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Bike Thieves! Have You Ever Had A Bike Stolen? | The Dirt Shed Show Episode 110

Bike Thieves! Have You Ever Had A Bike Stolen? | The Dirt Shed Show Episode 110

– [Martyn] Neil stop scratching your arm! It’s time for the Dirt Shed Show, where we’ve got all the regular stuff, a little bit of danger, and some great news Neil, right? – [Neil] Sounds amazing! – It is! What is it? – It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (upbeat music) – We’re going to start, this week’s show with quite a shocking, bit of video. This, freaked me out. – It’s crazy isn’t it? – Yes. – [Neil] It’s in Lisbon, this is sent in, from Carlos Bruno, he’s
riding his bike along and he almost got bike-jacked! Guy jumps out of the bus, this is his second attempt as well, trying to steal his bike. – [Martyn] Ugh! – [Neil] Crazy! I’ve
never seen this before. – [Martyn] I’ve never
seen anything like that! – [Neil] Look at this guy, he’s just, he’s waiting for him and, – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Neil] Tries to steer around him, for some reason he’s got a bottle of milk, I don’t know how that was, going to help him steal the bike. But thankfully, Carlos
stands up for himself, – [Martyn] Hits him! – [Neil] fights him off with his bike, – [Martyn] Yeah. I’ve never had a bike stolen, you Martyn? – [Martyn] Uh, just one time. – Oh. – Yeah my Raleigh Super Burner, oh, stolen from a friend’s house, I was gaid, I was gaid. – Did you get it back? – I did get it back later that day, so a little period of feeling like it was gone forever. But oh, it broke my heart. – It was a happy ending. – Thankfully. Thankfully, yes, not cool though. But it has brought me
onto this week’s poll. Cause we want to know, have you A, ever had a bike stolen? Have you B, never had it stolen? And keep it safe, so far. And three, I’ve told you before I’m too busy for these polls. – Well, that’s a good option as well. – Yeah, let us know! It’s just up there. – Okay so the poll from last week, you asked what kind of
mountain bike rider are you? 15% said I’m an all day Cross Countrier. 39% said I’m a full time Enduro-ist. – [Martyn] Oh. – [Neil] Pretty big. – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Neil] But 44% said, don’t label me man! – [Martyn] I can’t believe that. – I can. – I can’t believe that. Because don’t label me man was kind of the throw away part of the poll, I was thinking well no
one’s going to knock that, they’re going to want to choose, but you guys out there, don’t want to be labelled. I love that! – Oh, no, don’t want to be labelled. – No and I guess if I was going to hit the poll maybe I would say the same. I mean it’s true you want to be out there riding mountain bikes, it’s all good. Good result, love that, love that poll. We’ve got some great
comments from you guys about it too. – Yeah. – Uh, Benjamindownhill4life and Causey8, both agreeing with the poll, you don’t want to be labelled. – Don’t want to be labelled. – [Cameraman] Wait a minute. Benjamindownhill4life? – Yes. – [Cameraman] Doesn’t want to be labelled? (laughs) He’s labelled himself. – Yeah alright. – That’s true, but yes, yes, there’s a problem there. – Scott Sheridan is a
little bit cynical I feel. – Yeah. – He says more disciplines=more bicycles=marketing genius. There are some very smart people, their MBAs, whose entire
job is to figure out a way to get more bicycles sold. I’m not sure there are, I’m not sure that many, – No, – Highly qualified people in the industry, – No that’s a cynical view. Cynical view, um and, not what the poll was about! (laughs) Stick to the poll! (upbeat music) – And now it’s time to
head over to the news with, Neil Donoghue. – Hello. Round two of the Enduro World Series, took place in Davey, Tasmania, – [Martyn] Yes! – Hanging off the Australia of Sam Hill, – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Neil] Jared Graves,
big things were expected, – [Martyn] Yes! – [Neil] That was dirt hill practise, and off the one day race
