Living Jackson

Benefits of cycling


(upbeat music) – What side of the road
should you travel on? – Perfect, ’cause
it’s a stop sign. Hillsborough County alone
is number one and number two in fatals when it comes to
pedestrians and bicycles. We don’t like that number
so we wanna put on a program that we can teach
as many children over the summer
programs that we can, how to properly
cross the street, how to be a safe bicyclist, how to use the roadways
effectively and safely. – I think it is really fun and I learned when
you’re at the stop sign and you’re gonna
turn or something, you have to look
left, right, left. – When we see the kids out here and they’re having a good time and they’re learning
effective rules of the road, it’s definitely a
highlight of the day to make sure that they
know what they’re doing and they enjoy
what they’re doing and hopefully when they come
out and are on the roads, they feel safer and they
know exactly what to do.

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