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Benefits of cycling
Bike Riding for Advanced Cyclists : High Quality Bike Tires

Bike Riding for Advanced Cyclists : High Quality Bike Tires

On behalf of Expert Village, I’m Patrick from
Zoomers Bike and Gear to tell you about advanced cycling. All right, now there’s a couple different
styles of tires. You have the steel bead clincher, the foldable clincher, and then you also have
tubulars or sew-ups as they used to be called. The difference is this is a really good training
wheel tire. It’s just easy on, easy off, it’s a nice, sturdy, thick tire, which is going
to help you out with, when you’re out riding, not having to worry about flats. Then you
go to the lighter weight tire clincher, which is this one right here, which is a nice weight,
light, foldable, easy to take on and off as well, but also has a higher thread count,
which is going to allow you to go through the corners and hug the corners a lot better.
Now, a lot of people argue the difference between tubulars and clinchers, but the way
that they’re designed nowadays is, you can pretty much get the best out of both of them
without having to spend the money. Now, on these, like I said before, they’re just glued
on there, and they’re nice because you have the full, solid surface of them being glued
on there, so it’s a little bit better when you’re going into turns. You’re going to be
able to go down, hug the ground a little bit better, and go at a faster pace and be able
to conserve energy as well as keep your speed up to what it was without losing any drag
or anything like that.

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