of absolutely P day, – [Martyn] Oh my God! – [Neil] Second wet race of the year. – [Martyn] Big drama at EWS this year. – [Neil] Um, lots of things going on, lots of crashes. Mark Scott wore through
his brake pads midday, (laughs) had to borrow some. – [Martyn] Wow! (raspberries) – [Neil] Big crashes for Martin Maes, win, uh, Casey Brian
that’s Poli, actually, awful scone out. On in the Women’s, Isabeau Courdurier,
took her first ever win. – [Martyn] Yes! (indistinct chatter) Isabeau! I knew it! – Yeah. – I knew she’d do it! – She beat Cecile Ravanel, amazing! – Well that’s good news. Because there was a
little bit of a danger, of it being quite a boring
season in the Women’s because Cecile Ravanel
has just been sensational. – Yeah. – But, it’s great news that
Isabeau’s gotten in there, I’m mega chaffed about that! It’s cool. – Yeah, in the Men’s race Greg Callaghan, was actually riding
breely but a crash cost him the overall win. – {Martyn] Agh! – [Neil] Just by a few seconds, that win went to young French guy, Adrien Daily. First ever EWS win! – [Martyn] Right and now Daily is now leading, overall right? – Right that’s true yeah. – Wow. Okay. – Ahead of Callaghan, Hill in third, who was third for the race as well. – Oh, danger man, danger man. – Rich Rude had a bad start to the day, but it just shows how strong he is. He got back to fourth place. – Wow it’s hopping up to
a great season in the EWS. Okay great news Neil, thank you! But let’s have a look at
what you guys have been saying on the channel this week. – Well Mzimmerman12, has
got a complaint to us, it’s about the polls. – Oh! (laughs) – It’s about the numbers
never add up to 100. – They don’t! I’ve noticed that, I don’t know what that is, and I don’t care and nor should you! – Cause they’re fixed maybe, – They’re not fixed! – Oh. – They just don’t add up, get over it man! James Richardson has sent in, Well it’s easy, you send it to, [email protected] it’s
just down there look. – Oh. – It’s easy, send it in! – Well, it’s not that
easy to get in though. – It’s not easy to get in the Bike Vault, but send them in, no problem, you can do it. – Lord Skrubb has spotted
the first fails and bails video from last week, which during an enduro
race in the Philippines! – Oh my God check this out! You’ve got to see this! You weren’t here, have a loo at this, look at this. – [Martyn] That corner is crazy, it can’t be as difficult as it looks. Unbelievable, very funny. – [Neil] It’s pretty gnarly he says. – [Martyn] Very, very funny, um, James Seeliger, he says, wait a minute guys, in capitols, so it’s obviously important, – Yeah. – How do we really know
that it’s their first try when looking at first try photos? – That’s a good point. – Well but we could just
take it at face value, and say it is. It is, it’s fine. – Do we trust our viewers? – Yes. Absolutely. – Okay. – Absolutely. – James Weeks, does the
bike define the rider, or the rider define the bike? – Ah, referring to last week’s poll, – Yeah. – It’s interesting if
you’re on an XC bike, are you and XC rider? Or can you be an Enduro
rider on an XC bike? – I don’t know. – Life’s not easy is it? It’s not easy lads. – [Cameraman] No. – No, blimey. – Don’t label me man. – Right more comments
coming in on our Facebook, page about Robot Bike that we’ve put a little post on. We know the guys at Robot Bike, and that is an incredible 3D printed bike. Awesome. – [Neil] I took a look at
it at Fort Wind last year. – [Martyn] Yeah it’s got
a few comments coming up, – Some tech nerds. – Yes, Ste Leigh, is that how you say it? – Yeah. – Ste Leigh, I wouldn’t
trust a bonded frame, the 3D manufacturing is a step forward, but bonded frames is a
step backward to the 90s. That’s harsh. That’s harsh. – Um, well, – And I don’t think
that’s factually correct. – No I think a few
people would jump to say that aeroplanes are bonded in parts and Robot Bike Co actually
jumped on themselves and said that the aircraft comparison is far from ridiculous, that’s where much of our background lies, and also in F1. What’ F1? – Well, yeah I mean, – Formula One. – Formula One, and it’s really good to see the Robot Bikes going in there and defending themselves. I’ve actually been to
