from
Zoomers Bike and Gear to tell you about advanced cycling. All right, here’s a couple different
varieties of shoes. Like I’ve already shown you, the commuter shoe, just a basic tennis
shoe–looks like a normal shoe–with a cleat on the bottom. Now, you can go to a little
more advanced shoe, which is right here. It’s just a base model shoe you can use for touring
and just everyday riding and what not, which is going to allow you to walk around as well
as gives you the strap system so you can differ the size of your foot and what not. You can
go to the more advanced road, where you’re going to have a carbon sole, and no traction
whatsoever on the bottom of it, partly because it makes it more aerodynamic and well, when
you’re riding a road bike, you don’t typically walk around very often. Having the carbon
sole is great because, like I was talking about, it gives you a lot bigger platform.
A bigger platform offers more power output. And then you also have the mountain bike system,
where it’s got the traction all around it, just because, well, in mountain biking you
tend to have to put your foot down every once and a while, and you don’t want to have to
worry about getting your cleats damaged and shoes damaged. And also you have the ratchet
system, which is nice for quick adjustments where you’re going, and you want to get out
or in.

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