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Benefits of cycling

Bike Riding for Advanced Cyclists : Get Involved with Local Politics to Improve Roads for Bikes

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m League of
American Bicyclists cycling instructor Randy Victory, and I’m here to tell you about advanced
cycling. Okay and the other thing is to be involved. Andy Clark, the executive director
of the League of American Bicyclists, has often said the reason we have poor conditions
for cyclists is because we’re really not at the table when a lot of transportation decisions
are made. One of the ways you can do that is get involved with your city council. Get
involved with your local transportation committee. Just show up at a meeting and raise your hand
when it looks like a roadway is not going to be wide enough. Use the word bicycle in
an intelligent sentence. It really will go a lot further than you think as far as getting
better facilities in your community. Once you’ve done that, there are grants available
at the federal and state level. Transportation enhancement grants and safe route to school
grants that can really put your community on track. Don’t be afraid to visit your local
motor vehicles department, and give them copies of whatever safety material is available in
your state. Here in Arizona we have Share the Road and Street Smarts–this one’s for
bicyclists, and this one is to educate motorists. That’ll go a long way towards getting you
a little bit more involved, and getting you out there safely.

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