the place where they make that bike and it is awesome. The bike has so much detail. Actually one of the other comments, was from Cody Steinbach, saying so what are the lugs made from? It is Titanium powder. – [Neil] Titanium oh. – [Neil] It’s it so, 3D printed Titanium. – [Neil] That’s pretty cool. – Very cool. Um, right more comments on our how to build a mudguard. – [Martyn] Check out this look Scotty making a mudguard out of a water bottle. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] Pretty cool. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] He’s clever isn’t he? He’s clever. Mister T on how to build a mudguard. Scotty did, can you recommend a mudguard for a lefty fork? No, we cannot. (laughs) No we cannot do that, because there’s fork missing! – So we cannot do that. – You just have to wear a
guard everywhere you go. – A great bit of advice from, Aceridesbikes he says, Strongbow bottles work best for fat bikes. So that’s good for you to know Neil. – Big, yeah, big bike, yeah. – Yeah you’ve probably done it. – True. – I don’t own a Strongbow though. – Yes, yes. – [Cameraman] White lightning? – Yeah. How to get a Super Nice, how do you get a Super Nice Martyn? People are asking. – Well I put the video up last week, of how to get, well your best chance of getting in the Bike Vault is taking a really great photo. So we put a video up on some tips of some great Bike Vault photos, as deemed by us numties, – [Neil] Wow. – [Martyn] And yeah it
got some good comments, I quite like it. – [Neil] Like this one, from Achrafra, hopefully
I said that right. Need to hire a professional photographer, rent a dog for the day, clean your bike , find the best spot, with the best lighting conditions and then you have no point
no one percent change of getting in. (laughs) – It is hard, it is hard
to get in the Bike Vault. The video was not an easy route, to getting in the Bike Vault. There were some more comments actually, Itzhenrikplayzz says, do you need a brand new shiny bike, or can older bikes go in the Bike Vault? Yes, absolutely. – Old bikes? You might need a dog for an old bike. – Yes. No it’ just got to be, it’s got to be a good bike man, it’s simple. (laughs) But yes, lots of great
comments coming from you guys on all our videos. Please keep them coming in, comment section below this video, all of the others on our channel. We love reading them. Take the mic out of us, throw us some mud, you know. – Whatever. – Make life hard for us. Test us. (upbeat music) Neil why am I sat so damn close to you, it’s uncomfortably close. – That is true. I don’t know. – I’ll tell you why, because it’s time for Bing Bong Samson. – There he is. – [Blake Samson] Oh,
someone rang that door bell. – Here he is. Ring a doorbell he just turns up. – Yeah. Look at that. – It could happen to you. – But I forgot teas because
that Mana House just over there has run out of tea bags. – It’s a long way up the garden. – It is, isn’t it? – A long way, it’s alright I’ve got one. – In the, you’ve got, did you get one? – No, anyway. – Well it’s more important than the teas, it’s have you got any progression sessions for us this week. – I have, I have two special ones. – Great. – Two? – Daniel Griffith from Manchester, he’s having a bit of troubles with, doing drops. He’s got a bit of a fear. – [Neil] Been there. – [Samson] So his mates built this drop. – [Neil] I saw have a look. – [Samson] And look
he’s progressing on it. – [Neil] Oh a little skinny. – [Samson] Yeah he’s real skinny. Look at that. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] Yes. He’s defining, – [All] He’s jumping people! – [Neil] Is that mate? – [Martyn] Daniel is defining progression! (laughs) Have we got any more? – Like it. Yes I have, Thomas Coral, he’s sent one in, he’s progressing on tricks. – Tricks. – [Samson] Yeah a one hander. Doing stunts. He progressed it. – [Martyn] That’s probably
