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Bike Tips – ABC’s of Bike Riding

Hi my name is Toni Cruz and today I’m
here to talk to you about the ABCs of bike check one of the most important
things any rider can do before taking their bike out onto the road or onto the
bike trail is their ABCs and you’re probably asking what are the ABCs of
bike check well it’s simple A stands for air B stands for brake and C stands for
chain let’s start with a check the sidewall of your tire for the
manufacturers range for air pressure start by inflating the tire to the
midpoint of the manufacturers recommended tire pressure if your tire
shows 35 psi to 45 psi inflate your tire to 40 psi which is the midpoint now
we’ll move on to B for brakes test your brakes to make sure they’re functioning
properly so that they’ll stop you as needed you want to make sure that when
you actuate the brake the brake pad is touching the sidewall of the rim and now
C for chain make sure your chain is properly lubed and that the chain
tension is correct these checks are very important for your safety
and for your ride quality so remember to do your ABCs and enjoy the ride

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