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Bike Shorts: How to register your bike

Bike Shorts: How to register your bike

[Sound Effects: bicycle gear spinning and bike bell] [music] Registering your bicycle with the City of Iowa City is a great way for us to help find the owner. It’s very simple and there’s no costs. You can download a form on the City website that you can fill out and mail back in with a self-addressed stamped envelope. We will enter that bicycle and owner information into our computer system and then send you back a sticker that you can place on your bicycle. If your bicycle is lost or stolen, it’s a great idea to call the Iowa City Police Department and let us know. The make, model, serial number, color are all great information to have and we’ll enter that information as a lost or stolen bicycle into our system and then we can check that against the available bikes. Or you can call and make an appointment to come to the police department and we can have someone take you to the bicycle storage facility so you can look through the bicycles to see if yours is there and then we can work through proving ownership if you do locate your bicycle.

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