the first trick he did. – [Neil] Yeah, yeah. – [Samson] Oh yes. A pump track, I know where this is. – [Neil] Do you? – [Martyn] Yeah. – [Samson] You know that’s
pretty good actually. – Greten? – Now you need to, (indistinct chatter and cheering) – [Samson] He did land on
the seat a little bit there, but a one hander, – [Martyn] Look at that! – [Samson] Oh what? – [Martyn] This guy is flying. Great progression. – Yeah I think, I think so. – Yeah, yeah. Well a great progression from Thomas, now that leads us on to
the next big question, Everyone’s nerves out there are building, we want to know, – I’m nervous. – Is there anyone getting into the First Try Friday Club this week? – And getting a sticker. – Yes. – Ah! – Yes, well this is a bit
of a double barrel one, because it’s yet again Thomas Coral. – What? – Yeah, First Try Friday. – I don’t think that’s ever happened. – [Neil] No! – [Samson] Well he’s been
pretty busy this week. Yeah look he did it digitally. My First Try Friday. – [Martyn] First Try what? – [All] Here he comes. – [Martyn] Oh! Big drop! (chattering) – [Neil] I’ve ridden that drop. – [Samson] That’s pretty big. – [Neil] Mhmm, I’ve ridden that drop. – [Martyn] That, wait
give him what he needs. He’s made it into First Try Friday. – What now? – Go on. – [Martyn] Thomas it’s all yours and now what we want to see is
a no hand off that drop. – Oh! Yes! – You can get into progression next week, and it will be a threepeat. Get it? Cause he’ll have done one, two, three. – Oh yeah. (upbeat music) – So this is Rock Shox’s
new reverb remote, it’s hydraulic to work
with hydraulic system get on the reverb, and it sits just underneath the bar, just like a shifter. So Schwam is the company
responsible for trying to get, rid of the front mac on the shifter, and this sits nicely in that spot. And it’s designed to almost replicate, the feel of your right hand shifter. It’s mountable using it’s own mount, or this match maker system that you see on these Schwam brakes, so loads of adjustability around the bar, but also left or right ten milimeters. Underneath this rubber
boot is a speed adjustment, for the action of a seat post and also a new, super easy bleed system. One of the weak points
of the old reverb remote, was the barb was quite
susceptible to damage and this is super burly now so that is designed to not break at all. It is available after market for 95 dollars or 90 pounds, to fit to your Rock Shox reverb seat post or accept the very original Rock Shox Reverb with the silver collar. This is the all new Rock Shox pike, desiged from the ground up. Have actually done a full first look video on the channel, so check that out for all the stats. Plus take a quick look at this fork, it’s boost only fork, so that’s one ten mil
spacing on the front, some in the Rock Shox have decided is the future for all their forks. This whole new chastise, it’s designed to run an 118 mil road, on the front direct mount, and it’s got a charge or two damper, and also down in there. So there’s a larger
nective air spring in this, to give you lots of
small bump sensitivity, great for all those chastise bumps, and also for traction. Also the charge or two damper, gives you lots of mid stroke support, something we’ve seen on
the previous lyric fork. – Great tech, nice stuff from Rock Shox. – Have you seen this back
here as well, Martyn, this is a set of
pre-production Rock Shox Pike! – Whoo! – I made video of the first ride on these yesterday but guess what? We’re giving away a set of these forks! – [Martyn] No, what? – [Samson] What? – [Martyn] Competition time! – Look at that! – Very cool eh? – Very cool prize. How on Earth would we do that? – Well, – Of course we want to. – If you follow the link
in the description down below that I’ll get you
into this competition. – [Martyn] Right and
so if you want to win, these beautiful forks, get down there, start entering! – [Neil] And these are
actually pre-production forks so the winner will get, the very first fork, out of the first batch. – That is a heck of a prize! – Wow so you’re going to be the coolest guy on the block with these. – Now and to prove that we come through on our competition promises. It is time to announce the winners of the Crank Brothers’ Double
