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Bike Tips – Friendly Clipless Pedals

Bike Tips – Friendly Clipless Pedals

Hi, my name is Neil Clarke from Bruce’s Cycle Works in Saskatoon. Today we’re going to talk about clipless pedals, for the person who isn’t quite sure whether they want clipless pedals yet At the store here we often see people who desire the efficiency of a clipless pedal but are a little concerned about getting out of the clipless pedal and manufacturers have responded to these concerns with a variety of options. The first option that we have here is a pedal with clipless on one side so you can lock into your pedal and gain the efficiency; but on the other side we have an ordinary pedal platform so that when you don’t have your shoes, or you are in a position where you don’t want to lock into the pedal you can still pedal comfortably The second way manufacturers have made clipless pedals more friendly is by loosening or completely eliminating the spring tension required to get your foot out. This one here is a really good example, you can see I can just take the pedal off with little force at all. So these are just a couple examples of friendlier clipless pedals. We have a wide variety in stock, I encourage you to come in and chat with us, we will show you an option that might work really well for you Thanks for watching!

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