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Bike Safety: How to Fit Kids for Bike Helmets

Today I’m going to measure
you and fit you for a bike helmet and make sure that your helmet fits properly so first I’m going to take this measuring
tape and measure the circumference of your head so I’m going to place the measuring tape in the
middle of your forehead and put it around so I can get a great tight but snug measurement. Your head is 21 and .25 centimeters which means you
are a medium size helmet and this is the helmet here So we’re going to place this on your head, like this, and when you fit kids for helmets you always want
to make sure that there are, that the helmet sits 2
fingertips above the eyebrow and you want to make sure that the ear
straps on the side come down in 2 V’s and that you get no more than
two fingers into the chin strap. The statistics on how well bike helmet protect your
head in the event of an accident is 85% to 90% of
the time And if you’re on the road, sharing the road
with cars and trucks and pedestrians and motorcycles and you’re riding a bike you should have
on a bike helmet.

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