Shot Pedals competition. That we did a few weeks ago, so if your name is on the screen, now! You’re a winner, so congratulations to Cillian Kavanagh. – [Neil] Ed Shaw. – [Martyn] And Peter Pasterczyk. That’s right your name’s on the screen, you can read it yourself, if you can read it you’re the winner! (laughs) (upbeat music) – It’s time for the Hackson progies, a little song that I just
invented on the racks. – New theme too. – One for you, one for you. – Thank you very much, right I’m going to start with this one. Nice improv chain whip, very nice from Namanga Maximovich, what’s with the hard names today? What’s going on? (laughs) Great hack, look a that? Chain whip is a very, very useful tool to have, and if you’re so clever that you can make one then that’s pretty good. Here Elliot, catch! – Wow! – This one is another hack I would say, using an old chain. This is from Alfie Beatu, didn’t have the space for a work bench, she made this one that folds down, and it’s just sort of held in place with chain, how’s that work? (laughs) – That’s pretty, that’s pretty, tight shed action, we need a bit of a folding down, thing like that, – [Samson] Yeah. – [Martyn] We could do bit like that. – Yeah! – Hack! – Hack! – Good. (thud) Not such a good catch. Hacks and Bodgies, one of our favourite bits of this show, it really brings across your ingenuity, of just making amazing things out of mountian bike bits, recycling products, – Yeah. – We want to see ’em. So send them, send them to dirt[email protected] it’s just there look, you can see it. – I want to see massive bodge next week, the biggest bodge. – Yeah. – Yeah I want to see a big bodge. – You’ve heard it Neil wants a bodge, goodness gracious please send us one! (upbeat music) Okay time for the Caption Contest. If you remember last
week we had this photo, of Blake looking well quite frankly, ridiculous. – [Blake] Fast. – [Martyn] Fast, that’s
the word you’d use. Yes, so what did you guys come up with, after seeing that horrible sight. – [Blake] Pat Hurley is the winner though. – Yes. – [Blake] With Blake
prepping for chamois cream! – [Neil] Right, yeah he actually, – [Martyn] Pat Hurley that is a good one, you do like your bean about to be prepped, yes you have won a pock pack, send us your details, and you’re going to win that. Here is this week’s photo, looking forward to hearing your captions, in the comment section down below. (upbeat music) Now it’s time to give a
gift of a million viewers, to some people who have sent in, some Viewer Edits. I love this bit. Making movie stars of people, is what we love to do
here at the Dirt Shed, so let’s start with this first one, from Andrew Issacs. – [Neil] Yes. – [Martyn] What have we got? – [Neil] Filmed this all on his phone. – [Blake] Here there’s
popcorn for you guys. – [Martyn] Hit the lights! – Yeah. – Oh! – [Neil] Cruising, making the rounds. – [Blake] I like how he’s filmed it, all on his phone. – [Neil] Damn very common. – [Martyn] This film really does deserve a lot of views. – [Blake] It does. It is really, really good. – [Neil] Nice job. – [Martyn] This is the sort of stuff, we want each week. – [Neil] Yeah, it’s currently 230 views, I’m sure he gets, – [Martyn] That’s going to be I think, four more zeroes at the end of that. I’ll even try. – [Neil] Very good! – [Martyn] I love it, – [Neil] That is, – [Martyn] Love it. Love it. Seriously good edit there from Andrew. It set quite a high standed. Next one here is from Kai Adrianson, – In the Netherlands. – From in the Netherlands. – Wow! – [Neil] It’s flat. (chattering) – [Martyn] Oh what? – [Blake] He’s really aggressive on it. – [Martyn] XC wizard! (upbeat music) Now I like this because
it’s not often we see, an XC bike being really thrashed around, some really good talent on it. – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] Look at that! – [Neil] It’s released! – [Martyn] Now do you think the standard, in Viewer Edits has just
gone sky high this week? – It has. – Yep, it has. – Absolutely crazy,
we’ve got last one from Gryphon Prime, great name. Here, what has he got for us? – [Neil] This is in Duffy Hill Park in, where’s that? Washington. – [Martyn] Can I feed you now? – [Neil] I got handful here, so no thanks. – [Martyn] Oh, okay I
just felt like I should. Look at the trees,
should we go right there? – [Neil] Yeah. – [Martyn] Now they’ve all got, that’s three videos here, three million views we’ve just sent out. Don’t thank us, we enjoy doing it. If you want a million views on your film, then send it to [email protected], it’s just down there, you just read it, and then do it. You do the film of obviously, and then do it. And then we’ll be sat here, eating popcorn, (laughs) that’s a great, (upbeat music) Sketchy part of the week, where we have to look
at where things have, gone well wrong, let’s face it, it’s time for Fails and Bails, Neil, scare us a little bit. – Well this first one
comes from Martin Messeier, and he comes up a little
bit short on this turn. – [Martyn] Oh! – [Blake] Oh God. – [Neil] More than a little short I’d say. – [Martyn] Let’s see. – [All] Oh! – [Martyn] He didn’t take, how did he do that? That’s not possible. – If I had the popcorn right now, it would be everywhere. – He literally didn’t take off at all, that’s difficult. – Well boys get ready for this! – Run VT. (upbeat music) – [Bystander] Oh! (yells) (upbeat music) (yells) (bike chain rattles) (thud) (upbeat music) – Instabangerz, Instabangerz, do it with me, Instabangerz! – Instabangerz. – It’s Instabangerz. – Yeah. – Well I’ll kick it off then. (laughs) Mine is Chris Carl, with BMX, he’s always a great follow anyway. – Yeah. – Yeah. – But if you notice on his stories, obviously these disappear after 24 hours. However, I screenshot
them for you already. Danny Macaskill is up something here. – [Martyn] Oh! – [Martyn] A hampster
wheel kind of thing here. – [Neil And Blake] Yeah. – [Martyn] A Danny Mac wheel! – [Blake] Well that looks interesting, that means there’s got to
be a vid coming in there. There’s got to be something. Good spot Neil. Good spot. – Thanks. – But I am going to
throw to this post from Steel City Media. Just a great bit of riding, by Finn Aisles, just look at the dude hang onto this bike. – [Neil] He’s amazing. – [Martyn] Yes, very, very good. Just impressed me, thought I’d show ya. Right that’s how it goes. That’s Instabangerz. Blake. – Oh mine this week is Reed Boggs. Guy lives in Utah, he’s a free rider. But he’s just done his
first ever, diamond stop. (chattering) – [Neil] A piece of nature. – [Blake] Yeah. Yeah it’s a strange name. – [Martyn] Great name. – [Martyn] I don’t know
if we should be commenting on his name. – [Neil] He’s a slope slow rider, give him a follow. (upbeat music) – Can you guess what time it is? – Uh, I’ve got a good idea. (squeak) – Ah yes! – Rebel party! – [Martyn) Right well let’s go! – [Blake] Kick it off! – [Neil] Well that’s a big start. – All black. (chattering) (squeak) – [All] Oh yes! – Big Bob. Big Bob. – It’s a Super Nice one. – I like it. (chattering) (squeak) – What is this? – I don’t think it’s a Super Nice. I don’t like the pedal position either. – It’s nice. – Oh! – [All] Orange! – Looks silver to me. – Looks long and slack and Super Nice! (squeak) – [All] Ah! – Look at the colours on that. (chattering) – I don’t think that’s a Super Nice, it’s not in shot. He hasn’t framed it right. – If it was on the wall, – It’s Nice. – It’s a nice bike. – [All] Oooo. – A bit of trailing view. – I like his grips, Super Nice. – I like that I think that’s a Super Nice. – It’s got my grips on it!. (squeak) Did he win? – That is a shocker! In a good way, I like it. Oh Neil is not sure, I was about to hit this. Neil, but are you saying no. It’s a Nice we’ve moved on, it’s not a deliberation. – Oh look at that. – Front in the lake! It’s too big, that frame! (laughs) – He might be six foot something. (chattering) – I don’t know if I can
hit the horn for Byron’s. – Nice? It’s a nice. That’s a definite Super Nice. (chattering) (squeak) – Super Nice. – It’s Bulgaria, I’ve ridden Bulgaria. – Very beautiful country. – It looks nice. – It is nice. – But its no more than that. – Wow! (bomb explodes) (squeak) – But we did get quite a few Super Nices in there. So that’s Ace, we love seeing your bikes, in the Bike Vault, let’s not pretend, it’s easy to get in there. – It’s not. – It’s not easy. – Those people are well chaffed. – I wonder if we could
give them some advice about how to get into, – Funny you say that, funny you say that, (squeak) there is a film out there I’ve heard. Yeah, yeah you can get
a little bit of advice, – Step by step way of, – Basically, basically, if it might help get
you into the Bike Vault, doesn’t guarantee it. Definitely doesn’t guarantee it. – Can we get in the Bike Vault? – No I’ve tried. Actually, I sent myself an email and even I didn’t in. (laughs) – That’s how hard it is. But keep your bikes coming
to [email protected] it’s just there, you cannot ignore it, send your bike, have a go, be brave. You never know! (upbeat music) Coming up On The Channel this week. – [Neil] Well tomorrow, Saturday, is the long jump challenge, Sunday is the park HQ tour. – [Blake] Yeah hi it’s
Blake Samson I’m here to see Martin Senderstrom, (squeaking) (laughs) signatures, no we come to do stuff here. (squeaking) Yeah I’m with Neil Donaghue. (squeaking) Oh, what? – [Neil] It’s the magic word. – Big deal, wow! (chattering) – Very, very jealous of that. [Martyn] On Monday we have
got essential work shop, tools and on Tuesday five jump skills. By this guy. – On Wednesday, it’s how to 180 and then Thursday, ask GMBN. – Friday I think we’re all we’re not. – We’re in the Dirt Shed. (chattering) – But are we? – That’s enough of you
guys going on all travels across the world. – We are going to Sea Otter next week. (whistle) – Oh my God these guys are annoying. I’ll be, don’t worry, I’ll be here in The Shed, and we will get down to business as usual, see you then! – Want to see some more videos? Click just down here, for a box compnonent of a first look. – And if you are desperate
to get into the Bike Vault, of course you are, you
can click just down here, for my ways to get a Super Nice. There aren’t many, try your best. – Don’t forgot click this logo right here, and you won’t miss another video, or another Shed. – Give thumbs up if you enjoyed that chat show this week. – See ya later!

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  1. Hi Blake your were doing the mega with my unkle kelan and sent a video saying "hey darragh keep shredding try and beet your brother"

  2. I had a couple of bikes stolen throughout life but the last time I was really gutted. A good friend gave me a hardtail for my recovery from cancer/chemo since walking or running is very painful so I started cycling first in the city and then more mtb. One morning I woke up and the bike was gone out of the carport, I was gutted about it! It was my road to recovery, and being out in nature to feel better and to get better.

  3. had my old non suspension 1990's ritchley titanium custom built xc bike stolen from my shed … still gutted brilliant bike

  4. I have had 2 bikes stolen in 3 yrs. Both times replaced by insurance. Very happy with that result. Also I tracked down to guy that stole my last bike and got him arrested and charged. He got away with £85. Costs £300 fine. Not justice but a result. Thanks gmbn you lot are awesome. Can I ride with you. 53 yr old love a laugh

  5. Last poll I vote don't label me man and this one I yes I have had a few bikes stolen one was returned when the thieves discovered that it was mine; they were steeling a 1986 diamondback BMX for me but it happened to already be mine my friends trying to get me a parts bike lol. ps they aren't my friends anymore. I don't condone steeling.

  6. I've created an Excel spreadsheet to determine you numbering scheme for episode listings and still couldn't figure it out. I've called the psychic hotline and they don't know. What is the answer to this madness?

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